group: animation

  1. jaybitts10

    Jay T's addon Skin

    Hey SRB2 judges.. if your reading this. then i would have my own addon, i can't make it on my own, i need my own addon. i hate it when srb2 judges reject this. and Last time they rejected my addon, i was upset now... but if you are SRB2 Mods. reading this. then i need this created... i added it...
  2. S

    [Character] Karameru Cat 1

    This is a character from a YouTube channel named Karameru (jp. からめる) (also known as @purinharumaki on social media, hence the file name) known for their anarchic animations involving this cat. Stats: 8 Speed, 2 Weight (identical to Sonic) I made this back in 2020, but never got around to...
  3. AlphaChrome

    AlphaChrome's Turning Red character pack 1.0.0

    A project I have been working on for the last couple of months, Meilin Lee and her three best friends from Turning Red make their debut in SRB2Kart! What a way to celebrate the anniversairy of their first concert together, eh? Currently, this pack contains four characters - Meilin, Miriam...
  4. Meta_Hedge

    Creepy Quillers Char' Pack V1.3

    (Note: Characters will be released on a consistent monthly basis. Expect on the 30th day of each month for a new character to be released. The 31st day of certain months does not count. However, at the end of February, characters will be released 28th.) Main Author/Artist...
  5. 「AxeCrusader」

    Gamma... Car? 1.1

    Excellent! All systems-full power! I'm your brilliant creator, Dr. Robotnik! You're the second of my E-100 model machines. E-102! Code name: Gamma... That was not the intended design... Oh well, that will do. INTRODUCING: Gamma Car Stats: Speed 6, Weight 9 Now go and locate that frog...
  6. OctoJoss

    [Reusable] JossPack V1.7 V1.7

    You've probably seen these guys somewhere before, but one of them may be a bit alien to you. There's a few others I'm working on that I'll add at a later date. If you have any questions let me know. Enjoy! Pipe Frame kart sprites created by Mit full credit goes to him
  7. ThatGuyKel

    KelChars 3

    Welcome to KelChars! A collection of my current SRB2Kart racers, containing characters from various pieces of media. More characters are planned to be added in the near future, so stick around! I hope you enjoy playing as these characters as much as I did making them! :D - CHARACTER BIOS -
  8. cotomili

    Coto Character Pack v3 - Arale joins the race! v3.1

    Hello racers, introducing my first character pack featuring: Wave 1: Joe Musashi from Shinobi (Speed 7 / Weight 5) Neff from Altered Beast (Speed 8 / Weight 9) Zobiko from Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX (Speed 6 / Weight 3) Wave 2: Courage from Courage the Cowardly Dog (Speed 3 /...
  9. sunko

    Guys With Wheels Pack V3

    Guys with wheels! this is a collection of characters. rather, instead of being in karts, they're using the wheels they have on their body! Lightning Mcqueen (9, 5) [Pixar's Cars franchise] mr. kachow himself. although, in a style more similar to the storyboards/deleted scenes. Wheelbarrow...
  10. ImoTube

    [Reusable] Imo Character Pack 1.1

    Hi, and welcome to the Imo Character Pack. I present my first SRB2 Kart Mod, In which it's a Character Pack with Various Types of Characters. (for example, Okabe from Steins;Gate) I made this because there's some missing Characters for the Addons section and I decide to making them myself...
  11. TessyBluez

    [Reusable] SpongeBob & Patrick riding in the Patty Wagon - Tessy's Character Pack 1.1

    Lightning McQueen Speed: 8 Weight: 8 Version: 1.1 Lightning McQueen has joined the roster! Being a race car, he has a high speed and high weight. Both the color of his body and the lightning bolts can be changed. Chick Hicks Speed: 7 Weight: 8 Version: 1.0 The Piston Cup Champion himself, Chick...
  12. Toxicoow

    Toxicoow's character pack V9 - New characters: Yoku and Jonesy

    Hey hey, just made a character pack with TOO MANY characters to be in a single character pack, so i will be making a second wave of it ! Wave two characters: (They are only downloadable with separate character for now) Yoku from Yoku's Island Express 3 Speed - 7 Weight This beetle push their...
  13. Tyonic

    Community Models + [V2] 2

    This is more so a side project from my main two kart mods and something i've had recent fun in doing so. Community Models + is a model expansion pack that aims to give support to various Community made kart characters mdl support over time. it is not expected every character will get a model...
  14. mitsame

    Mit's Character Pack v12

    25 racers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pack now includes separate PK3s! Simply download the pack and there will be a folder containing each character separately. NOTE: Aerith has exactly *one* swear as one of her hurt quotes. Please keep that in mind when downloading! Now featuring my...
  15. SaffRox7650

    SaffRox7650 Char Pack - V4 [Pac-Man Ghosts and Pac-Pix!]

    Here's a pack full of my own characters since everybody's doing their fancy shmancy character packs too, I've added the characters I've done in the past and new characters will now be updated to join this complete mess of a roster full of conflicting interests and theming, so be prepared for new...
  16. Aaron0000

    [Reusable] Aaron's Char Pack - Latest Update: Piccolo dodges in 3.4

    If you're looking to download a single character from the pack, just grab the "AaronPackIndividual" zip file in the Downloads and grab the characters you like from it. A few characters have versions that allow more parts to be recolored with the secondcolor command, they're available in either...
  17. Yoko

    [Reusable] Kanna Kamui speeds into SRB2Kart!

    (Bare with me this is my first time posting on a forum. First time spriting as well.) There's no ravioli rhyme I can come up with for this one! This speedy lightweight can probably catch up to even Sonic himself! Be careful though, the other dragons can easily shove you out of their way if...
  18. E

    [Reusable] Youkoso Japari Pack! (Kemono Friends) || ver. 0.1

    h37RA7FWc48 Awesome, it seems like your Friendly ability is to drive really fast! This Kart Characters pack contains characters from Kemono Friends. Characters: Raccoon [5,6] Ezo Red Fox [6,5] Silver Fox [7,5] Details: Changelog: Notes: 3d models is not present, sorry! Raccoon racer is...
  19. InstableGR

    "InstablePack" [v1.3 - Proto Man (8-bit)]

    No introduction fanfare is needed for this pack, I think the title image is self-explanatory so let's get on with it! Characters Patch Notes Credits Even more characters may or may not be added in the future, only time will tell. Please enjoy!
  20. F

    Total Drama Character Pack (v1.2)

    Well, I somehow managed to figure it out. Somehow. That being said, here's my Total Drama character pack. Within the pack is three Total Drama characters: Dawn, Gwen, and Chef. I was informed by a mod that uploading a pack would make things less of a hassle for people, so why not? "Why am I...