gametype: kart battle

  1. PKTheThird

    [Reusable] Battle Round Limiter! V3

    This lua file has one job and one job only, when you set the battle round limit to 3. Only 3 battles will happen and will randomly choose a map. This lua file incorporated SteelT's random map lua : and some custom work by Lonsfor. Command to make this...
  2. VelocitOni

    SRB2Kart v1.3 (Final Beta)

    Kart Krew™ Discord: -------------------------------------------- SeventhSentinel--err I mean, Sonic explains the v1.1 patch update gAqQ68-Cx0wNGAj9YjaV2M -------------------------------------------- Now without further ado, in Sryder's own...
  3. SoupBowler

    Bowler's Pack - BATTLE UPDATE (Ft. Hexagon Heat from Mario Party 2!) V 1.9.9

    A small pack containing six race tracks, a hell map, and three battle maps! More are planned to be added later, but when they get added is not predetermined. If you wish to only play maps related to just Race/Battle mode, then please choose the corresponding file type based on the prefix: -...
  4. Hiryuu

    [Reusable] Dragon Pack RC1

    Hello. I've been waiting for some time now to get this pack released proper and I think now is as good a time as any. This has been a work-in-progress for the last eight months with people from both the Kart Krew Discord as well as friends of mine. Annnd, I feel that it's time to let this...
  5. Starman91

    The Spark Cup Pack (The Return of a Legend) 2.6

    Introducing the "Spark Cup" Pack! The Spark Cup is a map pack intended to be balanced around both RA and netgames alike, containing five tracks (Spark Cup), two experimental tracks (EX) and a battle map. These levels are inspired in their concept by the music that plays on them. If it exists...
  6. StellarStardust

    Insanity Pack v2.1

    Download v2.1! Insanity Pack is pack of various level ideas I had for SRB2 Kart. This pack is also home to the infamous Daytona Hell. Can you take the insanity of this pack? It currently features: - 4 race levels. - A battle map. - A hellish version of Daytona Speedway. - Retrowave aethestics...
  7. RoyKirbs

    Dreamscape Gardens v2.0.1

    Dreamscape Gardens is a pack-a levels for SRB2 Kart! It features 18 race maps, split into 4 separate cups. Featuring: There's also a pack of battle maps as well! (NOTE: The battle pack has been deprecated for now, they're still available to play but the focus of this level pack thread will be...
  8. Joshygamer

    KRB_LemonCuppack-v1.40 New update!

    My first Srb2kart map pack is this, I would love some feedback and this is currently the beta so there might be weird places were you randomly die or fall that don't make sense or wasn't intended. Any changes in the units place is a major update, in the tenths digit has some map changes that...
  9. BMongrel

    Melon Pack 6.3

    The Melon Pack! A pack with 0 melons in it.
  10. ★XG5★

    XG5's Track Value Pack -V1.1

    Seems like you have stumbled onto my value pack haven't you? Well allow me to introduce the contents of this pack. The pack itself contains cups. And in each cup there are 2 ports/retro tracks and 2 new ones (Which adds up to 4 tracks per cup). There are also battle tracks available too so if...
  11. Twins'R'Okay

    Twins' Complete Epic Cup v6.1

    Introducing: Twins' Epic Cup Featuring 5 race maps, 2 hell maps and a battle map. (Maybe an additional cup in the future? idunno.) This cup's aim is to feature stages that have a bit of a visual identity, combining pre-made and custom textures to feature a unique aesthetic. What stages are...
  12. Sharb

    Sharbs Shark Pack

    To celebrate over a year of SRB2Kart I decided to compile all my current maps and characters including some adjustments this pack includes Race maps MKDD - Baby Park Dynamite Heady - Puppet town Sonic R - Resort Island Battle mode maps MKDD - Baby Park Studio Polls Act 2 MK64 - Sky...
  13. Apollyon Woman

    Apollyon's Battle Maps [v1]

    I have always found it kind of odd how there are relatively few mods on the message board that add new maps to the battle mode, so I made this mod to change that. This map will include a handful of new maps made specifically for use in the game's Battle Mode.
  14. alphaRexJames

    SFA Simple Map 1 1.0

    SFA Simple Map 1 (MAPU0) is an SRB2Kart Battle map port of the Star Fox Assault multiplayer level of the same name. The building scale is mostly accurate to the game; the map border has been brought way closer to accommodate for the general size of a Battle map.
  15. Superstarxalien

    Rocket Arena from Roblox (by DeadFromHeaven)

    It's Rocket Arena from Roblox: now in SRB2Kart! This map was actually made for a DOOM WAD, Jurassic Joel. With the permission (and some help) of the author, DeadForHeaven, I ported it from GZDoom (!) to SRB2Kart. I really went out of my way to port a map from another DOOM game just to not...
  16. Eldog

    VR_ARENA v1.1

    VR_ARENA is a map pack that aims to completely restructure Battle Mode by turning it into an extended intermission between Races. Yes, it's Battle Plus enabled. Included Levels: Instructions: Changelog:
  17. RobinE

    Humquat Farms

    Battle it out on Humquat Farms! Meet famous characters such as Rover Dangerfield, Flipstones Fido and Kombo Mountain. Actually...maybe they're not that famous. Map includes Battle Plus modes except Ringrunners. Farmer Humquat drawn by: The Lazer Sofa Changelog: Song used:Monkey Blue...
  18. minenice

    The Reef + Battle Plus Support

    Introducing a new Battle map for SRB2Kart, The Reef from Splatoon 2, complete with textures and sprites ripped from the source game! This version of the map is based on it's updated version from Splatoon 2 v.4.2, in it's Rainmaker mode layout. “That means we have a new place to battle! I...
  19. VictorLes

    Crossing Roads Pack (v1) + Battle Plus Support

    Crossing Roads is a compilation of maps done by me since i always wanted to make racing tracks for Mario Kart It contains One Race Track One Battle Track An Bad Name for a Pack It will receive updates with more tracks and more creativity. I'd also like to credit (and thank) RoyCurbs on...
  20. C

    [PK3] Cole207 Custom Tracks Pack (Version 1.1)

    My first custom tracks pack is here! Screenshots! OhNo Cup UFO Cup Battle Maps Version 1.1 Changelist