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Starting out as just a Worms addon, this had become a pack eventually once I realized that there weren't really any "Windows" racers. Sure, there has been an Internet Explorer racer, but not a full Windows one. Started with Classic and worked up the eras... or, more specifically, the logo eras; Classic being special in that it encapsulates every version from 3.0 to 2000 (although 2000 and XP are in the 5.x kernel line, after all, including Server 2003). Rest use the sounds and resources from their respective eras.

The Worms skins utilize the same default English soundbank as that's what usually happens in the Worms 2, Armageddon or World Party if you don't choose a custom one or the soundbank that is chosen doesn't have a replacement sound.

Windows skins utilize various resources all the way from 3.0 with Multimedia Extensions to current versions of 10. Microsoft Agent/Office skins also utilize same resources, in addition to their own.

Graphics and SFX from Worms series and Windows & MSAgent characters are by Team17 and Microsoft respectively. Special thanks to Bartman3010 for .lua assistance on SPB-related sounds.
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Latest updates

  1. Service Pack 2

    Whilst revisiting old versions of Office, I got reminded of the "assistants" that used to exist...
  2. Worming Hotfix

    Seems that the SPB check had a typo for which sounds to check against for the regular Worms skin...
  3. A service pack arrives.

    More versions of Windows are now available to race with! XP is a balanced character (similiar...

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I'm honestly not sure how much of this is all sprite rip or if a lot of editing has been done, but I guess its okay for releases.
There has been editing for the faces to match the angle when drifting or otherwise, as well as minor tweaks for the forward facing to show the rest of the worm and the hands to be put on wheels. That, and actually hiding parts of the worm behind the seat's edges.

So... you could say there was quite a bit of editing to do. After all, there is no actual forward facing sprite in Worms 2, Armageddon or World Party. Had to edit one in, accounting for the body in the seat.
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