group: blood

  1. ArtoMeister

    [Open Assets] Creepy Quillers Char' Pack V3

    (Note: Characters will be released on a consistent monthly basis. Expect on the 30th day of each month for a new character to be released. The 31st day of certain months does not count. However, at the end of February, characters will be released 28th.) There is currently a hiatus on this...
  2. TheDomitorii_

    Domitori's MD3 Character Models 1.2.1

    It's time to kart your friends in 3D! This is a currently ongoing pack of my MD3 models for SRB2Kart, also including a few pre-made ones posed in a kart (which will eventually change). Characters: Classic Rayman by Master Tapeworm Caleb from Blood by Benobi Pingu by Honestyi Ramiel by...
  3. B

    Caleb from Blood: Fresh Supply | SRB2 character mod 1.3

    Version 1.0: Added Caleb Characters: Caleb/Caleb Bloodman (5 acceleration, 5 weight) How to Install: Go to your SRB2 Kart folder and then go to downloads and put the file in there. Hello, I'm Benobi. This is my first SRB2 Kart mod that I made. This mod includes the character itself, sounds...