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[Open Assets] Sonic Robo Chat 2 1.3.2

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Welcome to Sonic Robo Chat 2, a Twitch chat control system for Sonic Robo Blast 2. This consists of two parts: An addon for SRB2 itself and a Twitch bot written in Python. The bot is a simple enough Python script but is command line only. It doesn't have any kind of graphical user interface. When combined and set up correctly these will allow you to stream SRB2 on Twitch and allow chat to control aspects of the game.

Included chat commands include the ability to change the player's character, give or take away rings, spawn game objects with a message from user, change the music and spawn a spring beneath the player. Commands can also be configured to be only usable by subscribers or only usable on cheer messages that send a certain number of bits.

Instructions for configuring everything are included in the readme for the bot client.

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Latest updates

  1. Twitch bot rewrite

    This update is only to the client/bot side of things. The original client was broken on Python...
  2. 1.3 - Object respawn behaviour, music system and text alignment

    This update adds another configuration option "object_respawn" that controls if objects respawn...
  3. Spawn system improvements and names instead of ID numbers for objects and sound effects

    This changes how items are spawned. The most important result of this change is that monitors...

Latest reviews

Tested this on my stream today and it was ludicrously fun. Chat is able to mess with the player in quite a bit of ways, and it was fun trying to outsmart/beat my own chat sometimes. A few things to note, though.

- For some reason, Sub only commands weren't working. It appeared that I set them up properly and everything, but no dice. There's a chance I could have improperly configured it, however.
- I would advise making monitors spawned by chat not solid, since there were more than a handful of times I randomly got insta-killed from being crushed by a monitor spawned by chat .
- Hopefully compatibility for custom music/sound effects is improved in the future?

Other than these issues, pretty amazing mod. Can solidly recommend it for anyone who streams this game.
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