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The Legendary Dragon of Dojima is here!


Kazuma Kiryu is a powerhouse of a man, capable of completely annihilating any enemy near him with just his brute strength. However, he can also use his abilities for combat in more creative ways to blast through the levels with ease. Let's go over these abilities, shall we?

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Dragon Strikes
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Kiryu's Spin and Jump abilities are comprised of three stages, each of 'em with their own twist!

will let you do a melee combo, punching twice and then doing a spinning kick.
The punches will make you dash forwards and maintain your height a bit, and the spinning kick will let you hover for a bit!

Jump will let you Uppercut, Dive Kick and finally Stomp.
You can hold down the Uppercut to make it last longer. The Dive Kick will quickly send you diagonally down, attacking any enemy underneath you. The Stomp will at first give you a big jump, then will drop you at high speeds once it reaches its peak!

Apart from the obvious use of your fisticuffs, these abilities can be used to traverse the levels.
You can cancel your spin/jump abilities into each other, allowing you to pull off some crazy combos to blast through the stages!

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Heat Mode
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After beating enough enemies, collecting rings or breaking monitors and spikes, Kiryu can enter Heat Mode by pressing C1. While in this state, Kiryu's base stats are enhanced, and your abilities are much, much stronger! By holding down spin, you'll home into any nearby enemy and wail on 'em until they're defeated!
Heat will constantly drain at a rapid pace while it's active. Try and keep it for as long as you can!

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Emerald Reward
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Kiryu is a little rusty and needs to get back into shape - Luckily, a certain friend can help him out by gathering the Chaos Emeralds and awakening the Dragon within!
By getting the 7 emeralds, Kiryu unlocks Dragon Spirit, which upgrades Heat Mode. You will now charge heat twice as fast, and it will last twice as long. It is very much possible to stay in Dragon Spirit indefinitely as long as you know how to recharge it!

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  • Much like in the Yakuza games, enemies have health bars and randomly generated names, so you can find out the poor little crawla you punched into oblivion was named Paul or somethin.
  • Boss fights have Dynamic Intro Texts!
  • SRB2Persona Support! Call forth the Mad Dog of Shimano to strike down your foes!​
  • A Yakuza: Dead Souls reference in form of a BattleMod ability​
  • tiny kiryu continue sprite (always by your side)​
  • Press Toss Flag to belt out a tune. You'd be a fool not to.
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Special Thanks
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Rem - Original Code
Haha... What a journey this has been huh? I am so grateful that what began as a simple "Hey, I made the boss text thing from the games" turned into you pretty much coding the grand majority of Kiryu while you had plenty of going ons in your life. Thank you so, so much for the help, Rem.

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SMS Alfredo - Code/Balance Tweaks
Man, you really came outta nowhere with the helping hand haha. Your tweaks made Kiryu way more balanced and focused than what I originally planned and I am super happy with the changes he has now. Thank you for the help dude!

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The CSCS & Adventurer's Guild - Playtesting
Y'all know who you are, it's been a long while since I laughed this hard playing a netgame with you lot. Either punching the crap out of badniks, ganging up on Eggman or passionately spamming "da" at the end of every stage, it was a lot of fun. Thank you for testing Kiryu and for giving feedback!

And finally, I have one last thing to say, if you're still reading this far in.

Thank you for all of those who were patient enough for this mod to come out - Its a project that began back in November 2020, at the peak of my obsession with the Yakuza series. But, soon enough I got burnt out and stopped paying much attention to the project, which ended up making him take way longer than I wanted it to. But, it's thanks to my friends helping me out with this mod that it's now seeing the light of day - so if you ever find yourself with a project that feels like it may never come out from dev hell... Hold on to what made you take the first step. Delayed or not, you can finish whatever you start.

