Sonic Robo Blast 2 the Past Version 2.0

Sonic Robo Blast 2 the Past Version 2.0 2.0.8

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SRB2 the Past makes use of Midi music for levels predating Final Demo to present a more authentic experience. If you have no music, please check your music settings to ensure midi playback is on. We also recommend midi playback use through sound fonts as native will use your system's volume instead of the games.


Download both and to the same location.
Using 7zip, open up up and extract to your SRB2 install location and enjoy.

Using Winrar, open up up and select "Extract to", select your SRB2 folder then hit "ok".

(this split download exist only because of problems with uploading the PK3 file directly)

Google Drive:

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Welcome to SRB2 the Past Version 2.0. It's been a long time in development, almost 3 years for just this update alone.

The SRB2 Museum has received an overhaul and now has all new rooms and a proper Badnik Zoo too.

This time around we now cover at least 6 zones!
Techno Hill
Deep Sea
Castle Eggman
Arid Canyon
Red Volcano

We also now have Nights mode (unlockable) and two other new features.


Located in the SRB2 Colosseum, you can find the Boss Rush and Metal's Challenge.

The Boss rush has one track for each era, and an unlockable final track with Every Boss on it.

Metal's Challenge features levels from across SRB2's history as voted upon by the SRB2 Community at large with a few personal selections to round things out. Levels are divided into 4 tiers ranging from easy to Hard. Complete all 4 and you are then granted the privilege to challenge Metal Sonic to his hardest race of all.

Multiplayer modes such as Match, CTF, Circuit, and even Chaos Classic have been brought back into a single package as well. So no more loading up into Construction Zone because you loaded the multiplayer half.

Every multiplayer modes' maps have also been freshly ported and put into their own rotation. Even Dev maps! Every Era is represented!
(Some maps are duplicated for the sake of their specific respective rotation)

There are many unlockables this time around too even including a total of 5 new unlockables characters (1 of which you may know already)

As an extra bonus we also have the CD soundtrack for the SRB2 Christmas Levels as a bonus download.

NEW: bonus character bundle, stand alone versions of the unlockable characters are now available.
All 5 are slightly tweeked and a little different from their appearance in SRB2 the past.
Zim standalone also comes with the necessary legacy color lua he needs made by evedoesstuff

X-treme Placeholder Sonic is now multiplayer color compatible
Megaman is now multiplayer color compatible
Chao's speed now matches Sonic's allowing it to go into its running frames
All five characters are Kirby Compatible.
X-treme Placeholder Sonic grants Wheel
Megaman grants gun
Chao grants ball
Cinnossu grants Mike
Zim grants UFO

SRB2 tp credits.png

Reusable addons used:
Scrapped Eggrock zone boss
Chaos (classic) game type
Game Gear Capsule
Legacy Pallets
2.1 Camera stand
1.09.4 style weapon ring system
SRB2 Soundtrack remade (for some of the new original content in the Colosseum)

Resources by midiman:

Version 2.0
Total overhaul
Added Arid Canyon
Added Deep Sea
Added NiGHTS
added Developer levels with hub
Unlockables hub is now on the teleportation system
There is now a credits sequance
Badnik zoo replaced hall of badniks
Boss room replaced with an art room and cafeteria
New rooms for collectables, monitors, characters, and hints
reorganized levels and campaigns to be in their own rooms
Every level in the mini hubs now send you back to the mini hub provided you don't take a secret exit (dependent on if it exists)
All previous level hubs now cover up to version 2.1.25
Multiplayer half merged back in to the main file with fresh level ports
SRB2 Colosseum opened up
Added History Clash
Added Egg Rock (unlockable)
Added Sonic Doom 2
Added a big presentation
Added new unlockable characters
First release
Last update
4.84 star(s) 31 ratings

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Latest reviews

One of the biggest mods for srb2 I ever played.Quite nice fun and stupidly hard to 100%.
Though A few,small and medium sized, problems:
-Why did you select 2.1 Ring satellite after selecting the easier special stages for others.
-I fallowed your words of wisdom and started sonic doom 2 thinking there would be a exit to the museum in flying battery since you said "at least" and lost a all emerald 95 life save since I am not going trough the hardest srb2 campaign ever again.
-In the demo 4 castle bigman area the floor at the hole looks like a breakable one which made me go trough a emer quest with fang
-Some acts have no reason for you to play em consdiring they got no secrets or emblems
The Special stage selection was 1 special stage from each of 7 past versions of SRB2. 2.1's Ring Satellite happened to be Special stage 7 in 2.1. All the other stages are the special stages from their respective slots in their respective versions.

I can't understand point 3.
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Been waiting for this mod since v2.2.0, it was absolutely worth it.
Upvote 0
beautiful mod. i have been waiting for the port since 2.2 released
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This is A 3 Years that Update for some Reason.. It Was A Great (And All SRB Eras) Level Pack! It Was A Fun Year Now I Gave you a Rate Thats 10/10 For Me! I Loved this Level Pack Even I Got It For This And Next Year! Thank You Glaber!!!
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I haven't been into SRB2 for atleast a year, and I completely forgot about this, hell I didn't even know this came out. This was exactly what I expected and more. Great Job Glaber! I'd also like to thank you for the help you gave me back when I was making my own mod as well, as I don't think I ever gave you a proper thanks back then. 10/10 a must play if you're interested in the history of SRB2.
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I haven't been in the community for a while, but recently I decided to play this game again, and I was happy to find out that I came back less than a week after this mod got updated! Amazing work!
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I think it's a good addon for a completing for a 100%. There is a much content to see: old crawlas, tehcno hill and etc. But i see one bug it is in 6 special stage. I been kicked from this level, jumping from platform to another platform. If i one who have that bug, how to fix it?
Play in 2.2.10 instead of a development build. The Dev builds currently have a bug that affects special stage pits. Chances are SRB2's own MP special stages are affected too.
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This mod is one of my favorites (in less than 2 days I already have 3 games with all the emeralds and 35 emblems) but.....what's up with the easter eggs, they work when they want or they are directly changed position (as it is It would be the house of RedXVI in gfz2) beyond that I don't see any faults for me...
Make sure you're up to date and using 2.0.4 as it fixed a softlock issue along side a few others. That said, Regarding Red's house in GFZ2 1.09.4, don't jump on that one, knock on the door and a note will tell you more.

However, you first need to have visited Red Volcano 1.09.4 and came back on any save, and then come to GFZ2 1.09.4 in any save with all 7 chaos emeralds.

Also be careful when talking about easter eggs as this time around, there are literal Easter Eggs to find that are brought back from final Demo's Easter mode.
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Preservation of media is a favorite of mine: even if SRB2 has an archive for all it's old versions on the official site, having everything in a single package on the best version of the game is still great. I have a *few* issues since nothing is perfect, but the amount of Pros heavily outweigh the Cons. I've been waiting for this since 2.2 came out, amazing job!
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A perfect collection of SRB2's history.
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