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[Open Assets] Auto-Jump 1.1

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this is a simple script that enables repeated jumping just by holding down space. this makes some movement tricks much easier to perform, especially combined with sonic's thok:


the auto-jump can also be enabled and disabled at any time using the autojump console command, and it also been verified to work on netcode.

in addition, version 1.1 also adds auto-spin, allowing you to enter spin state just by holding down spin, which is useful for immediately start rolling on landing:


just like the auto-jump, the auto-spin can be toggled off using the autospin command.

credits to Pea N. Ness for the idea of the auto-spin mechanism.
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  1. Auto-spin addition

    in courtesy of Pea N. Ness, this version also adds auto-spin, allowing you to go into a spinning...

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I have a auto-jump script too, never gonna use mine again cause this is way better!

Edit: Like the other guy said, it uses P_IsObjectOnGround( instead of ( & MFE_JUSTHITFLOOR), but I can change the code anyways but i recommend updating it to the better one.
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(oh ye 5 stars since i like this)
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changing my rating because i realized it uses P_IsObjectOnGround( instead of ( & MFE_JUSTHITFLOOR) so it has a delay. sad!! easy fix though
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An "auto roll" feature would be beneficial for quick thok maneuvers. This mod is simple and effective, but adding auto roll would make it perfect. 5 stars if this feature is included.
that's actually a great idea, holding down spin to start rolling immediately upon landing. i'll get to working on that once i have time (and give you credit for the idea once it's done :))
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I thought that would be like the minecraft auto-jump. where sonic jumps near a block. that would've been really funny if it was the case
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