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Welcome to the XCell!

I've taken the opportunity to remake this mod (Fyromentum) from the ground up, some new abilities and remade visuals.

Mod Features​


Agility Thok​

Double jumping will give you a normal thok, though triple jumping will trigger a thok with more upward momentum
Holding jump when using your second thok will let you do an air-drill-esque move
Hitting an enemy while doing this move will refresh your second thok

Super Peelout​

Sonic can now do the Super Peelout
Useful for gaining speed quickly


Hold to Fly​

Instead of tapping, you can now hold the jump button to fly (now much more controllable)


Pressing C2 while flying will send you in whatever direction your camera is facing



Pressing C1 while jumping or after rerolling will make Knuckles drill towards the ground
Useful for stopping yourself in your tracks

Glide Dash​

Pressing C2 while gliding will give you a slight boost forward


Holding C1 while climbing will charge up a spindash on the wall
When let go, you will go flying upwards


Re-roll and Un-roll​

Pressing C1 while not rolling in the air will force you into a rolling state
Alternatively, pressing C1 while rolling on the ground will force you out of a roll

Spring Flipping​

not an ability it just looks nice lol (works for non-spinning characters)

Cancel Flight/Glide​

Pretty self explanatory, press C1 to roll back into a ball

oh yeah
tails has a new super color

"xcellcommands" - Gives a list of available commands
"abilitytoggle" - Toggle certain player abilities on or off
"springflips" - Turn on or off flipping on springs and being cool
"boostmechanic" - Disables the boost mechanic and removes the bar from the HUD
"xcellhud" - Disables the entire custom HUD
"zoomonboost" - If on, the camera will zoom in once at the last boost level (off by default)
"deatheffect" - Turns on the death effect made for XCell

1. Make a flat color icon that's 32x32 (preferably in Aseprite or Libresprite)
2. Make sure you're using the srb2 color palette and choose one of the shades of green (not emerald green)
3. Once you've made it make sure to save and put it somewhere in your pc
4. Make a folder called "Graphics" and another one inside that called "HUD"
4.5. Make another folder inside "HUD" called "Life Icons" (optional)
5. Drag the icon you made earlier into the folder ("HUD" or "Life Icons")
6. Right click on it and click "Graphic" and "Convert To"
7. Make sure the color pallettes are "Sonic Robo Blast 2" and convert the image
8. Name the icon your character's skin name in all caps (for example "fyrid" would now be "FYRID")
9. Make a lua script (or use an existing one) and add "p.XCellCharacter = true" (or "player.XCellCharacter = true") in a "PlayerThink" or "ThinkFrame" hook
10. You should be done! (might add example later)

Hope you enjoy playing this as much as I did making it!
Permission not needed but credit is well appreciated when using my code

SuperPhanto - Paper Peelout Sprites
DirkTH - Dropdash Sprites
Delf - Speed Effects
KirbyAnniv - Barebones Dropdash
clairebun - Lua Thok
ZoipTheMinion - playtesting (thanks blud)
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Latest reviews

Finally, a mod that affects the base skins so I won't have to always load in some other Sonic addon for momentum that isn't too fast for its own good. I have a major complaint though, and it's that whenever I die with the death effect on, my physics bug out and i just clip to the top of whatever ground i touch.
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an amazing momentum mod, and the new movesets for everyone are really fun, even knuckles !! i have one issue, and it's only a nitpick, which i won't bother mentioning cuz it's THAT minor
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This mod is so gosh dang good I’m very exited to see what ability’s you give to Amy, fang, and metal sonic

Very good mod 100/10
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x-cell has arrived on the mb! i love this addon, the moveset designs work very well and the effects and general implementation make it feel incredibly satisfying. of course, there's some issues with cohesion, some movesets i'd still do differently if it were me, and i think the life icons could look a little better, but the fact they're there at ALL is a step above. still, i do feel like i'm playing levels that aren't made for x-cell when i use it, and i do think that leads to an "overpowered" feeling. this unfortunately isn't very avoidable without careful tuning that might make it feel like a different mod entirely, or making custom maps. maybe you *could* work with a mapper on the latter idea, though? food for thought! great for circuit race, regardless.
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