Windows... the Computer?

Windows... the Computer? OSR2.1 Patch 1 (1.22)

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Having been made in Kart first, Windows is now here to compute through the game that started it all, sharing the same look and all, as well as bringing a mechanic or two over.

Although 33% slower than Sonic, Windows does jump 33% higher and can do it twice. In addition, the faster you're going, the higher the jump, albeit the effect is subtle. No spindashing or rolling!

By technicality, Windows is also shorter since the logo is just that - a logo.

Like Fang, Windows can shoot send a file out at an enemy or monitor. Might as well, considering how little storage most home computers had back in the day!

Being heavy (ignore the double jumps, hah), Windows can bust through heavy walls, but only if it has enough speed, compensating for the lack of manual spindash or rolling.​
  • Windows doesn't have the necessary libraries to handle the special stages, so the tokens are straight up converted into emeralds... from 1st to the 7th in that order whilst accounting for the ones you already have.​
  • Yes, Windows can go Super/Hyper... in this case, the Emeralds provide Windows with the XP setup, upgrading it. However, the configuration isn't ideal - rings will be used for keeping the system stable. Run out of them or die and you'll downgrade.​
    • Use Custom3 to force a Super transformation if you have the emeralds and 50 rings. Handy if you want to keep a shield on you.​
    • If you press Custom1, you'll perform an "XPerience Blast" for 5 (since 1.21) rings (or 150 if Hyper) - clearing an area of enemies and damaging nearby bosses, falling into a 5 second (or 60 if Hyper) cooldown.​
      • Be careful doing that when Hyper, though.​
  • Since v1.1, you can stack Invincibility and Speed Shoes timers when, latter of which can work even if Super/Hyper and if kartgrow is enabled.​
canyon.mid (0/1) - disables/enables the custom Windows-related jingles for invincibility, speed shoes and a Super (& Hyper, if you have XMomentum loaded) theme. The two jingles and Super theme are available in Sound Test to be played.

kartgrow (0/1) - disable/enable a custom reaction to Speed Shoes on Windows.
  • Speed Shoes will instead act like a Growth powerup from Kart, doubling your size and playing the familiar tune.
    • Using the Attraction Shield? If you're under the effects of Growth, your ring pull range also doubles!
    • The jingle will attempt to be played regardless of canyon.mid's setting, although it doesn't usually overwrite the Super/Hyper themes.
  • The default 20 seconds of Speed Shoes are cut down to 12 seconds to balance it out. Invincibility will also be applied if you didn't have it before.
    • If more Speed Shoes are to be applied, they will add to the current timer.
  • This variable is enabled by default and can only be changed by hosts/admins. If changed mid-map, it usually will take effect immediately.
winflash (0/1) - disable/enable screen flashes/shakes from the XPerience Blast. Disabled by default.
ssd (0/1) - disable/enable faster File Toss cooldowns. Disabled by default, admin/host only!
DirectX (0/1) - disable/enable the DirectX Boosting. Enabled by default, admin/host only.
funisdeath (0/1) - disable/enable the rare, special death on everyone. Enabled by default, admin/host only.
  • Join Milne's Kazotsky Kick and dance along!
  • XMomentum's trick-related frames and Hyper jingle have been added.
Wouldn't be Windows without some annoyance, now would it?
  • Because of how Growth was done with Speed Shoes, it may lead to situations where one may end up stuck or be squished.
  • If under the effects of invincibility and/or speed shoes as Windows and you swap characters, the special stats aren't removed.
    • I'm aware that this might happen, but it's not as broken as Growth not being reverted from if the speed shoes ran out.
  • The music change may work weirdly in Co-op or other gametypes, especially when switching characters.
  • Also in multiplayer, the HUD related values might not initialize properly, leading to a spam of warnings. Changing map whilst having selected Windows as your skin usually fixes it.
    • Might be fixed as of 1.21?
  • When joining a server with Windows on it, DirectX Boost will not spawn a trail when active and spike-busting will always be active.

Thanks to the SRB2 Discord for assisting with the Lua and hope you enjoy the lil guy... err, thing.

Read the update logs for up-to-date stuff.
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