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wadcli - Command-line interface for WAD files

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wadcli is a tool for Windows and Linux that allows the reading, creation, and manipulation of Doom WADs through command-line, made with the purpose of faster development for the creation and modification of WAD files, without the need of GUI applications.

Update: Now has a community AUR package you can find here.


For this purpose, wadcli is feature-rich, allowing users to add, delete or rename lumps, merge WADs together, extract lumps into a folder, compressing and decompressing them, change and swap lumps' positions, and so on. It is also possible to do multiple actions together, such as renaming lumps that would be added to a WAD file, delete a different lump, change another lump's position, and then compress the WAD, all in one line.


See the Github page for more information, and to understand the functionality of wadcli better.


License: FreeBSD/2-Clause BSD License. See here. (Basically just like the Reusable tag in the MB).

I hope a lot of use can be found from this tool, and please let me know if there's any problems so I can fix them.
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As a Windows User who wants to switch to Linux this tool is one of the coolest command-line WAD editors (and the only one) I ever saw, this would be so useful if my GUI in OS will shutdown ;)
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Welcome to releases! It's a bit too... "power user-y" for a shlub like me, but I can see this coming in handy for some other folks out there!
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