1. SpringEThing

    KartmakerGUI 1.0.2

    History Kartmaker is a fantastic and invaluable command-line tool for the SRB2Kart modding community which allows one to automatically assemble a WAD representing a character for SRB2Kart in as simple as a click and a drag of a directory onto the Kartmaker tool's executable. The tool itself is...
  2. sphere

    Ultimate Zone Builder 0.7c

    For editing binary maps, see the original Zone Builder. While they can technically be loaded in Ultimate Zone Builder, it's strongly discouraged to make any edits, as this will likely break your binary map. Ultimate Zone Builder is a map editor designed specifically for SRB2's UDMF map...
  3. Chaobrother

    [Open Assets] Dslopehelper - Vertex slope auto tagger for SRB2Kart v1.0

    Dslopehelper or Dynamic Slope Helper is combo of a Lua script and program to auto tag and offset vertex slopes as well as get base heights for your dynamic vertex slopes. This program/script does not nor is intended to supersede UDMF slope points or the vertex slope assistant in Zone Builder...
  4. Ellite

    [Utility] Kart Containerized

    Ellite submitted a new resource: Kart Containerized - Containerized Kart Dedicated Server Read more about this resource...
  5. Ellite

    Kart Containerized

    Kart Containerized This is an up to date Docker image based on rwanyoikes Dockerfile. I plan to keep this image actually up to date with the most recent version of Kart. The image currently has tags for 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6. More information on how to use this on the GitHub repo.
  6. Ezer'Arch

    Intangible opaque FOFs render black if intersected by intangible translucent FOF on software

    Intangible opaque FOFs (LD 220) render black if intersected by an intangible translucent FOF (LD 221) on software renderer. Depending on the camera angle or FOF depth, the intersection part renders black walls or totally black. Example wad attached.
  7. Bijman

    [Open Assets] srb2bld - SRB2 Build/Package manager CLI

    Description srb2bld is a shell script, that automates and simplifies process of downloading source code, configuration, compilation, installation to system or creating portable executable bundles of various SRB2 related builds. Features - Compiling and installing 32-bit/64-bit binaries of...
  8. HunnyBon

    [Open Assets] Nyoom Launcher 1.0.1

    NYOOM LAUNCHER Hello! SRB2Kart is really fun, wouldn't it be cool, though, if you could configure your game before running it, though? That's right, I've made a launcher for SRB2Kart, and it's capable of lots of things, here and there. Currently, it can: Start the game, directly connecting...
  9. JugadorXEI

    wadcli - Command-line interface for WAD files

    wadcli is a tool for Windows and Linux that allows the reading, creation, and manipulation of Doom WADs through command-line, made with the purpose of faster development for the creation and modification of WAD files, without the need of GUI applications. Update: Now has a community AUR package...
  10. wired-aunt

    [Open Assets] Sonic Robo Chat 2 1.3.2

    Welcome to Sonic Robo Chat 2, a Twitch chat control system for Sonic Robo Blast 2. This consists of two parts: An addon for SRB2 itself and a Twitch bot written in Python. The bot is a simple enough Python script but is command line only. It doesn't have any kind of graphical user interface...
  11. Bijman

    [Open Assets] srb2srv - SRB2 Server CLI

    Description This shell script has number of uses related to SRB2/SRB2Kart server. Mainly, the script obtains information about IP, number of players, game type, etc. from and, which allows user to connect directly to selected server from SRB2/SRB2Kart...
  12. Bijman

    [Open Assets] srb2dl - SRB2 Content Downloader CLI

    Description: This script extracts links and information from, GitHub, GitLab and other websites, and lists them in a simple format including title, author, upload/update date and category. This allows more straightforward and centralized approach to downloading everything related to...
  13. fickleheart

    [Open Assets] Kartmaker - Sprites to WAD in record time 2019-01-29

    MOD NOTE: This mod does not add the version number suffix for you! All mods require one, so make sure to add that to your mod's filename. A simple "_v1" will do! This is a simple utility that automatically creates a character WAD for SRB2Kart from a working folder. It handles separating a...
  14. sphere

    Zone Builder v3.2

    For editing UDMF maps, see Ultimate Zone Builder. Zone Builder is a map editor designed specifically for SRB2's binary map format. It's based on GZDoom Builder, itself a comprehensive update of Doom Builder 2. The source code can be found at If...
  15. Sparkette

    [Open Assets] Blender template for rendering SRB2 sprites 2.1

    I created this as an alternative to drawing each angle of a sprite manually. If you're skilled with 3D modeling, you can use this template to create (what I think are) pretty decent looking sprites for SRB2. Included is the .blend file, instructions for using it, and a demo WAD, so you can...
  16. HitCoder

    [Open Assets] LauncherBlast2 reBoot

    The current version is: reBoot-1.4 Hello sonic fans, I appear out of nowhere to present to you, yet another SRB2 launcher. This time, it's LauncherBlast2 again- but wait.. that's right! it's a reBoot (i'm sorry for the awful pun i promise I'll crawl back into my lil' corner when this is...
  17. shado

    SCCSCC – a custom skincolor creation tool

    So in the time since 2.2.6 dropped, we got a browser tool which converts any gradient you can define into a ramp of PLAYPAL indices, and one which allows you to define a ramp visually, color-by-color. I present a GUI which puts all the parameters in one place, lets you build a ramp out of as...
  18. ChrisFurry

    Skin Ramp Generator

    I have created a simple program to help with the skincolor making process. It only generates the "ramp =" part. It is a simple program made in clickteam, it should help a lot though. Maybe in the future ill have it generate the full script
  19. Varren

    SRB2 Control Binder (preset binding)

    I use multiple controllers between using keyboard only every now and then, so decided to make a program that allows you to back up your current control scheme, and swap between as many as you need To use: Have your controls set in-game, drop config.cfg from SRB2's game folder into the...
  20. J

    [Open Assets] SRB2 Query in python

    Python implementation of SRB2 Query Can be used to request info from an SRB2 server Example of usage: source code how it could look The code for SRB2 Query can be found here I have also attached the current master, but keep in mind that the latest...