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[Reusable] Nyoom Launcher 1.0.1

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Hello! SRB2Kart is really fun, wouldn't it be cool, though, if you could configure your game before running it, though?



That's right, I've made a launcher for SRB2Kart, and it's capable of lots of things, here and there. Currently, it can:
  • Start the game, directly connecting to a server you added to your favorites
  • Load addons through an easy to use GUI.
  • Let you configure and decide what video settings to start with
  • Download the game?? HUH!?
Keep in mind, there's always room for improvements, and as such, I've opened up a Github which you can find here. I've always wanted to contribute to the community of my favorite game, and I hope everyone can get some good use out of it. Contributions are welcome., and appreciated. Enjoy!
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This greatly appreciated. Been waiting for a launcher like this for Kart for the longest time.
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I always dreamed of it, like normal Srb2 launcher
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Welcome to releases!
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