I hope you have fun with this incredibly personal project, and thank you for reading to the end.
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Latest reviews

for a (i think) joke mod, this is a really fun and cool character to play as, and i love the toss flag easter egg!
everything i do and say is completely serious and entirely unironic

Kidding aside, it's not a joke mod. I just really like Yakuza lmao
Upvote 1
in the words of kiryu kazuma
"That's rad."
no joke this mod is actually incredible and very fun to play with, its hilarious to beat up fang with kiryu as well lmao
great mod, can see a lot of hard work was put into it
Upvote 0
It's really fun to play around with. I never thought of the Dragon Dojima Zooming around SRB2 stages before but this makes it fully believable and fun!
Upvote 0
The sprites and such are amazing alongside the moves he uses in-game, and the neat little extras as well, however there's currently one thing that's holding me back from giving this a 5 and that's general multiplayer experience with him. his attacks causes resynchronizations every time he punches a badnik or such and becomes very disruptive to the player as him, as such it leads to him never being used or played as much. Not to mention that he has caused a few performance issues with his attacks upon hitting a badnik, which is not something anyone wants.
Upvote 0
I think This Mod İs AMAZING
Upvote 0
He is incredibly well-made, and a very nice love-letter to the Yakuza series. He honestly trivializes most vanilla maps, but its fun to run through them so that isn't too bad.

My only complaint is it feels sort of bad to fight enemies with him, where most characters can one-shot certain enemies while keeping their movement going, Kiryu often requires multiple hits which stop his movement. I found myself running past any enemies that weren't directly in my path, and also one-shot able like the airborne mosquitos.
I imagine he sort of needs to play like this for his punch and kick combos to mean anything, but nevertheless I ran around more enemies with him than I usually do. The egg-lance guys in castle eggman take him ages to kill compared to a typical character, which is sort of disappointing.

This isn't true for bosses though, he wipes the floor with all of them. It is immensely funny to punch Fang repeatedly until he dies. Actually one of the most entertaining things I've ever experienced was just beating Fang to death. Absolute hilarity. Punching Brakk Eggman is similarly funny.

It also sort of makes me sad that using the upgraded heat mode doesn't play receive you. Oh well. Amazing mod regardless of these tiny nitpicks. I really liked seeing Majima do knife twirls through the special stages.
Upvote 0
pretty awesome and technical character, the funny thing is the double press tech (don't patch it please) where you can press both spin and jump to give yourself a forwards boost on top of only using your jump ability
you can easily go at mach speeds and get a bunch of height by uppercutting normally, double tapping your kick and slam, and then pulling a damn tatsu at the peak of your slam to get a lot of height and momentum
while his battle ability is a lot to be desired (nice reference, but horrible in gameplay) his kit more then makes up for it
if only this had KHblast support
Upvote 0
I really need to play the Yakuza series, thanks for letting us experience an AMAZING Character from another Sega series, now its time to Rise Like a Dragon! good luck on Deltachars, Steve (yes, ill be calling you steve from now on, Stephen...)
Upvote 2
Amazing mod, everything flows beautifully and allows for not just very smooth level movement, but some good saves if you mistime a jump. but his battlemod seems a little...lackluster to say the least. The gun is incredibly sluggish and has not nearly enough range to be worth using, and paired with the inability to choose who you intend to shoot, or use manual aim to burst boxes or try actually sniping should there be nothing close enough to burst makes it basically useless. I understand this is not the focal point of his moveset, but his normal kit is also woefully underdone, maybe this is just a me problem but sometimes I will hit someone dead on but instead of giving me a hit I ounce harmlessly off of them and they get a free kill. it seems none of his hitboxes don't last long enough nor are large enough to quite properly match how he actually looks in his animation.
I will admit that BattleMod isn't a mod I like to play, nor do I balance my characters for - so that's 100% on me. The ability was finished and I didn't really want to scrap it, so you can now call it an unintentional reference to how clunky Dead Souls was haha.
Maybe we can tweak it in another update, but it's definitely not high priority.
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this turned me into a yakuza fan, and Jesus Christ! the amount of combos and chains you can do to reach places is astounding! I also like the boss battle cards and names of badniks like "you just murdered john scott smith, who was a nice man with a loving and caring family." this is my 2nd favroute addon. my 1st is chrispy chars.
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