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  1. Meta_Hedge

    Creepy Quillers Char' Pack V3

    (Note: Characters will be released on a consistent monthly basis. Expect on the 30th day of each month for a new character to be released. The 31st day of certain months does not count. However, at the end of February, characters will be released 28th.) There is currently a hiatus on this...
  2. Golden Shine

    [Reusable] = Metroid Vanguard = Samus Aran in SRB2 [v1.3a] 1-3a

    Metroid Vanguard is the story campaign's name for Samus Aran, a character mod originating from much excitement upon seeing Metroid Dreadnought! Whether you play Samus' story which comes with unique dialogue, stages, events and bosses...or play Hunters to fight other players, looking for...
  3. Othius

    [Reusable] [v1.1] PANIC 1.1

    Now with egregious and crude content removed. This won't get rejected this time, hopefully! Although it's April 2nd now 😔 Still, the pack isn't entirely clean, so a CONTENT WARNING is necessary (I mean hell, if Improper Technique got a content warning flag added by judges, then this is needed)...
  4. Othius

    [Reusable] [v1.6] Improper Technique Zone 1.6

    Another mapping collab! I reached out to many people asking to make a short map in 5 days. The goal was to make one massive zone. But I threw a twist into it, a challenge to the maps being made.. The rules were that you had to turn off SNAP TO GRID. And Turn off Render Grid For people not...
  5. Patafoin

    [Reusable] Patafoin's Pack - RTX UPDATE => 11 new characters 17.1

    Here all the characters that me and my friends has made. There are 4 different file to download : - The normal pack (33 char). - The Pokemon Unite Pack , those are character already in the main pack but with an outfit . (4 char) - The 4k Eeveelution which are actualy in 320p (9 char) - The...
  6. D00D64

    [Reusable] Espibee & So-Called "Friends" ("SPB-chan" + DVoices) 2021-03-06

    No one can save you now. ~ Espibee the... SPB I had the idea of making an SPB as an android girl for awhile (after a few people actually made their own anthro SPBs), but after seeing A Mod That Ruins SRB2, I was like "Okay, I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna make one myself!" As part of my resolution...
  7. RobinE

    Robin E's Character Pack V1.9

    Robin E's Character Pack V1.9 Changelog: Characters:
  8. Tiniest Turtles

    Turtles' Expansion Pak! v2.0

    Turtles' Expansion Pak! At long last, it's time for me to follow in the footsteps of everyone else! I have released a pack of my characters which I have made so far and with their latest releases (and will be updated to have all of them.) Opa Opa Fighting to save the Fantasy Zone from...