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SCCSCC – a custom skincolor creation tool

So in the time since 2.2.6 dropped, we got a browser tool which converts any gradient you can define into a ramp of PLAYPAL indices, and one which allows you to define a ramp visually, color-by-color.
I present a GUI which puts all the parameters in one place, lets you build a ramp out of as many sub-ramps as you could reasonably want, and spits out a fully-formed custom Lua or SOC definition (to file or to clipboard, your preference) when you're done.


Usage: (Instructions are also included in the program)
Click and drag right on the palette to define the highlighted ramp. Click on a ramp to select it
⠀! You can also click on the ramp's desired starting point, and then right-click its ending point.
⠀⠀! Alternatively, you can use the ramp's spinboxes (numerical input fields). Click on the arrows and drag your mouse up and down, or simply type in the boxes.

Click on the ramp preview to preview the skincolor applied to various sprites (including signposts). Any missing colors will be neon purple.

File output is saved to %CUSTOMSLOT%.%type%, e.g. WAYPASTCOOLCOLOR.lua, in the same folder where sccscc.exe resides.
If you need more information on how to use this, check out the Custom Skincolor Guide.

  • Every single parameter for custom skincolors is right here!
  • Easy-to-use (imo) click-and-drag interface for making any ramp your heart desires! (Even if it's the wrong length! Someone might want that for something who knows. It'll warn you first if you try that, of course)
  • Preview your palette without even opening the game! (Click on the ramp preview to see it applied to each of SRB2's six playable characters. You can even see what your signpost will look like!)
  • Inverse ramps are fair game! Create the Photonegative Sonic you always dreamed of.
  • Automatically fixes the slotname to uppercase in the resulting definition, so go ahead and make a nice readable filename
  • Other stuff I'm probably forgetting to mention
  • Created in Godot Engine because I don't know a real programming language
    New ('20-Sep-24):
  • Indicator for more easily selecting your desired invshade:

  • Adding a new ramp now selects it automatically, as should be expected This eluded me for too long.... apparently it's just one of those things that you can't do on the same frame. has to do with the way nodes are created. L for not realising this earlier
  • Adding and removing ramps now updates the preview right away.
  • Fixed the wide layout's ugly, ugly lack of padding
  • Tested all Win builds before release this time, including the new GLES2 builds (Linux remains untested)
  • Make it so dragging a ramp's spinboxes updates the ramp's preview on top of PLAYPAL. Due to the way I built that preview, this may not be trivial, so I haven't implemented it just yet..

May update in the future if I'm made aware of any bugs I can fix, or if features / additions / tweaks are requested that sound doable. However –

Not planned:
  • Support for making custom supercolors. Sorry! You can still use its output for that if you know how to make supercolors, though. Read the first reply in the Skincolors Guide (linked above) for what a supercolor definition is supposed to look like.
  • Use of custom invcolors or custom palettes. Not remotely worth the kind of effort it would take to implement.

Grab it below! I'd be especially grateful if someone verified the Linux/X11 build works – export for that platform is included in Godot but I don't have a machine to test it myself. Every day I inch closer to going through the trouble of setting up dual boot.
N.B. The GLES2 and GLES3 (main, thus unmarked) versions of the software are identical except that the former is more backward-compatible with, and theoretically would run better on older hardware if it were like, a game or something making actual demands on your processor(s) (the inverse is true for GLES3).
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