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(Note: Characters will be released on a consistent monthly basis. Expect on the 30th day of each month for a new character to be released. The 31st day of certain months does not count. However, at the end of February, characters will be released 28th.)
There is currently a hiatus on this project, I'll eventually return to add more characters.

The character roster:


The omnipotent god himself has found a new game to play! Laugh as you crush the competition with your newly formed meat kart and collect the souls of all these new friends you've found.




The spirit from the forgotten disk has come to wreak havoc once more after many years of tormenting others, just to find new ones. Drift around at the speed of sound as the vengeful vessel and conquer the race to make this new world, her world.




The Sonic wannabe has joined SRB2 Kart! Use the power of God to annihilate anyone that comes your way, and see if you might collect a soul or two. Since after all, there are just too many souls to play with in such little time.




Once a living creature, now destined to float across the different zones in its current state. Hover across the race tracks with your kanji and hiragana! Dash through the air as you pass by and intimidate your foes with your menacing one-eye look. Despite being nothing more than a skull, I wouldn't suggest headbutting your enemies, it's quite light and has a crack on its forehead.




The evil Sonic clone has escaped his imprisonment once more to wreak havoc amongst the inhabitants of Mobius! Drift around at the speed of sound whilst also hitting your foes with items and slurs!




The red man has joined the race with his own monstrous kart! Demolish your enemies with your weight and come out victorious! Spread the corruption!




The pirate-based Badnik model has risen once more to thwart the efforts of Sonic and Co! It will attempt to follow the order it was given by both Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega, coming out victorious!




Victim #1 has joined the race, he has witnessed all the horrors from the very start and is ready to follow whatever Sonic.exe commands him to do in this spine-chilling race!



There's also a video made by me over on Youtube that showcases the entire roster.

1) Can you add 3D models to this character pack?
3D model will be eventually added once the roster is complete and certain characters have been redesigned.

2) I'm experiencing issues with the addon, when can you fix it?
I'll do my best to finish when I have the time. Also, please tell me what is the issue at hand so that I know what I'm dealing with. The issue could have to do with your computer, not so much the addon.

3) Why is the addon closing my game?
If the error message below pops up, it's because you're putting this addon in SRB2 Vanilla, not Kart.
Error message: R_LoadSkinSprites: no frames found for sprite SPR2_STND

The addon does not have any compatibility with the vanilla version at the moment.

If this happens in SRB2Kart however, then check the log.txt file that says what is the issue that caused the game to close and tell me what it said.​

4) Are you EXE Kart?
No, I am not. This is an addon, meaning it relies on and adds to the code of a pre-existing program for it to work and cannot stand on its own.
EXE Kart is a full-on separate game being made in Unity.
It just so happens that both projects have the same concept of spooky Sonic characters racing against each other.
I am also not part of the EXE Kart dev team, nor do I have any affiliations with them.
5) Can you add this character or my EXE to your character pack?
For that to happen, it must follow a set of rules I've set up for this addon:

Note: Official Sonic characters, do not have to follow these rules so strictly.
Other note: Certain characters could be removed later on depending on the stance of the judges and mods.
  • The design/look of the character must be menacing, scary, or cool. (Not too gory though)
  • The EXE's design must deviate and/or modify the core aspects of the character it's based on.
  • The character must be an established threat to anyone, no friendly or meme EXEs.
  • (Victims/minions can get in, even without the inclusion of their respective antagonist.)
  • It must have a story that isn't so poorly written and explains the character's motives.
  • It needs to be something unique that isn't just a copy of pre-existing EXE characters and/or stereotypes.​
If you want to speak with me directly, contact me on Discord.​

6) Will this character pack ever be finished?
Whilst I can't predict the future, I can tell you that it will take a few months or even years before it's all over. Even after putting up the rules above, the roster came out at around 60+ characters, counting both official and fan-made characters.


Copyright Disclaimers

SRB2 (Sonic Robo Blast 2) is copyright of Sonic Team Junior.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG is a registered trademark of SEGA CORPORATION.

All non-original material is copyrighted by their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended.

Main Author / Pixel Artist / Video Editor
Meta_Hedge a.k.a. ArtoMeister

Character Creators

LRDXicon.png @losermakesgames for the Lord X character

NDMSicon.png @shutupjojo_ for the Sarah character

Sonic.exe Icon.png
JC The Hyena for the Sonic.exe and Soul Tails characters (Currently owned by @ASTRANOMICONX)

@AnarackWStudios for the Fatal Error Character

Voice Actors

Extra Life Icon.png
GreenKnight9000 for voicing Extra Life

Soul Tails Icon.png
BryDeezNuts for voicing Soul Tails

Contributing Pixel Artist

Just Your Average Jay for the base of the Icon sprite

Assets that were used/modified from other sources

Plom510 for the Silver/Gold Crash Kart templates

Sonic Team Junior for multiple sprites from SRB2

Kart Krew for the Sonic racer sprites

SEGA for the sounds from Knuckles Chaotix and Sonic Rush Adventure

Sonicface.png Aaron0000, for the Off-chart stats LUA

Bard106 and SheyGrell for Lord X's voice (Source 1) (Source 2)

NDMSicon.png Samiie for Sarah's voice (Sources) (Other Source)

Sonic.exe Icon.png
MarStarBro for Sonic.exe's voice (Source 1) (Source 2)

Software Automatic Mouth (SAM) for Fatal Error's voice

Sonic.exe Icon.png
Too Slow composed by MarStarBro

Sonic.exe Icon.png
Too Slow (D-Sides Remix) composed by philiplol

Font Creators

Sonic the Hedgehog Title Font from SEGA

Gaslight Font generated by Fontographer 3.5

Special Thanks

Togen (4/3), for all the feedback/corrections they've given to me

To a lot of discord and forum users, for all the feedback that they have given me for this addon

To a lot of discord users, from both SRB2 servers for participating in my online polls

And to you, fellow internet user, for checking out my addon. Thank you, and have a nice day​

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