1. Sls64LGamingBro

    Mostly Colors

    Sls64LGamingBro submitted a new resource: Mostly Colors - Just a kindish colors Read more about this resource...
  2. Sls64LGamingBro

    Mostly Colors v1

    Welcome to Mostly Colors This is a "mostly colors" to atleast try to do sonic games's colors, that's really it. I will add more, sorry if this is kinda short colors. But I will add in more in the future, anyways, have fun with some colors!
  3. Sls64LGamingBro


    Sls64LGamingBro submitted a new resource: Trails - Using a Trail is fun! Read more about this resource...
  4. Sls64LGamingBro

    [Open Assets] Trails v1

    Trails are kinda a thing for this game, Do you want it to be fully put in? Well It's here for a reason anyway! It's TRAILS! What can it do? Simple! Thok Trail: Spindash Charge Trail: Invulnerability Trail And Super Trail: This is what the Trails do There might be also a...
  5. Bluetorch

    [Open Assets] Custom Dashmode 1.0.1

    Ever needed a custom dashmode for your character? Or just wanted to break SRB2 with one? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This is a simple yet customizable dashmode script for your characters to use. Here are the basic settings for the dashmode. local TOPSPEED = 100*FRACUNIT --...
  6. LinkThePale

    [Open Assets] Granifer Giganticus V1

    So One Day, I Wanted To Make A SRB2 Character That Used An Obscure Sonic Character, Fortunately For Me, I Looked At My Tv Which Was Playing A DVD Of Sonic Boom And The Episode On It Was "Sleeping Giant". So That's Why I Made Granifer Giganticus Into A Mod! Gameplay: Giganticus May Have Low...
  7. Sls64LGamingBro


    Sls64LGamingBro submitted a new resource: Sls64LGBro - It's me, but as a character! Read more about this resource...
  8. Sls64LGamingBro

    Sls64LGBro v1.0.5 - Same One

    (Character version of me) is HERE PILOT OF THE STORY (sorta a some story...) Once after sls was in his room, he started to do some modding on SLADE. After he was done doing it, he saw a portal that SUCKED HIM UP! Then after he got sucked up by a potral later on, the area he landed...
  9. Gurjinter

    Gurjinter's Player Color Assortment v1

    "Gurjinter's Player Color Assortment" is a pack containing 11 total colors you can choose to stand out from the crowd. Color list: Deep Wave (internal name: SKINCOLOR_DPWV) (a "deep" version of Wave) Jolly Rancher (internal name: SKINCOLOR_JOLYRA) (be on the lookout for more flavors next...
  10. Kirb

    "who cares" over score v1

    It indeed replaces score with "who cares" it works fine in all graphic modes now note that this isn't network friendly
  11. indev

    [Open Assets] Graple points 1.8 (map 1.11)

    This script adds new mechanic to kart - grapling. When near graple point, floating grey indicator will become green. When you in air (and not in pain :P) and you see green indicator, press BRAKE to start graple and release it to stop. I hope that will help create more interesting maps :D You...
  12. L

    Time Warp Signs v1.2

    In Sonic CD, one of its main selling points was the ability to time travel. Whenever I play a map, I can't help but wonder... Wouldn't it be nice for this map to have some sort of alternate version? Then this came to mind. With that, I present to you the Time Warp signs from Sonic CD! How do...
  13. ArtoMeister

    [Open Assets] Korone's Kartastrophic Racers V1.2

    Disclaimer: This addon is not affiliated with Hololive or Cover Corp in any way! The addon was made while following all guidelines under the Hololive Derivative Works guidelines. This is an SRB2Kart Character Pack revolving around Korone Inugami, which will feature up to 8 silly racers for you...
  14. TheLastKitchenGun

    AdventNEON Hud v1.1

    A hud based on AdventNEON, if you don't know what that game is it's a beat em up/platformer, it's pretty cool (this be not a perfect recreation) (also, changed font not included, you can get that here) RushChars as a bonus, here's these icons with AdventNEON's palette working on this...
  15. Pikaspoop

    [Open Assets] Stop Tagger Hot Potato! Lua script for Tag V1.4

    This is a script that accomplishes a very specific thing, stop this from being said: Stop giving me tagging status I wanna hide for once! Here's an example of what I'm talking about. So, I decided to do my research, ask questions, and eventually code a Lua script to deal with this. Basically...
  16. Cosmic Emerald

    Crouch Ability Base 1

    Not much to say, this script will make sonic crouch when you press spin, replacing the roll and spindash. (set it to a different skin in the code if you want) you can reuse this mod if you want, just give credits.
  17. TheLastKitchenGun

    [Open Assets] CrossCode hud v1.1b

    if you've never heard of CrossCode, it's an rpg, a fun one too (font not included, it's this one) when playing as a character that can't go super, the icon on the left is a ring
  18. Star

    [Open Assets] Sonic Advance 2: Boostmentum 2.0 - Big Rework (Aerial Preservation & More!)

    [UPDATE] Big rework! Check the updates tab for patch notes! [INFO] This mod is based off of the Sonic Advance 2 boost and is also a momentum mod. Unlike the modern Sonic boost where you just press a button, instead you have to earn your boost! You get it by either charging up from sustained...
  19. Kirb

    [Open Assets] Neco Arc on steroids v1.1

    psst.. The steroid part is an excuse to use just one frame for the walk and run animations the funny cat from the tsukihime anime now in SRB2 for some reason, this specimen is pretty powerful and easy to control overall. (note: i forgot to make the skin colorable, i will update the mod when and...
  20. TheLastKitchenGun

    [Open Assets] Escape Sequence v1.2.1a

    NOTE: this wasn't made with multiplayer in mind, I might make a few changes in a later update adds wario land 4 like escape sequences, for use in your maps included is a test map to test this, use this as an example ig Level Header stuff: #anything starting with a (!) HAS to be set for the...