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Introducing (Legacy) Hibiki Kuruumiya, an abrasive and angsty young man with some (very literal) massive firepower!

(Wait, Legacy? What's that all about?)
Legacy? What's the deal with that?
This is a character mod that, for all intents and purposes, I canned back in 2021. Partially because I had redesigned my entire cast of characters (Hibiki included), but also because I was really unsatisfied with the work I had done in-development. Granted, looking back it's pretty alright, but I digress.

Hey, wait, this is the "Legacy" variant of a character that isn't even released! Why even call it "Legacy" in the first place?
Simple! Remember exactly one answer ago when I stated that Hibiki had been redesigned? That variant is the one that is being developed into his own fully fledged character mod, and as such the one that is meant to essentially replace this one. After all, he did replace the original design. It's, uhh...not very far into development yet, though, but I swear it's being worked on in the background. Stay tuned if you're interested!

Wh- Where are all the sprites??
I didn't get all the sprites finished back in 2021! The majority of the ones needed for Hibiki's abilities and general gameplay are there and accounted for, but quite a few of them didn't make the cut. Additionally, a lot of them are super dated and especially quite inconsistent with each other, particularly the running animations. So, in order to not destroy myself over a mod that I'm releasing out of obligation, I'm just leaving them exactly how I left them.

There are a few exceptions, though. I made the entire RUNX4X6 animation about two weeks ago, and I redid the Cleave attack sprites in order to not have them be Shit. That, and unfortunately the WAIT frames didn't make the cut, mostly for just being far too cobbled together.

The list of missing sprites include:

XTRA D through F frames for fireworks
Life Monitor Icon
Crawling frames for Hibiki's crouch ability
Asymmetrical sprites for every set except for STND
Persona summoning sprites for SRB2Persona

Why release this at all, then? There's a ton of missing sprites, you're not proud of the work...what's the point?
I don't know! I think I just wanted to get this out after months and months of it just lying derelict in my addons folder. I probably owe it to my cringe OC making younger self, but whatever.

Is there any unused content? You did say this was a scrapped mod, after all.
There's a ton! If you open the mod in SLADE you'll find an entire folder full of unused sprites, full resolution artwork and even the beginnings of a second playable character, which unfortunately didn't manage to get as many sprites as Hibiki did. And hey, there's also a peek into the future in the folder!

I hope that answers any queries anyone has about the existence of the mod! Thank you for taking the time to read this big, huge text box and have a nice day!

Hibiki is a simultaneously fast-paced, reaction heavy but also patience testing character, with a myriad of abilities that make use of his combat skills. Let's get right into it.



Hibiki is a natural pyrokinetic, so he can easily channel his power to allow himself to slow his falling speed, just as long as you keep the button held. However, this slow fall isn't just for show. By releasing the jump button, the power Hibiki channels will allow him to cause an explosion, sending him flying upwards. This can be done twice in mid-air, but you can slow fall as long as you want if you're not on the ground.

In addition, the raw energy of the burst allows for Hibiki to break through bustable floors, as long as there are still explosions flying around his body. This allows for Hibiki to clear such infamously impossible stages as Deep Sea Zone Act 2.

SPIN ABILITY: Cleave Attack

He wields a knife. What did you expect.
By tapping spin, Hibiki will lunge forward at high speeds for a short period of time, hovering and taking out any badnik in his way. This will be your main method of horizontal traversal while playing as him, however hitting a wall will cause you to rebound away, losing all of your speed. Be sure to hit spin to cancel the attack before you hit a wall, though you'll be left uncomfortably vulnerable. Gauge whenever it's most effective to cancel out of an attack to build up speed.


Hibiki is clearly not a mobian, and as such adheres closer to human proportions, including his height. Often times he is too tall to traverse properly, and as such you can hold Custom 1 to crouch down. This allows you to fit through gaps small enough to walk through as Sonic, but not quite small enough to fit through spin gaps.

(NOTE: Although the main game is generally traversible hassle-free, this move is outright required to clear Egg Rock Zone, particularly to fit within zoom tube gaps and the conveyor belt segment at the beginning of Act 1.)


Let's go through all of these rapid-fire.
  • Hibiki's super form is activated with Custom 2, so as to not activate it accidentally. Everything else about it remains the same.
  • Hibiki is immune to fire-type hazards and lava. This allows him to walk freely through them without a scratch. I may patch this out eventually.
  • Hibiki receives some buffs when using certain shields. Obviously, not all of them grant bonuses - some outright being scrapped - but the listed ones do:
    • Whirlwind: Agidyne's fall speed is greatly lowered.
    • Force: Agidyne's slowfall turns into a hover as long as it is below max charge.
    • Armageddon: Greatly buffs Agidyne's vertical movement at the cost of all speed. One time use, detonates when used.
    • Elemental/Flame: Buffs Hibiki's general stats and abilities.
  • Hibiki has a custom (albeit quite barebones) dashmode. It was intended to come with more benefits than speed boosting, though they never happened. Has a cool visual though.
  • Hibiki receives several nerfs when playing as him in Frozen Hillside. Try it if you want a bit of an unfair challenge!
  • Hibiki has SRB2Persona support! Though it is quite barebones, he does have his own full moveset and voice lines taken from several of Yuri Lowenthal's roles. It's his canon voice, fight me.
  • Hibiki does NOT support BattleMod, mostly because during initial development I couldn't figure it out. If there's enough want for it, I may end up balancing him for it.
  • Hibiki has his own Symbol Art, for the PSO2 Symbol Art mod. I thought it was funny, and I intended to make more, but unfortunately it never happened. That, and I shockingly never use the Symbol Art mod. Huh.

SilverVortex: Creator and writer of Hibiki Kuruumiya, Spriter, Scripter and general bumbling idiot.

Again, thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoy this little nugget of my modding history!
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