This will be a continuously expanding mod. Comes with and without LUA.
Features 8 characters
Sailor Moon
Sailor Mercury
Hornets (With updated secondcolor lua courtesy of Lach)
Chrispy (With Fire trail lua courtesy of Lach and Pepperdork)
Pointy Sonic (With updated secondcolor lua courtesy of Lach)
Witch (with lua from Lach)
Sam Bridges (with carrier lua by Bartman3010 and Lach)




Sam's carrier randomizes your weight stat block each race. He comes with some commands
splitscreen players can use sam2_weight_set, sam3_weight_set, etc

Witch lua is unique in that her stats and voice lines change depending on which skin color you choose. In Disgaea, she had different personalities to pick from; childish, wicked, and hazy. for the nonlua variant Wicked is the default.
the red, pink, and purple skins are the childish ones; the green, orange, and yellow skins are the wicked ones; the blues and blacks are the hazy ones
childish is mighty stats, wicked is sonic stats, hazy is tails stats.

For specifics on which skins change to which stats, here's a little reference.
childish: 7, 16-37, 90-100
wicked: 8, 9, 38-66
hazy: 1-6, 10-15, 70-89
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Latest reviews

One of the most detailed and lovingly crafted character packs, I love it.

Ecco and Babs are cool to see; Pointy Sonic pulls off turning sprites from all angles and looks just perfect; the Hornets are fun to see together, plus I appreciate them and Pointy having second colour lua; Witch has a really neat colour-stat gimmick I gotta practice more with; and I personally just like Sam's art and weight mechanic a lot.

As of writing, I just wish to see these get individual releases! I know Ecco and Pointy got them ages and ages ago in the Outdated section, but that version of Pointy no longer works properly and I'd like to see them in a .zip here.
Upvote 0
The amount of effort present here is astounding, really makes me look forward to what the SRB2Kart community can produce. One of my favorite character packs overall.
Upvote 1
A diverse cast with special touches to many of them, like secondcolor support, sprites for normally overlooked angles, and Lua features! A great example of putting more in a kart character.
Upvote 1