group: internet

  1. Space Stranger

    RIP BOZO Version 1.0

    What started as a dumb meme that I found on twitter and an inside joke amongst my friends has now turned into a full-fledged SRB2 Kart Racer! In addition to the joy emoji this unique racer is known for, he also wears a blue tinted symbiote suit based on the meme's origins from the Spider-Man...
  2. pablitoreal

    SRB2Kart Beetle Character Mod (Repost) v1

    (Reposting) Beetle's channel : Remember that funky OC of the youtuber nobody talks about and im here to promote him? Well, he's finally in SRB2Kart. Race as your favorite screeching ball that makes good content like few times a week. I...
  3. R

    [Reusable] Nyanners & Veibae 1.2

    Veibae & Nyanners I made the character sprites using images of 3D models made by the following artists: @kssnpi - Nyanners 3D model @wwin3d - Veibae 3D model
  4. Honestyi

    Honestyi's Character Pack [Goose causes a ruckus!] 3.0

    Hi there! My name is Honestyi and this is my pack of random characters, why the randomness you ask? Well, because i have no standard on which character i'll do next whatsoever so i end up doing things that i like or that i think people will like. Anyway i hope you enjoy my job! The characters...
  5. EevZ

    [Hololive EN] Smol Hololive [Ame, Ina & Gura] + BONUS!!!! 1.0

    The Smols of Hololive coming to SRB2 Kart! [/SPOILER] [/I][/B] [/SPOILER] [/I][/B] [/SPOILER] + Bonus Characters from Hololive Proper Original Character design by @Walfie Based on Amelia Watson, Ninomae Ina'nis and Gawr Gura of Hololive EN, and Kiryu Coco of Hololive 4th Gen
  6. Chrispy

    [CCCP] Chrispy's Content Creation Pack

    The first mod with every prefix! KRBCL is longer than CCCP! The whole name is alphabet soup! KRBCLCCCP is a content expansion mod that features 15 characters and 11 stages created by 21 members of the community (including myself) This was a lot of fun to put together and everybody did a great...
  7. RobinE

    Humquat Farms

    Battle it out on Humquat Farms! Meet famous characters such as Rover Dangerfield, Flipstones Fido and Kombo Mountain. Actually...maybe they're not that famous. Map includes Battle Plus modes except Ringrunners. Farmer Humquat drawn by: The Lazer Sofa Changelog: Song used:Monkey Blue...
  8. DirkTheHusky

    Dirk's Character pack R11 - Megamix Edition. R11.03

    --Standard Release-- I present to you all my character pack. I made this little thing so that people can enjoy the characters I've done or collaborated with. There are 27 characters included in this PK3 file. The zip file below contains both the entire pack itself and the separate addons for...
  9. Ionium

    Ionium Character Pack [v1.0]

    Ionium's Character Pack! Cloud Strife Soldier 1st Class From Team Four Stars' Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged! That's Right! Both a WAD and a 3D Model! Ena She's hard to describe, but she's loved none the less. From Joel G's Animations. She is a being with multiple personalities of...
  10. T

    Sakura Miko from hololive

    The Vtuber from hololive, Sakura Miko. Just another VTuber mod for srb2 Kart. She has taken another break from streaming to go drive around in a kart and race against Pekora. v1.1 added reverb to the gloat sound, improved some of the sprites (diagonal sprites head).
  11. Aaron0000

    [Reusable] Aaron's Char Pack - Latest Update: Multi-Character Update #3 2.8

    If you're looking to download a single character from the pack, just grab the Zip Folder at the bottom of this post. A few characters have versions that allow more parts to be recolored with the secondcolor command, they're available in either KCL-AaronPack or in the "Second Color Variants"...
  12. TimeChamber

    [Reusable] TimeChamber's character pack! v1.4.9 v1.4.9

    After days and days of making characters and getting a good abundance of some, I think now is a great time to present: Hey guess what? After months of this thread existing, it actually got updated!! Character list Credits Atticus - Sprite assistance and coloring Sounds resource -...
  13. Raien

    hololive-EN: Gawr Gura 1.1

    a A descendant from the Lost City of Atlantis, Gawr Gura dives into SRB2Kart! Her stats for this game are [6 Speed, 2 Weight], which means that she has great handling control while having about average speed. All of Gura's sprites were made by me and she uses voice clips sourced from her...
  14. Superjustinbros

    [Reusable] SJBCP 2.5 - Droll Scenario 2.5

    Since more character packs have been releasing lately for SRB2kart thanks to the increased character limit in servers, I figured I’d publish mine that I’ve been using for quite some time. Track source: Chengi's Track Attack Pack by Chengi This is every (usable) character that I’ve created...
  15. RobinE

    Robin E's Character Pack V1.9

    Robin E's Character Pack V1.9 Changelog: Characters:
  16. PhilsPills

    Phil's Pills Character Pack v3

    THE PHIL'S PILLS CHARACTER PACK IS HERE yay Comes with 5 of my original characters, Philliam, Gravester, Syber Surfer, Rivers, and Mossrock! Also comes with Troll face, oiled up and ready! Phil: 4/6 Lavender Gravester: 6/4 Lavender Syber Surfer: 5/8 Yellow Rivers: 3/4 Navy Mossrock: 3/7 Moss...
  17. Strife

    Strife's Character Pack v6

    By popular demand, I've compiled all of the characters I've drawn into one handy dandy package! I've also split them into individual pk3s, so you can choose the download that best suits your server. This pack contains the following characters, in order of creation: Shantae Jigglypuff...
  18. GreatWario

    T+Rabbids & The Stream Team! v2.7 NEW CHARACTER: Socket!

    Racers from all across time, space and continuities come to SRB2Kart to test their mettle... So too, have these racers that I've assembled before you. They are...! Let's have a rundown of each character: And if this fine lineup of characters wasn't enough to entice you, what if I...
  19. Buttercup

    Eggdog! v1.0

    Eggdog is here to race! Features: - A full set of sprites! - Voice lines composed entirely of squeaky toy noises! - Egg Enjoy!
  20. ☆Joker☆

    ☆JOKER☆ Chars Pack v6.1 PLUS [Pikachu]

    Welcome to the new release of the ☆Joker☆ Pack, this started out as something for personal use, but I continue to improve it. This pack contains more than 27 exclusive characters from each universe Current Version: 6.1 Plus List of features include: • Update Kid Goku & Kid Krillin • Plus Mode...