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In my past I've may have done somethings that I regret, making a character that was impossible for me to make, and trying to release something that got rejected. However, I'm here to announce that I will be making a level pack.


There are only 2 levels so far and I will post more images of the level pack once I get done with the rest of the levels.
(There will also be Multiplayer and Singleplayer special stages/emerald stages.)
Thank you for reading this and hope you have an excellent day!

---------------------------------------------------------- January 7th, 2024 ----------------------------------------------------------

Hey guys! So currently while I'm typing this it's January 7th, Megaman finally dropped, not only that this may or may not be the last day of my winter break, so unfortunately, development might a little bit slow from here.
Luckily, I got a lot of things done and I would like to show them!

First of all, there's 4 special stages so far and 2 emerald stages, as well with 3 zones finished and one that's currently close to being finished. I might as well reveal the names of the 3 zones while I'm at it.

Second of all, if you look in the background, I managed to make a custom title screen! Only took 21 hours. Not only that, there's also sprites for the whole thing. Being the only developer is a little difficult, however I'm doing just fine, so don't worry about it.

Third of all, there's only 1 match map and one in development as well. If you look at the name of the first one, yes, I'm making these match maps based off of the maps from Splatoon 3, trust me I'm trying the best I can to make these maps as close as possible to the game. the names of the maps might be too long for SRB2 to handle but what can you do?

Fourth of all, because of the story line in which I just came up with at the time of typing this, the vanilla cast got reworked! Now don't expect me to go ahead and type 3000 lines of Lua code, I can barely code for goodness' sake, and plus I don't think that would be good for my mental health. However, each of the characters got changes to their speed, mobility, etc. Even their character select screen text is different as well! Let me show you an example...

With that, I think that's all I can show for now, maybe I might not do something too big to focus on overall level design, after all I was not expecting Ace Dragon to comment on this.

Anyways hope you have an excellent day!
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The more packs the merrier, go for it. Mapping for SRB2 is a lot more fun than it used to be.

To note, you do not need something big to create an initial release for addons & more (for the purpose of feedback), but it is your call.
to note you do not need something big to create an initial release addon more for the purpose of feedbabck but it is your call.

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