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[Open Assets] SRB2Smash - Alpha v1.0.3

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Disclaimer: This is not the final version of Sonic Robo Smash - it is an old version designed around vanilla srb2's multiplayer

Sonic Robo Smash has been widely anticipated by many and we thank you so much for your support!
To celebrate nearing it's 5th year indev we've decided to release one of the old versions we've managed to scavage out of the depths of SRB2 2.2's early days for you to toy around with!


This specific version dates back to around late 2020.
Sonic Robo Smash will feature it's own executable when it's done, however, as it originated as a pk3 file, you may simply add it to base SRB2 to play.
Jump: ...Jump
Spin: Attack
Fire: Special
Fire-Normal: Air Dodge/Parry

Until it's done(tm), we hope you enjoy! Future content will be shown on our twitter page and Discord server.

🥔 who left their potatoes here🥔
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BEST MOD EVER 10/10!!!!!
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fang overpowered pls nerf
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Really solid. It's great for holding us over until the full release.
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After playing it with my friends, i can rank this as a really fun experience, maybe the most fun gamemode to play with friends

i can't really give some feedback to this because is the old version and the new one looks really good, but for now i hope some people make community support for this to add maps, compatible characters and more mechanics to then bring them later to sonic robo smash!
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This is INSANELY fun. Sure, at first I was confused on why I was a Flicky, but once I read the tutorial, i have not had more fun with a SRB2 mod in a LONG ASS time.
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