sucks imo. controlling kinda sucks, controlling while in a drift sucks, drifting sucks, just magnets you to whatever side you want to drift, just bad. 1 star. needs improvement
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When there's people to play with, it's always a blast. I wish I had people to play with :(

That being said, I think it's safe to assume that since v2 was announced 4 years ago and the last update log was 2 years ago, v2 is never coming out.
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This is one of the best games I've ever played. I can't wait to get my own personal Windows PC so I can play this once again.
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On SRB2kart V2 I'm really in a hurry to play because there's some cool stuff
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Yes, nothing else just yes
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"i think than SRB2Kart v2 will be the Sonic fan game for this new generation"?

I can't wait for v2!
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Nice this new update , this time , the lag in a server is a bit heavy ,
The map command is amazing , finally , and the V-Sync stayed good ,

anyway , Good update ;)

i think than SRB2Kart v2 will be the Sonic fan game for this new generation

dont give up with this
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1.5 Is a good improvement with built in frame interpolation. Dedicated server is broken though :( You can compile your own, they also took all the original textures off Koda, which I disagree with. It would be better if they had a way to let users choose. I get it, epilepsy, but this entire game is epilepsy inducing. Let the map be what it was meant to be, without the wild textures on it, it's just a bad map. They are what made it good.

Anyway, over all good but there are some things they should work on, mostly involving local multiplayer.

Easy fixes:
1: Let player 2, 3 and 4 configure their own character.
2: let voices and combat sounds be louder in 3 and 4 player split.
3: Fix dedicated server. (this is redundant, obviously this will be done but im listing it anyway)
4: Fix the UI bug where admins can't actually change the auto spectate timer in the menu.

Hard/Possibly impossible fixes:
1: Allow users to toggle alpha transparency if possible for low spec systems.
2: Optimize 4 player split in general, currently you lose 70-90% performance (should be closer to 40%).

Feature requests:
1: Implement a better character select screen.
2: allow servers to automatically collect ghost data randomly so single players who join can race against ghosts. Maybe top 3 fastest times, and a random scattering of other complete times.
3: Have circuit points award "emeralds" every 4-5 races and then reset the total points. This way sessions are divided into "circuits" and there is some cycle competition. Right now circuit points are mostly a measure of whos been online the longest. Emeralds would only be cosmetic on the post-race page. Or perhaps you could have it swap star power music/visual with a yellow/white glowing super sonic music/effect if you manage to get 7.
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it was 2 or 5 years idk that isnt srb2 uploaded a new version but i'm still waiting 4 V2
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I have no idea what was going on with holepunching.
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This is a review for the 1.4 update and not the game itself.

Hole-Punching seems to barely work. My friends and I don't see our servers, and when we do join a server, chat messages start repeating over and over. Works, but barely.
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It an awesome game but cna you pls make it available for andriod/ios
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I've been playing and looking at the development for this "mod" for three years, heck this isn't even a mod anymore, This is a full-on game! DO NOT COMPARE THIS TO AAA Games. This is it's own love letter to Racers.
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pretty good game. but not as fun as normal srb2 in my opinion. this is my first time playing the game to, so maybe i'd have a review with higher stars when the game gets less boring for me. but overall, its a good game.
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why didn't they implemented grand pre yet
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Easier and Amazing Addons, Very Fun, and the foundation of the first time playing SRB2. Better than Mario Kart.
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SRB2Kart v1.3 is one of the best racing games I've ever played. Granted, I'm not a connoisseur of the genre, but I've played some Mario Karts in my time, and Nintendo does a good job there, but SRB2Kart is just incredible. It has a ridiculously high skill ceiling, which on one hand, can make it a bit harder to find people of an equal skill level, and harder to get newbie friends into the game, but on the other hand, learning the ins and outs of the game and getting good enough to get most of the Record Attack medals is incredibly rewarding. Even with the single-player content being largely unfinished with the exception of Record Attack, there's still an incredible amount of fun to be had. Also the item design is a very big part of why I think I enjoy this so much more than other kart racers that I've played. The SPB, or Super Propelled Bomb, doesn't just go to 1st place and beat them to death like a Blue Shell might, it just chases after them at the same speed, meaning 1st has to play perfectly, or else lose a big lead on the other racers, making frontrunning more about skill under pressure, in 1st place, or in 2nd place and back, about good use of items to trip them up, and strategizing whether to fight the other opponents behind you or to fight those in front. Jaws is a bit more interesting than a Red Shell, because instead of following the track, it locks onto a target and goes towards their back at all times. This can allow you to trick the Jaws into destroying itself, if you can quickly turn around a wall faster than Jaws can get past it. And my favorite, the Eggman Box doesn't just spin you out for a second, it gives you a countdown until you explode. You can mash the item button to make this go off faster; so if you're annoyed that you hit it in the first place, you can try to surround yourself with other people to drag them down with you. Almost all the items are designed like this; my only complaints with them is that Shrink and Grow kind of serve the same purpose, just in different ways, and Grow stays in your item box while it's in use, which isn't great when you're too far to catch up and squish someone to create extra distance for yourself. Of course, you can cancel it which works too, but that's hard to remember. Either way, I'm not too broken up about this because I've heard it's being fixed in V2 anyway.
The other great thing about SRB2Kart is the incredible community support. If my memory is correct and I counted right, at least half of the characters from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at this point have been modded into the game at this point, along with dozens of other characters you'd never in a million years expect from an official SEGA or Nintendo product. It's become sort of a racer MUGEN at this point, and it's beautiful. Overall, the great game design and the community mod support come together to create a truly magical experience.
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This thing's pretty much the most fun I've ever had in my life.
Gameplay mechanics are extremely solid and the track design is excellent, both from the vanilla game and community content.

My copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Ew) is dying buried under dust since I started playing that more often.
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This game is fun. Don't compare it to Mario Kart or CTR. It's its own beast.
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Such an amazing SRB2 Mod

The fact its become its own thing has blown me away! Quality is just fantastic: from the maps, characters and the visuals! Knowing how far this team has come from Kart Z is crazy.

Go play it if you haven't.
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