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A Egg Rock Zone Remake
i really don't have anything to say other than that
and this is my first map! (not counting my maze campaing, since its just one thing for the whole level) so don't go too hard on it
Feel Free to send Feedbacks or Your thoughs on it! :D
its also a demo, so in the feature it can be very diferent, or even having a act 2.
one more image

(everything asides some assests packs was made by me)
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yea this is a good level, pretty challenging, too(i feel like some sections are too small tho)
Yeah ik, but dont worry, in demo 2 the sections will be bigger
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Honestly, to be a replacement for an act, it is quite well done, it has several mechanics such as making yourself small or changing gravity, among others that are surprisingly well done enough that they are implemented, and of course not to mention that song that plays background that is simply perfect.

Although returning to the mechanics of the level, the low gravity section and the lasers could be polished a little more, making it less of a difference in height between the ceiling and the floor, more than anything so that the player can have more range of sight and so that it is not so heavy to lose rings and remain floating until touching the ground.

Another thing that would not be bad to improve would be that there is not such a sudden change between mechanics, for example, in the section where there is no oxygen we pass shortly after without prior introduction the mechanic of becoming small, don't get me wrong, I like both mechanics and I think they are very funny, except that no one would expect us to become small, and have to get into a tube before they crush us, this could be fixed by simply making a short previous section so that we can already know that we have to look for a tube so as not to be crushed.

In conclusion: a very good level with a lot of potential, which only needs to polish its mechanics and improve one or another design aspect, even so it is still a very remarkable and entertaining level to play.
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i was expecting a lot worse
this was decently fun, a bit bland and needs some refining done but it's good overall
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i like it a lot, but it does have a few issues imo, one of them being the laser gauntlet, without being able to properly see whatever was below me without looking literally down was kind of frustrating, and the gravity switch mechanic every time you jump is disorienting (speaking of gravity it is way too low in that section, you fly for like a solid 5 seconds after getting hit), but besides that, the crusher room feeling a little drawn out and claustrophobic, and a bottomless pit jumpscare in the vent section i like this level a ton, especially the music! for a first level this is a good one
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loved that one lava room
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Honestly for your first map (and being a remake of EggRock Act 1), it's actually really good! , my only problem tho was the laser part was easily cheeseable by taking damage but that's whatever
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Before I get into my review, you should update this so that a singleplayer game loads on the level. I know it's a replacement for Egg Rock Zone, however it's a little silly to ask the player to play a completely unedited campaign up until Egg Rock to play your level. You can do this by adding SPStage_Start = 22 to the top of your maincfg.

This is a uniquely ambitious level, especially for your first one! However, it falls into a lot of bad game design traps.

A lot of the gimmicks in this level are not telegraphed beforehand- I had no idea I was going to flip my gravity every jump VVVVVV style during the laser gauntlet, and was instantly punished for it. Mazes and precision walkways are generally very unfun to play in this engine. The scale is just a little bit too small for comfortable movement.

The space timer area was very well made from an obstacle design standpoint. There was freedom of movement while still being difficult. The timing between air pockets made it feel like a satisfying relief when I reached them. That area works.

For most of the level, I would recommend scaling it up a little bit, so that you still challenge the player's movement and evasion skills, while keeping a consistent flow, and still allowing natural movement that feels good within the engine.

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