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    • glaber replied to the thread Sonic 1 Badniks.
      Sorry for the double post but a thought occurred to me that the current version of catakiller may actually be useful in making the...
    • glaber replied to the thread Dark City 2.0.
      And yet we have Metal Robotnik/Brak Eggman as our final boss. Dark City was always ment to be a whole big OVA referance complete with...
    • glaber reacted to Door's post in the thread 2.0 Levels Project with Cool! Cool!.
      yeah i know that released, still not gonna stop me
    • glaber replied to the thread 2.0 Levels Project.
      Of course not. Metal sonic didn't slam all the 2.0 levels together.
    • glaber reacted to OGAmyDroid's post in the thread 2.1 Levels with Cool! Cool!.
      OGAmyDroid updated 2.1 Levels with a new update entry: Long time in the making Read the rest of this update entry...
    • There is a button in the wall of the left side of the staircase.
    • Do what the lower text says so you can do what the top text says you can do. Fun fact, the top text is actually a screen shot from one...
    • Chaos Cove V2 is getting close to release now. so why not show off a few of the new additions? We got a new quarter ramp, some new...
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    • Canon, but not required. Also you do need the 7 emeralds even with Tails and Knuckles. Unless a programmer broke the emerald check...
    • Close. Both secrets require all 7 emeralds yes, but the neo aerial Garden secret has nothing to do with the 1.09.4 secrets.
    • He's in there because he picked you up from the everyone gauntlet (or the ERZ one) He also works as a sign that you meet 1 of 2...
    • glaber replied to the thread Sonic 1 Badniks.
      Ah ok, forgot about bomb.
    • glaber replied to the thread Sonic 1 Badniks.
      If I were to guess, would the missing badniks be Ballhog and the cut badnik Splats?
    • glaber reacted to BadOmenThingy's post in the thread Sonic 1 Badniks with Cool! Cool!.
      Should be in the batbrain's description now, I'll just put up the credits in the soc next update
    • glaber replied to the thread Sonic 1 Badniks.
      Don't forget to credit Monster Iestyn, myself, and Vee for the Bat Brain sprites along side any changes you made. Monster made the...
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