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  1. TheOneGoofAli

    Windows... the Computer? OSR2.5 (1.3)

    Having been made in Kart first, Windows is now here to compute through the game that started it all, sharing the same look and all, as well as bringing a mechanic or two over. Thanks to the SRB2 Discord for assisting with the Lua and hope you enjoy the lil guy... err, thing. One more...
  2. TheOneGoofAli

    TheOneGoofAli's Shenanigans Pack 1.3

    Starting out as just a Worms addon, this had become a pack eventually once I realized that there weren't really any "Windows" racers. Sure, there has been an Internet Explorer racer, but not a full Windows one. Started with Classic and worked up the eras... or, more specifically, the logo eras...