it's finally here!!
I am going to have SO much fun!

Your work will leave a (positive) mark in the SRB2 community, here's to you, the team and the players!

Ready, Set...GO...

...Play SRB2Kart!
Battle mode in particular was an absolute joy to play
I can attest that Prime had a very good time destroying me and several others in every battle map.

This is wonderful. I didn't get to play this as much as I wanted to today due to prior obligations but I've stayed up all night playing netgames and oh my god is it so. incredibly. fun!! The maps are all vibrant and dynamic; the slopes are natural to drive on and the pacing is perfect. I love that all the characters are balanced using exactly two stats and yet they all feel unique. Even playing alone is a great time—the game just feels good to play. From what I've experienced there's nothing about it that is sorely frustrating, either; there's obviously been a lot of effort put into balancing and fine tuning the mechanics so that every player gets enjoyment out of every round. There was the occasional not-obvious-where-to-go moment but those are usually ironed out in your brain by the time you start your second lap. Maybe I'm just caught up in the excitement of so much new content but I can pretty confidently say this is an incredibly good game! Looking forward to what Krew pulls out of its airbags in the future.
it's been 6 years

h... holy shit.
It's actually here.
Gonna download this real soon

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h... holy shit.
It's actually here.
Gonna download this real soon
nvm im too rusty as hell orz
Oh no, another thing to distract me from Evertone's Techno Hill!

instantly sinks one million hours into Kart anyway

Love Mario Kart, now here's a Mario Kart I can make levels for, what more could you give us? I can die happy now.
I'm getting this strange bug where sometimes the game will crash, but there won't be any kind of error message (either a window popup or any kind of console message), and it'll seemingly mess with the records data from that play-session. (erasing records and the associated medals, and causing my own ghosts for the map to become un-viewable (although they DO show up in the actual race when ghosts are turned on, strangely enough).) The only thing that seems to be consistent is that I'm always drifting when it happens (as far as I can recall, anyways). I've only played time attack mode so far, so I couldn't say if it happens in any other modes.

EDIT: Also, I've just noticed that it doesn't seem to occur when I stay on a single map for a long while, but occurs more frequently when I'm changing maps often.
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Is there a way to turn on the MD2 models without cheating? Because the console command locks singleplayer.

Edit: Whoops nevermind, it was the character addon doing that
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Couple issues I'd like to report.

1. Your displayed keys in the manual for brake and look backward show B and X, but by default when I first loaded the game, these controls are swapped on my controller. I'm using an Xbox One controller if it matters.

2. I ran into an odd graphical issue while choosing a character in the multiplayer setup menu in which a character graphic somehow got super scaled up (to the point where it was bigger than the screen) and sat on top of everything, forcing me to alt+F4 the application. Unsure how this happened specifically, but I had been playing for a couple hours in record attack beforehand. If it matters, bonuschars.kart was added (so I could see how they handled on the graph), and the default resolution was unmodified.

3. The staff replays for MKSC Sky Garden and MKDS Peach Gardens are swapped; attempting to view the replay for one shows the replay for the other.

From what I've played (and I've only played in record attack), it's rather fun, but I can already tell the staff ghosts are going to draw my rage too easily in a number of levels, so if I'm gonna play to relax, I'm probably just going to disable their ghosts and just focus on beating my own times.
"The number of console HUD lines is now 5"
Everytime it appears, it frozes the game.

Ok, the ploblem has been fixed by himself, but, my AVAST thinks that "SRB2Kart is a virus when Ezehot52 goes about to connect a server so needs to be moved to the viruses box."
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This is amazing, congratulations on the release Kart Krew! I had a great time playing split screen with my friends. It's been a while since I had so much fun playing a multiplayer game. It was made out of love, and it shows. I can't wait to play battle mode.
Finally, no more fumbling in the dark with Kart mapping!

Starts porting more maps as a result
Just to note (slightly late) that the v1.0.1 patch has been released! See the first post for a complete changelog.

Linux builds WILL return, but the guy who compiles them for us is asleep right now.
Recently trying to test a level I wanted to modify for Kart only to get this error when testing.
Error occured on Sunday, November 18, 2018 at 20:40:47.

G:\SRB2\SRB2 Kart\srb2kart.exe caused an Access Violation at location 004e8390 in module G:\SRB2\SRB2 Kart\srb2kart.exe Reading from location 0f68609a.

eax=00000004 ebx=0f686088 ecx=00000000 edx=0f683990 esi=0f4d5cf4 edi=10624dd3
eip=004e8390 esp=0028fa80 ebp=000012ca iopl=0         nv up ei ng nz na pe cy
cs=0023  ss=002b  ds=002b  es=002b  fs=0053  gs=002b             efl=00010283

Call stack:
004E8390  G:\SRB2\SRB2 Kart\srb2kart.exe:004E8390
004D62C4  G:\SRB2\SRB2 Kart\srb2kart.exe:004D62C4
76BA98DA  C:\Windows\syswow64\msvcrt.dll:76BA98DA  free
004D60E7  G:\SRB2\SRB2 Kart\srb2kart.exe:004D60E7
Was the OpenGL renderer changed in the mod? It crashed for me on startup, but the SRB2 "Vanilla" gl renderer works fine. My GL version is 2.1 if that helps.

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