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    • Dee reacted to Kirby Mania's post in the thread Paper Peach with Cool! Cool!.
      Ok first upgrade done, the Speedy Teleport! It removes the start and end animations for the teleport and the end launch goes farther.
    • Mission in Snowdriftland 3D (Featuring redhotsonic)
    • Dee replied to the thread Pizza Tower Robo-Bash!.
      Remember when I said "more info coming soon?" Well soon is now, as I am finally confident enough proud to reveal my most ambitious SRB2...
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    • Dee reacted to Rob_n_ghost's resource Dynamite Anton Kart with Cool! Cool!.
      Dynamite Anton from ANTONBLAST joins to SRB2K!! "Eerm... What the BLAST?" A simple character for SRB2K i wanted to make, it was my...
    • Dee reacted to Bluetorch's resource Stage Gates with Cool! Cool!.
      This Mod is supposed to be used with UDMF!!!! Binary still works, but you are missing out on features. Stage Gates for SRB2 are Here...
    • Dee reacted to HPR's post in the thread Final Demo!.. Remastered..? with Cool! Cool!.
      Hey all, this mod might ring a bell for those of you in the community 3 years ago. I attempted to get the original thread unlocked (Seen...
    • More info coming soon...
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    • Dee replied to the thread Pencil Drawson.
      Just so everyone knows, this project is still (sorta) alive and I'm thinking of doing a couple of re-sprites for Pencil, mainly the...
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    • Dee reacted to DragonFromGigiza's post in the thread Rust the Mole with Cool! Cool!.
      Claw Thrust! NOTE: As I head into the remaining frames, I've hit a major difficulty spike with most of them being foreign/complicated...
    • Dee replied to the thread Paper Peach.
      Any reference to SPM is cool in my book. Good luck!
    • Dee reacted to Kirby Mania's post in the thread Paper Peach with Cool! Cool!.
      Aaaalrighty! After tons of thinking and failed ability ideas, I've cooked up a moveset for Paper Peach that I feel could really work...
    • Dee reviewed the resource Ultimate Zone Builder.
      5.00 star(s) Alright! Now all I need to do is learn how to make FOFs here and I'll be golden for levels!
    • Dee reacted to RetroStation's resource Eggsplosive Depot with Cool! Cool!.
      A chaotic collection of items designed to spice up the item pool! Egg Blaster Fires an energy ball, sustained fire will affect...
    • Dee replied to the thread Eggsplosive Depot.
    • well, let's go straight Dexile the fennec (or Dex as a nickname) is a guy of mine who decided to make a mod for this game... The basic...
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