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Ah yes it is near the time to hear children singing and jumping for joy because it will soon be Xmas (at the time of writing this description) so i decided to give you srb2 players a gift this holiday season a MAP PACK (my first one too!) there are 3 zones in this level pack (the last one will be getting its other acts later on)
Robotnik Winter Zone
Holiday Cheer Zone
and Xmas Marathon Zone

Plot: Fang and Eggman have teamed up. it is up to sonic and co to stop theme from their scheme to ruin XMAS!



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i know this is probably one of if not your first mappacks, but even then this is extremely shallow and barebones. all of the stages are hallways, cramped and flat with only bends and enemies to break up the pace. there's no gameplay, let alone engaging platforming, to speak of. you would very much benefit from taking inspiration from other existing maps that make an attempt to implement platforming challenges (like vanilla or MRCE) to apply to your own work.

otherwise there really isn't much to say, unfortunately. i hope in future you'll make something better.
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i would give 2 stars if i was not a member of team rush but this is pretty bad, all the levels feel like old leaf storm or night carnival and while the fang boss is ok due to having rings but the second one with eggman is awful, also there are no custom textures or music which makes this feel low effort, it was enjoyable tho
Im still wondering what causes the no rings in the second boss
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I'd say this mod is alright. If I could, I would give you 2.5 stars. But yeah, I mean, it's not horrible but it's not amazing either. The only issue that I can find with this mod is that I think the levels are too short, and maybe you should add more platforms. But apart from that, I'd say it's decent.
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The Idea of Fang Joining eggman is... whatever.
as for the levelpack itself.. its something I guess. the level are small and short and can be done in under 10 secs each if it wasn't for the bosses. speaking of the bosses they are placed in the weirdest way. in the smallest arena imangable. and there is no custom music used. something that is expected form a levelpack... but for a first try I think its.... 1/5
Reason for no custom music is that i didnt know how and second i think your a lil harsh most people for a first try would give it a higher rating since a first level pack isnt usally the greatest.
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