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Hey Chrispy, I have an idea.
Can you make an option so that the confettis don't show up so the dab doesn't lag the fucking server and cause people to have the worst ping ever?

i have to agree. that is a large problem. pointy is THE goto for trolls. he can lag up the server. im pretty sure i was in the same server with Ivan too. resynchs galore. also try and fix most of the errors, please?


First of all, this is amazing. I love all the options, all the moves feel fluid, etc. However, I feel like there are a few things I would have changed.

1: Characters have too many moves. I know that it's hard to decide on an appropriate moveset when lots of moves gel really well with a bunch of other ones, and once you have 3 buttons it's hard not to take full advantage of every combination, but I think a few moves really rarely get used.
-a: the Bounce is a decent idea, but in practice it's only needed in a tiny amount of situations, and in those situations it requires extreme precision to even do what you want. I think it's a really cool idea to have a move that can increase the height off springs and can cause you to rebound off the ground, but I'm pretty sure that a move which increases your drop speed dramatically isn't a great idea in a game where the player depends on the floaty jumping physics to be able to easily target enemies and terrain. Maybe instead, moving at Peel-Out speeds would make you spring higher.
-b: The drop dash being for both characters also feels unnecessary, considering the power of Tails' flight. Maybe instead, Tails should just have a flight cancel which lets him recurl.
-c: Since you can't crouch while moving anyway, why not map that to Spin and make the Spindash a bit more like the classics? If you double tap and then hold Spin, that would give you a Peel-Out. That brings the button count back to two for gameplay, while still keeping two buttons for emotes and character interactions.

2: The Peel-Out charging instantly feels a bit weird, and honestly I never really used it, instead just using the Spindash to get to Peel-Out speeds. I think a better idea would be that the Peel-Out starts you at zero charge, and it gives you more speed the longer you charge it (hold the button), capping out at a speed much faster than the Spindash. To stop people from turning it into a faster Spindash, maybe you can't curl for a little bit after using it. This would make it worthwhile to use.

3: Water-traversal speed should be increased to vanilla level. In addition, the Peel-Out and Spindash shouldn't be completely unusable underwater. Maybe they should be kept to normal levels, but the speed cap underwater is just much lower. This is mostly because the Drop Dash doesn't lose any power underwater, and in fact, due to the floatier jump, becomes OP.

4: On keyboard controls, the Momentum Flip should keep itself closer to the direction you were last going in, so that you don't fly backwards when you want to make a sharp turn. Analog controls are fine without this change, since controllers have more precision, but on a keyboard you're out of luck.

Everything else is really great. I love the Momentum Flip's versatility, and the flight meter should be in every Sonic game. I especially love Pointy's version of the Peel-Out, because it does what I've always wanted with the standalone version, where it activates the after-images at any time you reach a certain speed, not just when you activate the move. Great work! Also, sorry this comment is so big.
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even though I know these characters are far from complete, I have some gameplay problems:
Pointy Sonic
the gameplay itself is perfect and fun too, too bad the Super Peelout looks very... off.
I think super peelout must have the same kind of ability perk like Metal Sonic with boost mode (plus, i agree with Morphized about instant Super Peelout being kinda weird)
Fluffy Tails
here too, same story. fun gameplay, but I have various problems: Fluffy speed seems too slow and it seems he doesn't have decent momentum because of it.
his super form taking damage without losing ring is a (possible) callback to Sonic 3 and the fact that Super Sonic can take damage while facing Eggman at the end of the game, but it breaks the flow a little bit of why super forms should work.

in any case, I can't wait to see how the character will be updated in the future (and I can't wait for Bloxy Knuckles)
Great to see these characters fully released, more then what I could have asked for.
Also the menu knuckles is a cute touch.
The momentum flip is pretty fun and having it work as a double jump is pretty nice, you can get into al sorts of shenanigans with it, Fluffy tails having a thundershoot was really cool and unexpected, I hope I can find more uses for it in stages, and Tails being dragged by the peel out is great, make think of something that would happen in OVA.
Just great work, and take it easy!

Also slightly unrelated but I love the naming conventions for these characters, it's charming, and coming up with names that fit in for other characters is fun, like Rough Knuckles, Sharp Shadow, Metalic Metal, Toasty Blaze, or Burnt Blaze. Can't Come up with a good one for amy or fang unfortunately, but I'll stop rambling.


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If they made a knuckles for these boys i would like to call him blocky knuckles :P


Yes it is boxy knuckles and every momentum mod like someone said when super running on floor with any momentum mod then when you run on the floor it changes from 1 sprite from the peel out and rest of super and in a circle like that


Okay. I got to mess around with this mod for a bit. First of all, I love this mod. They're very fun to play with.

Seems I'm still learning how it works. I just discovered the emote wheel by accident. Wondering if there's anything else I've missed. lol

The spinning sound effect is very loud. Especially when you're playing the pair together.

Love that the player can switch characters at will. And the Thunder Shoot ability from Heroes makes me suspect you're planning a Team Sonic variant of this add-on once you have Boxy Knuckles done. If so, I can't wait.

Super Fluffy Tails' Super color looks a little weird with how it alternates between yellow and lavender.

I like Sonic's double jump ability, but I always seem to overshoot or go a different direction than intended. I dunno. Maybe I just need to get used to it.

The headtracking blows my mind. I didn't think that was possible in SRB2. How the heck? That's awesome.


Oh, one more thing. It is a little annoying that Fluffy tries to grab Pointy when he double jumps. Fluffy, I'm a big boy! I can platform myself! REEEE!!!

Now, it would be cool if you could sort of call Fluffy for flight mid-air. Maybe if you push the jump key again after the double jump, Fluffy will grab you. But otherwise, I don't like him grabbing me when I don't want him to.

Speaking of which, when playing as Fluffy, Pointy seems to have trouble grabbing on when flying. Maybe if there's a key that is pressed mid-flight, it teleports Pointy to him, but it only works once without having to land or something? I dunno. Just spit balling ideas.


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its really cool how Pointy grabs Fluffy, but maybe he doesn't let him go instead of launching him forward hilariously

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