1. Bluetorch

    Stage Gates 1.1

    This Mod is supposed to be used with UDMF!!!! Binary still works, but you are missing out on features. Stage Gates for SRB2 are Here! Color Changing in Action Also MAP01 is the test map. Finally, I can Hub World inside SRB2. Credits TehRealSalt for Custom Hud Lib...
  2. Benjitaysu

    [Open Assets] Dragon pack (a battle mod map pack) V1

    a map pack that i've been wanting to release after some time (nearlly half a year lol) all of these maps are for arena and survival a n y w a y here are the maps Battle hall (ignore the people in there, they are just watching the fun) Cloud citadel (assets from the community asset pack)...
  3. Fyrid19

    [Open Assets] Fyrid's XCell v1.2

    Welcome to the XCell! I've taken the opportunity to remake this mod (Fyromentum) from the ground up, some new abilities and remade visuals. Mod Features Sonic Agility Thok Double jumping will give you a normal thok, though triple jumping will trigger a thok with more upward momentum Holding...
  4. AlanGab2009

    Enemies Drop Rings 1.0

    I made a LUA script that remakes a feature from Sonic Megamix. If you kill an enemy, a ring will come out of it. If you don't want your custom enemy to drop a ring when killed, put this in your enemy's script: if not EDR_BanList rawset(_G, "EDR_BanList", {}) end table.insert(EDR_BanList...
  5. Spectra

    [Open Assets] SRB2Smash - Alpha v1.0.3

    Disclaimer: This is not the final version of Sonic Robo Smash - it is an old version designed around vanilla srb2's multiplayer Sonic Robo Smash has been widely anticipated by many and we thank you so much for your support! To celebrate nearing it's 5th year indev we've decided to release one...
  6. Wumbo

    [Open Assets] Steve v2.04

  7. Fyrid19

    [Open Assets] Advance 3 Character Select v1.0

    Now just like advance 3 (kinda), you can select your own team. All the base characters (for now) will give you certain abilities depending on who you choose (gifs are being weird for me so i have to use imgur) Sonic - Boosts your normal speed Tails - Jump factor is increased slightly Knuckles...
  8. Angelo0290

    [Open Assets] Quickstep! 1.0

    One of the abilities from Sonic Unleashed recreated in SRB2. Quickstep. Is a tool that try to help keeping you on the ground going fast, giving you a quick step to the sides. Here is pretty risky to use but used correctly is very rewarding. It should work with every character with hopefully...
  9. ThatCartridgeGuy

    [Open Assets] Spring Rotate 1a

    If you wanna be a Classic Sonic nostalgia freak, then gosh darn this is the perfect mod for you! This does what you expect it to do... This rotates you on your roll angle when you get sprung up wards like in Sonic 3 and Sonic Generations. Probably other Classic Sonic games too, but I can't for...
  10. Luwf

    [Open Assets] Luwf's Color Pack! v3 LAST VERSION

    Colors in This Pack: Shiny Blue, Shiny Green,My Friend,Pepsi! Enjoy! (If You Have Questions He writes In Reviews!!!)
  11. Lighto

    [Open Assets] Lighto Tool Box 1.0

    LIGHTO TOOL BOX tools for mappers All of those scripts are meant to help mappers figure out their ideas with something else than what the base game offers, be to add flair or make it easier on the mapper to make less complex geometry/setups,, like using wind of speed pad fofs to movep layers...
  12. PerfectSystemDX

    [Open Assets] Robo It Up! 1.0

    I was writing a Sonic fanfic with cues to play different SRB2 levels, and then, I tried to find the right Sonic ability to play with. Something grounded enough, pinball-ish, maybe resembling the Multi Spin? Well, sure enough, I looked and looked, but nothing scratched that itch, so I tinkered...
  13. SonicBenSeven

    [Open Assets] SonicBen7's Characters Pack 1.0

    Ok now i made a first mod of srb2 kart which is really cool, by the way, there should be 3 characters i think. There's All you need it to mods. And here's this
  14. Almulescent

    [Open Assets] Almond - The "Hiatus" Build V1.1

    Alm is finally "released"! (I say this in quotations as I decided to release his almost complete self to the Message Board, due to mental health problems.) His moveset consists of a double jump, walljump, slide (custom 3) and a peelout type move bound to custom 1. He is loosely based off of a...
  15. AngrySonics

    [Open Assets] AngrySonics' Sonc Model 1.1

    This is a 3D model I had sitting on my computer for several months. I shared this in the SRB2 Discord, and now I'm sharing it here for you to use, pretty much, even if it's a modified Sonic Dash model (i don't know how to actually make a model, okay?). Screenshot How do I install this? It's...
  16. Sludesus

    [Open Assets] SpongeBob Squarepants 1.5.1

    Are you ready, kids? SpongeBob is finally here! "errm but how can he breath if he's on land?" idk how could he breath on land during the first movie? mmhm we love 16 angle mods Join the Discord!
  17. Eli14R

    [Open Assets] Sonic's Schoolhouse v1

    Credits: Floating Item Spawner by Ashnal:
  18. Mal

    [Open Assets] Sam Hits the Road! - SRB2Kart 1.0

    Do Not Fear, the Freelance Police is Here! Sam from the Sam & Max series joins the race tracks of SRB2kart. Even though without his lovely DeSoto, he still packs a punch. He might be a heavy-weight, but his acceleration compensates his weakness. Speed: 2 Weight: 7 Most of the sprites are...
  19. Kirb

    [Open Assets] Flip/Fuzz v1

    the character isn't made by me, i just made the mod haro everynyan, this mod is practically a complex fanart, the character in the normal form is flip by unicrity ( ) and the one for the super form is fuzz by tempotastic(?) ( ) they practically are identical so i...
  20. Bluetorch

    [Open Assets] Better Character Deaths 1.0

    Do you want to die... in SRB2, but hate how the normal death looks. Than this mod is for you. This mod won't work for characters with custom deaths. Also it sometimes doesn't work for models for some reason. Now go die in style!