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In the course of creating a completely unrelated project, I ended up needing to deconstruct vanilla SRB2's acceleration curve. It's actually a little backwards, with your acceleration being increased by your current speed, before slamming to a halt when you hit your max. It gives the game a responsive, snappy feel that while good for precision platforming, isn't exactly what people think of as Soniccy.

I used a bit of algebra to flip that curve around, so that your acceleration decreases at higher speeds instead. This makes things feel a lot slippery and more rollercoaster-like. This way you get lots of nice speedups and slowdowns that IMO make things feel more exciting. It also lets you increase the player's top speed without sacrificing too much of their control.
I suspect this is the basis of mods like Rumia's classic physics, or Cobalt's momentum mod. Since I basically already made my own version while experimenting, I figured I may as well release it.

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I stepped in some mud, travelled 180 miles an hour back to 1955 and stopped my parents from meeting. 10/10
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Well, without thokking, it's a pleasant experience. But when you thok, you're going a little bit too fast.
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Breaks the GFZ2 ramp completely.
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What is supposed to give you speed above normal is slopes and speed boosters like the thok, spindash and red springs. Here, even thought none of that is present, you go above your speed cap and accelerate indefinitely to infinity and beyond. You lose speed by turning around, and the physics are all messed up and weird. Try fixing
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Not bad alternative to the Momentum mod. Quite strange though, because the experience is about the same as with Sonic Lost World. Jumping is now about the same hard as in SRB2 2.0, The turns are now like in SLW again, I can't say that this is bad, it helps quite a lot for sharp turns tbh. Strong acceleration also helps a lot in open areas of the level. However, I don’t why why give such good control to the spin, given that the control in flight after the springs is very heavy and fails in many situations.

Again, this is a pretty interesting experience, but it needs some work and it will make a great and fun alternative.
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This mod looks cooler than it feels. It's even harder to control than the default acceleration curve since the player goes from Sonic Labyrinth to rocket speed in about half a second. Platforming is near impossible because any acceleration you manage to get going in mid-air is extremely slow. And the infinite ground acceleration feels like a bug that was left in. There's not really much advice I could offer to improve the mod that wouldn't require changing the way it works completely.
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