gametype: kart race

  1. Whoexer9

    [Open Assets] EASTER RUINS ZONE v1.0

    This, Is Easter Ruins Zone! Race in and out of these lava filled ruins located on some outskirts of Easter Island. Just remember, the lava rises at every lap you complete! It also has some shortcuts to help you, and some hazards are just waiting for you to hit. This track's laps are 3, and the...
  2. MarioFaker

    F-Zero Fire Field 1.0

    Fire Field from F-Zero, remade in Kart! This is a relatively simple recreation of it, so I decided to give it a bit of extra stuff to make it more interesting (and an amalgamation of a bunch of random F-Zero related stuff) There is a custom start jingle, taken from Mario Kart 8, the music and...
  3. Mylo T.

    [Open Assets] Hurry Up! v1

    Hurry Up is a small gameplay mod for Kart that aims to make the DNF timer a bit more interesting. Gameplay showcase: (Dino asked me to make this the showcase footage :knuxsmug:) Server Commands: hu_enable <ON or OFF> Turns Hurry Up on or off. If disabled, the mod won't do anything...
  4. Mayo.

    Colab pack with no name yet :robincry:

    Currently it's only one map in dev rn, but I'm happy to say it will be out in a few months! or when it's done ™️:worry:
  5. M

    Fumo Pack

    Magi submitted a new resource: Fumo Pack - Custom tracks! Fumos! At least some fun! Read more about this resource...
  6. M

    Fumo Pack 1.0

    Includes two maps! Several hidden fumos! At least some possible level of fun! Gensou Skydrift Human Village (MAPIK) A track through a small, traditional Japanese village. A port from one of my favorite Touhou fangames, that I made back in 2021. Better late than never, right? Sewer...
  7. GDRamen

    Kompackt Track Pack v1.0.1d

    My Map pack for SRB2Kart. It currently contains 3 tracks each with an encore variation.
  8. PlayerPat

    Choco Island 2 - Super Mario Kart 1.0

    My first Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart course is a port of Choco Island 2 from Super Mario Kart! I'm wanted to create a course for quite awhile now, and now that dream is a reality! I hope to make more courses in the future, both remakes and nitro courses. So stay tuned for that! (MAP AS) Retro...
  9. Spectra

    Mid Pack v1.0.1

    welcometg o the midpack A map pack comprised of both old and new maps that I made, with time periods ranging from this game's release to last month. You'll probably be able to tell which come from which time period. This pack contains 3 full cups, and a few secret maps that you will not be...
  10. Piksqu

    SMK Mario Circuit 3 V1

    A Remake of Mario Circuit 3. My take on a map nintendo used in 5 different game without changing anything about it once.
  11. Hiryuu

    [Open Assets] Dragon Pack II

    Hiryuu submitted a new resource: Dragon Pack II - Sequel track pack, continuing from the original Dragon Pack release Read more about this resource...
  12. Hiryuu

    [Open Assets] Dragon Pack II 1.0a

    Hello again. It's been a while. ››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››› DRAGON PACK II ››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››› 30 months later, or so, I have this set ready to go. This more or less follows in the footsteps of the previous pack. Check that one so you know what to expect for the map...
  13. BDonutGLXY

    [Open Assets] new super spaceboy bros u deluxe wonder 2 V1.1

    This is my pack of 3 hell maps I made, 2 of them were made as jokes (obviously) and the last was a failed attempt. Tho, if I decide to make more hell maps or ones that are just clearly shitposts, they may be inserted here. welcome to hell may I take your order Glider mod and floating item...
  14. indev

    [Open Assets] BoostStack 1.0

    This addon adds boost stacking mechanic into the game, and also an API for using in other custom boosts.
  15. Plide

    [Open Assets] Garage Dash 1.1

    A garage race track loosely based off my own garage, where you race as RC-sized karts! Featuring - Tight turns that make use of your cornering skills - A jump onto a futon - A ride on a magical wavy carpet This will likely turn into a course pack in the future, and any feedback is appreciated...
  16. Night Emerald

    Random map thingy idk Demo v1B

    You want a random standard grass themed map thats part of a map pack only in a demo state? I got you fam (I know this is a cave but stick with me here) This map pack is currently in a demo state (if that wasn't obvious) but the finished product will include at least 4 maps, being Grass-tack...
  17. Diggle

    ChronoShift Track Pack 3.1.1

    ChronoShift is a collaborative pack of SRB2Kart tracks, built by the ChronoShift team. The team consists of Diggle, Mr. Logan, JugadorXEI, and Cotomili. Currently, there are 6 tracks included, with hopefully more on the way! We hope you enjoy. Useful info for server owners (Please read if you...
  18. UnBigO

    BigO Maps v2.2 (First Map Remade) v2.2

    BigO Maps Welcome to my map pack! Currently, there are 3 maps in the pack (2 maps + 1 hell map). With more maps coming in the future! If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to DM me on Discord! I am in a bunch of Kart-related Discord servers. All feedback is greatly...
  19. aust20156

    Aust20156 talking about video games!

    Mm not at it yet. 1684937520 I have srb2 2.2 (not 2.1) vANDROID 1684937546 You can talk to!
  20. Plide

    Kart Turn Zone 1

    A simple forest race course featuring: Tight turns A jump over the straightaway A tunnel with an alternate path on top of it Boost Pads that reward good use of sliptiding Lots and lots of trees Can you beat my staff ghost? This map is no longer recieving updates and is now open assets...