3d models

  1. Robercooinn

    Srb2 Jeck Jim's Saturn Models Reborn

    Does anyone know if you can still get the Jeck Jims Saturn Modols Reborn models or if anyone still has them
  2. Destructor X50000

    what is the program used to add the 3d models to the game?

    I recently started a project... MECHACHARS modelos 3d (en proceso ) and it would help me if you could tell me which is the program.
  3. Destructor X50000

    MECHA CHARS 3d models (in progress)

    The 3d models of the mecha characters, by Mr Heck! MechaChars 1.6.1 Beta Mecha Sonic ...
  4. Foxeh

    Foxeh's Silly Models 1.2

    This is my FIRST model pack I have ever made so expect loads of inconsistencies. Well, this is interesting... I wonder who's that there beside Takis- WARNING: IT IS RECOMMENDED TO HAVE MODEL INTERPOLATION AT 'SOMETIMES' OR 'OFF' AS IT SEVERELY MESSES WITH THE CHARACTER'S MOVEMENT (try it if...
  5. Tails20156

    How do you make a 3d model pack on Android?

    Seriously though, I only have a android 8.
  6. AngrySonics

    [Open Assets] AngrySonics' Sonc Model 1.1

    This is a 3D model I had sitting on my computer for several months. I shared this in the SRB2 Discord, and now I'm sharing it here for you to use, pretty much, even if it's a modified Sonic Dash model (i don't know how to actually make a model, okay?). Screenshot How do I install this? It's...
  7. ToastyCreamExpresso

    How to get started on making models for SRB2?

    I was digging around trying to find out how models work for SRb2 with little luck, a lot of what I saw was adding models but not creating them. I just want all the definitive details for what programs to use and how animation for models works in the context of SRB2. I know everyone uses blender...
  8. thesrb2fan12

    How exactly do textures work for player models in srb2.

    So i recently wanted to make a model pack of my own but im stumped on how to use textures
  9. thesrb2fan12

    Srb2Fan's Low Poly Model Pack

    Got some progress for sonic so far btw SOMEONE PLEASEMTELL ME HOW TEXTURES WORK
  10. AGuyThatDoesntMakeMods

    Custom 3D models on mac?

    Im a 16 year old mac user who plays SRB2 on a daily basis,im trying to use Peppermints or Jeck Jim's 3D Models,so i wonder,how do i exactly get them to work?
  11. B

    Buzz Junior!: Sonic Robo Jam 2

    I'm about to make the blue robot player from robo jam. Here's the preview of a custom char i made with the blue robot model: (He's also t-posing which it's wierd) I downloaded the model, which its here: https://www.models-resource.com/playstation_2/buzzjuniorrobojam/model/38837/ The model was a...
  12. blankslat

    Nintendo 64 model pack v1.9

    Now yes this model pack is almost complete (in my eyes) anywho... The coin my first model then the goombas then the blue goobers then the 1-up for n64 mario then the star for my man (also this is a tease for what's to come) then the heart that's it for now
  13. ag4m3n0n

    Invalid FZN's models life monitor bug

    So i'm using Junio Sonic's 3d models made by fzn, and the life monitor looks like this: There's a 3d Junio Sonic model flickering on the life monitor and i can't seem to fix it What do i do?
  14. blankslat

    How do I make an object on a bone visible in 3 frames but invisible in others

    Now I am making a N64 Mario model and I am trying to do his victory animation and I have two separate hand models one closed right hand and one peace right hand both connected to the same bone in the same armature and obviously he isn't using a peace sign the whole time and I just don't know how...
  15. Chuckles troll

    [Open Assets] Chuckles's 3d models v2

    3D models made by yours trulys Chuckles_troll Bocchi-chan from shipak Daroach from kelchars more may come soon if i'm feeling motivated
  16. dudy999

    How can i install older versions of mods?

    I was trying to install an older version of peppermints srb2 styiled models but it dosen't show the download button.Can someone help me?
  17. tremario1

    tremario3's MODELS (WIP)

    WORKING ON THE MODELS JUST WAIT, I POSTED A ENMY MODEL BUT ITS..... AMONGUSSSSSS!!!!!! 1699758326 BUT!!! I might do the issue of the models later
  18. thesrb2fan12

    Is Jeck jims 3d models broken in the new update or am i just messing something up

    So basiclly when im playing srb2 the models for my mods arent working which is weird because i have jeck jims 3d models and i have the VDLC folder in the models folder with everything. so i am wondering did i do something wrong or are the models broken for now? EDIT: Found out the issue the...
  19. Cherribun

    Cherribun's Stylized Sonic Model 1.0

    ✦Welcome to the NEXT LEVEL✦ This is a Sonic model based on the AU designs from my LOCK-ON: AIF concept!! (All the current designs I've shown off) -LET'S BLAST THROUGH WITH SONIC SPEED!! Sonic speeds in with a dashing new fit, ready to pick a fight with anyone who gets in his way...
  20. blankslat

    IDK if this is a bug or not lol

    In previous updates I had 320 models in the dat file but recently I found it only goes to about 280-ish models but i have about 350 models in there so idk (my models.dat)