Emerald Coast in SRB2!

Emerald Coast in SRB2! 1.3.1

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are you ready to go on a two level adventure? no?... well too bad!

heres Emerald coast in SRB2!

"This is absolutely what sa wouldve been on the saturn." -lucasl5591 on one of my WIP vids.

in this two level, level pack! you can play Emerald Coast!... i-in SRB2!... IDK

this also includes a new boss level inspired by Lego Dimensions!

you can also try to find some new secrets.

but most importantly, you can have fun!

this has support for Modern Sonic footsteps and Gamma support, but doesnt support Danos object models, specifically the trees and bush models arent supported, so if you have all of Danos models downloaded, dont be alarmed on what you might see.

also PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR SRB2 VERSION IS THE LATEST VERSION!!! it seems the teleport for the second half of the level doesnt work in earlier versions mainly 2.2.10 so please make sure your SRB2 is up to date!

umbrella sprites by Aquavine.
they are very cool and kind and they said anyone can use them if they want, no credit needed! so if you wanna use these umbrella sprites, go ahead! and why not, you can use the palm tree sprites i made, they are just edited SA textures anyway so feel free to use em if you want!

Sonic Adventure DX Textures from the Textures resource. https://www.textures-resource.com/pc_computer/sonicadventuredxdirectorscut/
(i really wanted to Dreamcast textures but apparently they werent on the site!)

Halfpipe Utilities. https://mb.srb2.org/addons/halfpipe-utilities.4128/

Master Emerald sprite by Mod.gen Project team. https://www.spriters-resource.com/custom_edited/sonicthehedgehogcustoms/sheet/143010/

New capsule. https://mb.srb2.org/addons/vs_newcapsules-pk3-enhanced-boss-capsules.193/

Fake UDMF script. https://mb.srb2.org/addons/notudmf-scenery-scaling-for-mappers.58/
(its because im waiting for the finished version of ultimate zone builder to come out cause the betas werent working for me and i needed the chao to be slightly bigger).

Rhinotank enemy by XtremeXavier. https://mb.srb2.org/addons/rhinotank.6150/

Map made by Me :]

this is my first real level, please go easy on me.

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Latest updates

  1. Gamma too fat :[

    Gamma can now finish the boss. sorry i didnt fix this sooner, i think i knew about it but i...
  2. now that i know how version numbers work.

    just like Desert blast, someone wanted to play this without it clearing all levels so now it...
  3. enemy stuff!

    added XtremeXavier's Rhinotank enemy all Crawla's have been replaced by Rhinotank for more...

Latest reviews

Well what can i say,very faithful recreation of the og,well designed and the bonus content was just all it needed to make an already fun experience even more perfect.
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Cute recreation that blows all of the older ones out of the water. Makes me incredibly nostalgic, and has lots of bonus content too. (Plus I think it's the only map to actually have a Gamma-sanctioned route so obviously I have to give bonus points.) Nice work!
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Really liked the bonus content that came along with this relatively high effort remake of Emerald Coast, the slope physics were a little unexpected to see and they were also a touch janky.
Upvote 0
i think this is fucking perfect 5/5 stars
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too good with i cant say any thing more
Upvote 0
Does what it says on the box and does it damn well, (aside from some jank with the wall running)

especially loved the encore mode
Upvote 0
For some Reason, I can't Select the Encore in Level Select
It should be in the global level select in the extras menu.
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This is as great as the Speed Highway level mod. Every section is recreated faithfully, even down to the old jump panels! Man, I loved the Emerald Coast level, even though I've never played Sonic Adventure.

But, hey, seeing this is more than enough to have people who've never experienced it finally experience it. And the boss act being inspired by a mediocre Sonic game was a nice touch.
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This is a HUGE upgrade on the old Emerald Coast map from the Final Demo days. Definitely a much more faithful recreation this time!

Loving the use of custom assets, the amount of secrets, I love the playful additions on what would otherwise be background scenery, making sure players couldn't get stuck and encouraging them to screw around a bit. I had a lot of fun exploring the boss arena background in what would otherwise be yet another Eggmobile fight.

Only criticism is the sense of scale isn't always on-point. At 0.75 scale the sections after the lighthouse still feel cramped, and standstill speed thoks STILL effortlessly skip huge level chunks. I'm not against skips, but it probably shouldn't be THAT easy.

Maybe that's due to inspiration from the old map? Generally, it's easier to add geometry to areas you've made too big than it is the other way around, so I'd lean more in that direction in the future!
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This is actually the best map ever for me, not laggy nor ugly, the secrets are kinda hard to find tho (or its just me thats blind)
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