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The small carbon-colored kitsune is here!

Ever since November of 2021, I have wanted to make a character add-on for SRB2.
And I've finally delivered, thanks to the help of the SRB2 Discord Community.



This is Speccy, as you can tell it looks like Tails pretty much.
However they play nothing like the orange two-tailed fox!


Speccy's main gimmick is their Leveling System, by defeating Badniks, and collecting various objects you EXP! By collecting enough EXP you can Level Up! Leveling Up increases your Maximum Health, and every 10 Levels your speed increases! The Level cap is 200, perhaps reaching Maximum EXP as well will do something?

In addition to that, they can Crouch, Double Jump, and Spinbust which opens more possibilities of exploration!


Speccy can also go Super... in a different way!


Upon getting the 7 Chaos Emeralds, Speccy can go Super! It makes you permanently invincible, as long as you maintain the form. Unlike Sonic & Co, Speccy's Super form doesn't rely on Rings, but instead it's timer-based. Destroy Badniks to gain 1/2 of a second! Simple as that. If you want to conserve your time perhaps, simply press Custom 1 to de-transform.

And that should... wait, I almost forgot about add-on support!

As of v1, Speccy doesn't really support that many things, but there are still some things to try out!
Have you tried loading MRCE, or Metroid Vanguard? How about you check out those Bosses with your nifty Boss HP Bar!


And that should pretty much conclude Speccy,
I hope you enjoy playing as them as much as I did making them!

Jump: Jumping, Double Jump
Spin: Spinbust, Super Transformation
Custom 1: Crouch, De-Transformation.

speccy_hud: Changes your HUD style, currently the default one is the most supported.
speccy_crouchtype: Allows you to change how you crouch, for those who hate holding buttons.

Nameplates exclusive:

speccy_showownname: Shows your own name, and stats if enabled.
speccy_showbotname: Shows the name and stats if enabled of any Speccy bots.
speccy_namecolour / speccy_namecolor: Changes the color of your Nameplate.
speccy_showstats: ADMIN ONLY! Allows you to enable stats showing for players.
speccy_shownames: ADMIN ONLY! Allows you to enable name showing.
speccy_flashnames: ADMIN ONLY! If someone's HP is low enough, their name will flash!

More to come soon...!


Archie / Minty / Ahei / AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH: Cool friend that's awesome enough to make Speccy's CSS portrait.
Vanilla: Being a cool friend, and giving me suggestions.
TLKG: Ideas for Speccy, and another cool friend.
RubyTheMii: Ideas for Speccy, yet again another cool friend.
Deadsky: Felt the need to credit her, for personal reasons.
D00D64: Helping me realize what I should've been focusing on-!
Jon: Willingly ported over A_FindTarget to Lua so I could add Z-Positioning checks.

And credit to most of the SRB2 Discord for dealing with my constant video posting!


Multiplayer nameplates by
wired-aunt: https://mb.srb2.org/addons/multiplayer-nameplates.2754/
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Latest updates

  1. Bugfixes, removed features, final release.

    This is the final update to Speccy, from now on she'll be called Legacy Speccy to reduce...
  2. Sorry for the hiatus! (v1.1.2)

    Another patch is out now, fixing the following, and adding the following. Fixed Super...

    v1.1.1 has some bugs that need to be addressed. Until then please wait.

Latest reviews

this mod is really fun to play, i love the computer, i love the rpg mechanics, its really fun to play overall
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speccy is so fun to play as!
Upvote 0
Nice mod! he looks so cute!
Upvote 0
Character with perhaps one of the most unique gameplays of the moment. I don't really like the sprites used, but the gameplay is definitely fun.
Upvote 0
Glad to see this released it was fun "beta testing" this
Now the cute carbon kitsune can finally roam in an srb2 adventure
Good job on the release speccy :wonderful:
Upvote 0
I love the HP and EXP system
Simple abilities
Too cute
Upvote 0
Simple but very fun! The added HP and EXP makes it feel more like a good RPG game. I also like the leveling system, it helps you explore more throughout stages instead of focusing on getting to the goal. Also adding the ability to crouch is a cute touch there. Overall a great mod!
Upvote 1
I think its cool that Speccy has a leveling system, but it feels very underwhelming. HP and Speed, that's it? I would have expected them to gain more base moves, or enhancements to their existing abilities. Right now, they're an Amy that replaced the spread shot of her hearts from the hammer for a double jump.

I was thinking on leveling, they'd get things like moves that use Crouch + Jump/Spin for more moves. Like, pressing Crouch+Spin for a quick burst of speed from a standstill, or Crouch+Jump for a super jump. Maybe give them the ability to do a third jump or launch a spread of projectiles ala Amy when you level up enough. There's potential for much more, and none of it is being used right now. Leveling up just ain't exciting.

So if Speccy's core gimmick doesn't mean much, there's little reason to play as them. Their current abilities are nothing special, their appearance isn't much to write about either, and they just got no other legs to stand on.

Speccy's leveling system is the best they've got, so you need to push it! I got no clue what happens when he's at level 200 (way too much grinding needed to get that far, even getting to level 50 took too long hitting Destroy All Robots to do), but you should really put some new/enhanced moves every few levels to make leveling up something with anticipation and payoff!
I completely agree with what you have to say D00D, and I'll try my best to think of abilities you could unlock for the next update.
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