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Hello! SRB2Kart is really fun, wouldn't it be cool, though, if you could configure your game before running it, though?



That's right, I've made a launcher for SRB2Kart, and it's capable of lots of things, here and there. Currently, it can:
  • Start the game, directly connecting to a server you added to your favorites
  • Load addons through an easy to use GUI.
  • Let you configure and decide what video settings to start with
  • Download the game?? HUH!?
Keep in mind, there's always room for improvements, and as such, I've opened up a Github which you can find here. I've always wanted to contribute to the community of my favorite game, and I hope everyone can get some good use out of it. Contributions are welcome., and appreciated. Enjoy!
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Unfortunately, it can't beat LauncherBlast2 for my purpose. Multi select doesn't work for removing mods. You can't load packs together like modules. If this can do those things, be able to load execute scripts, and create batch launchers, then I think this can beat LauncherBlast2.
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This greatly appreciated. Been waiting for a launcher like this for Kart for the longest time.
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I always dreamed of it, like normal Srb2 launcher
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Welcome to releases!
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