srb2 v2.2.x

  1. Flame

    Sonic Lost World-styled Homing Attack 1.0.0

    It's another Homing Attack. What did you expect? While you're close to some enemies, a marker will appear over their head. This means they can be homed in on. Use your ability button (Eg. Thok) while in the air and take out a group of enemies in one fell swoop. What's included? The .pk3...
  2. Macholor


    Macholor submitted a new resource: The Cman - He is THE Cman Read more about this resource...
  3. Macholor

    Cman 1.2

    Cman jumps right back into SRB2! -HE'S BAAAAACKKK!- there are no airdrops here While he can jump on enemies to kill them, he has a variety of different attack and speed options such as instantly propelling himself forwards in full speed and using the air to make a burst of energy. These can...
  4. L3M44n

    Baldi's Schoolhouse 1.1

    Just an random idea that popped into my head when i was bored. Textures and the music by: Micah McGonigal
  5. SanikSpeedyBoi

    Devin (SanikChars) WIP Thread

    So this is my first mod, and I can't barely do anything but make sprites, since mobile noises but if you wanna help, and give feedback, DM me on Discord I guess.. Not begging, I just know I can't do this alone. :threat: 1666826249 Oh yeah and here's this Took a day to make this
  6. ~Smokey~

    Smokey's List of Colors! v1.8

    This color pack adds a whole bunch of colors!! Hope you enjoy these colors as I did making them! also higher quality icon if you are interested. (There will be more icons so stay tuned.)
  7. Sls64LGamingBro

    [Work in Progress] Field Sonic

    Welcome to this Theard WIP ---------- Today's WIP is. Field Sonic! ---------- Just Remember, this is my first character. but in WIP ---------- You can sign up, only 5 people can. And if you wanna help this project --------- Go a head! [This is a based sonic, so no spriting. sorry]...
  8. ExenP3570

    How do I make Packs of Levels?

    Ello there. I am going to release a level pack soon, but, I can't get it to work. I used SLADE, the Doom lump editor, and then loaded up the maps. The maps were in folders. Then, I loaded up them into SRB2, but as soon I got to the level, a warning closed the program and said, "THINGS lump not...
  9. Sls64LGamingBro

    (2.2.10 and Onwards in 2.2) This one is something?

    * Hello, is me (the one). * --------- * Somehow (for no reason), when I go to the character select. I press esc to go back, then I enter from back in the character select. * --------- * Then, I enter while I was doing it. And this happend out of no where * -------- * I was in the menu...
  10. RalphJeremy65

    DualShock 4 and Switch Joycon Tutorial Zone Sprites v1/v1.0.1

    These are two sprite replacement mods I made out of boredom that basically replaces the Xbox controller in the Tutorial Zone with either a PS4's DualShock 4 or a Nintendo Switch's Joycon pad, as well as also altering the tutorial dialogue to reflect said controllers. Thought of dropping it to...
  11. ExenP3570

    What can we expect from 2.3?

    Ello there. Before you say "but 2.3 leak stuff is on the wiki", and other things, I just want to point out something for people who don't know (and who doesn't read the wiki). Levels We are getting new zones for 2.3, Dark City [Used in Demo 2 (and yes, I fixed that)] and Grand Eggship (Used to...
  12. ExenP3570

    Won't Fix Weird 1st-person Camera movement

    Ello there. Idk if you had this in mind to fix or it's just the DOOM engine, but if I go into first-person on look up or down, there is some sort of weird stretch that makes it hard to look down or up when trying to find something. Here are some photos of evidence.
  13. Zoraxua

    [Reusable] Mecha Sonic 29: Rocket Metal 1

    Rcoket Metal!!! I saw the other release of 29 and thought 'wow I don't like this, but it's reusable' so erm. I made my own! Sweet! Here's the abilities: Basic stuff! Pressing Rocket's Jump ability will reverse your Z momentum, like a uh the fall thingy, uhh CA_FALLSWITCH (but wow sparkles!)...
  14. IZXOSRails


    THIS IS A VERY KEWL LEVEL!!! Not really, its mostly just custom textures and alot of "good" level design, i dont really know. I put atleast some effort into it. DM ME IF THERES BUGS. (made some of the levels! : dashdahog) VIDEOS :
  15. IZXOSRails

    ROBLOX : Template Obby V1

    Yeah it's literally just the ROBLOX Obby template, you can reuse this for anything, i dont care that much.
  16. L

    [Reusable] Tag radar 1.0

    This lets you know at all time how far the nearest target is in Tag. Especially useful against player who confuse Tag with Hide & Seek ;) For reference, it considers 1 meter to be 64 fracunits.
  17. Zarosguth

    Jet Metal Sonic Revised version 1.0.3

    Jet Metal Sonic (JMS) is my first SRB2 addon and has been a ton of fun to work on. I hope people will enjoy playing with it as much as I enjoyed making it. FEATURES: JMS's main feature is the Charge Abilities, moves that are charged up to improve their effects. You can read the details here...
  18. BrianFan

    Sonic Forever HUD

    Matty submitted a new resource: Sonic Forever HUD - Shaded Sonic 1 HUD anyone? Read more about this resource...
  19. BrianFan

    Sonic Forever HUD v1.0

    This is the Sonic Forever HUD! A HUD mod! This changes when you add the HUD mod: Score-Time-Rings Intermission Credits: Team Forever - Sprites from Sonic Forever (Go play it!) Screenshots and GIFs:
  20. RepeatedKibbles

    Mine Maze Remake 2.2 port 1.4.6

    "Introducing Mine Maze, A Remake of an Alpha SRB2 Level, Featuring Platforms moving Vertically and a bunch of Slopes (Act 2), and a Boss Battle, Originally submitted for SUGOI. Plot: After Defeating Eggman and his Plans at Arid Canyon He escaped to a Dark Mine nearby, you decided to Follow...