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Item API (Items.pk3 v2)

LJ Sonik

Sonic Team Junior
If you already know Items.pk3, Item API is essentially going to be a remake of it.
If you don't, well... you will know eventually, thanks to this thread.

I will start with this:

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Very rough inventory UI...
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Still rough, but now it can actually contain items and you can navigate using the arrow keys!

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Items can now have actions... except there is no hunger system yet.
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Is this inspired by Minecraft?
Not really. It does draw some inspiration from survival games in general, but is not based on any game in particular.
Though if I had to give specific games that I find particularly inspiring, I guess it would be games like Don't Starve or The Long Dark for the general gameplay and atmosphere, and Vintage Story for the highly interactive UI system, advanced inventory management and general engine features.
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It's... working... perfectly... probably...

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I added a basic menu.
Not very fancy, but now I can focus on adding more functionality.
Will enemies be able to drop ítems?
...I mean... enemies already drop items in the vanilla game... it's called... flickies...
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Crafting time!
Once again, the UI is very unpolished so that I can make progress quickly while I'm focusing on the engine features.
The crafting recipes shown in the gif are a joke obviously.

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Now is the part where we start getting serious.
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Not actually part of the mod, but I'm gonna show this anyway:

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New feature: items spawned in-world can appear as a basic 3D model, using papersprites and splats!
They still appear as normal sprites in the inventory though.
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Actions can now be different based on what item you are holding.
For example, the campfire can only be refueled if you are holding a item that belongs to the group "fuel", such as a log:

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