gametype: kart race

  1. daibutsu

    Mauro Mania 1.1 - tons of fixes and tweaks! 1.1

    Welcome to Mauro Mania, a level pack with currently 4 cool and good levels. All tracks include an encore palette with custom encore music, and some extra things ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Digital Dimension Straight from Sonic Riders, it's Digital Dimension! This track has it all: Grindrails, paraglider...
  2. Piksqu

    Racing Stadium Pack 1.1

    This pack of racing maps allows you to race through multiple maps all present in a single stadium, all based around a theme color. This pack will recive more maps in the future, be it from me or other creators that want to try making one in a specific space. The present maps are:
  3. N

    Nav's Map Pack! 1.3a

    Now I have two maps! What's next? I plan on filling out the 'missing' maps from the 16 bit era and possibly mania. I know some of these have been done before, but I have plans of my own. Done: Mystic Cave s2 Ice Cap Zone s3 Starlight Zone s1 Hydrocity Zone s3 (added 1.3) "Coming Soon" Aquatic...
  4. NiGill_

    Gamma Pack 2.1

    Gamma Pack! This pack contains two racing tracks for now Jing Forest (MAPJH) Race through the woods, go through a cave, jump atop the trees Just be careful to not knock down any trees Monument Castle (MAPJI) Once a beautiful castle, now only ruins takes its place Its secrets, as deep as the...
  5. Flooidity

    Liquified Grand Prix! 1

    Hey there! I decided to try out making a map a couple of months ago and completely forgot to post my creation. I do plan on making more in the future but so far is one basic but very playable and beginner friendly course! It's not anything special aesthetically but hopefully you can some fun out...
  6. mayo134

    [Reusable] Obscure map pack V1.2

    Hey, welcome to my personal map pack! These maps are mostly gonna be ports or completely custom tracks made by me THE TRACKS 1. daytona international speedway (subject to be turned into a hell map because I feel it's to bland for a normal track) [MAPNS] 2. Rainbow road remix [MAPRM] 3. MKWII...
  7. FrostBrush

    Ice Paradise Zone 1.1

    Hello, Frostbrush here! This is my very first custom map that i created for SRB2Kart! The map is based on Ice Paradise Zone from Sonic Advance 2 (one of my favorites). I tried to recreate and reimagine feeling of the original level as much as i could, with many textures from the original game...
  8. Rovenami

    Rovenami Pack V1.3

    Presenting my very first map pack, I call it the "Rovenami Pack". The pack currently has four courses of varying difficulty. Here's hoping that you guys enjoy and be on the look out for more tracks in the future. Feel free to provide feedback.
  9. Detour

    The Detour Pack 1.02

    With the power of talented map makers in the community and the power of my bank account, I am happy to announce, The Detour Pack! A collection of all the maps I've commissioned for me and my friends to play on...
  10. ThatAzazelFire

    Rivals RC Pack v2

    RIVALS RC PACK This is a Track Pack of Track ports from Rivals RC. A Rivals of Aether workshop mod that turns the platform fighter into a Quick Fast Paced Kart Racer! These are simple ports that strive to bring the experience over as accurately as possible! TRACKS ADDITIONAL CREDITS Giik...
  11. Darthkitten

    Taker's Hell Zone 1.1

    This is my first track, but I hope you like it regardless! I may make this into a full map pack in the future as I have some ideas for other tracks, but for now, it's only a single track. This is a fairly challenging, longer track with two laps. Taker's Hell is a track filled with tight turns...
  12. Raivolt

    Voltage Pack 1.1

    Voltage Pack A shockingly fun time! Introducing the Voltage Pack! Here you can find my grab bag of maps both original and inspired! The Tracks: Credits Chaobrother - Community Resources 2.2 springs KCS, Original Server, and many others - Testing, feedback, and release candidate hosting
  13. Detour

    Recess Raceway 1

    Recess Raceway is a simple 10 lap race on track and field behind the Elementourney building itself. Comebacks are possible at any moment here, with the hurdles and items constantly shaking up standings! Map maker: ElDog Composer: Monochrome Check out the reveal trailer for Recess Raceway (and...
  14. Amethirst

    [Reusable] Gem Pack 1.0

    This map pack currently has 2 race maps and 2 battle maps. Feel free to report any issues or bugs in the stages so that I can fix them! The standalone maps (Azure Island & Hilltop Peaks) will be outdated, and they will only be updated within this pack/thread! Credits: Coatrack: Just once...
  15. Scythe101

    [Reusable] Flat Circuit v1.1

    New SRB2 creation! Just wanted to try out making tracks for SRB2K and see how well I can create one. :) Nothing too special about this one. Just a basic flat track for practice reasons, but it does have an encore version with a different music track being used.
  16. Patafoin

    [Reusable] Pizza Tower Pack _ new map : PizzaScape 2.1

    It's pizza time. Here a map compilation featuring pizza tower level. Pizza panic is made by Great Wario I have receive permission to include it, and made some minor change. All the other map are made by me. Warning : While I have set my map to...
  17. krystl

    [Reusable] Chroma Key Map for videos v1.2

    Are you a Kart content creator and want do use chroma key effect for your montage? Look no further than this map, cause its the only one you will (probably) need for that! Featuring both green and blue rooms which are identical for (hopefully) all your film making needs, just finish the map...
  18. TheTrueEpicPro

    The Pro Pack Version 5.1

    Welcome to the Pro Pack. A collection of courses that I have made for SRB2Kart! The Pro Pack currently holds six courses. Simple Circuit, Red Mountain, Lonely Isle, Molten Mine, Roundabout, Summer Seas, and the newly added Hyper Spaceway! (MAP JL) Simple Circuit: It's exactly what the name...
  19. ShihoAJoke

    The KanzakiPak 3.0

    KANZAKI-PAK is a stage pack I made in my spare time CREDITS FaytxStay/Diggle - For helping and supporting me on mapping Mr.Logan - LUA Freeslotting Shi-Springs JugadorXEI - Friction Fix and No Water-Hop LUA Scripts Ashnal - Floating Item Pickups LUA, The New Adjustable Shi-Spring Community...
  20. Patafoin

    [Reusable] Hourglass Pack _ Maps based on "A Hat in Time" game 2.b

    This is a map pack that regrouped all of my "Hat in Time" theme maps. You will find 7 map on the main pack , and a 8th one in the individual file ,this 8th one is special and should not be use in servers. (more info at the bottom) Make sure to leave feedback SO I can improve the maps. All...