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DISCLAIMER: This addon is not compatible with 2.2.9 and below, due to its usage of many features exclusive to 2.2.10!

This addon consists of a custom level type intended to roughly emulate the gameplay of the Sonic Adventure series. Simply add the keyword "FDAdventure" to a stage's "TypeOfLevel" field, and you're all set!

A custom port of the original "SA Example" level from the Final Demo series of SRB2 is included. It has been edited slightly to accommodate for characters who can't spin under small openings. If you wish to use Adventure Mode in your own levels, you will only need the lumps LUA_ADVE and DSSAHITG, as everything else in the WAD is specific to "SA Example".

If you wish to disable the "adventuremode" console command functionality, just follow the steps outlined in LUA_ADVE.

  • "Light Dash" - This allows any character to collect a trail of rings using the "toss flag" button. Originally, only Sonic could use this in versions 1.01 to 1.09.2, but the ability was granted to every character in 1.09.4.
  • Character Abilities
    • Sonic and Amy gain a homing attack (applies to any character with CA_THOK, CA_JUMPTHOK, CA_DOUBLEJUMP, or CA_TWINSPIN).
    • Tails gets "hold-fly", where the player has to hold the jump button to fly instead of rhythmically tapping it, at the cost of a reduced flight time (applies to any character with CA_FLY or CA_SWIM).
    • Knuckles gains a "multi-glide" (or "Spidey Knux" abilities), where the player can glide multiple times in a single jump (applies to any character with CA_GLIDEANDCLIMB).
    • Amy gets her "hammer jump" from SA1, where the player can gain a large amount of vertical height by pressing the spin button while running.
    • Metal Sonic uses a homing attack (and thok) in place of his floating ability to match his gameplay style in SADX.
    • Fang has no gameplay changes.
  • Forced "Old Analog" - Analog mode is forced on the player in an attempt to emulate the playstyle of the Sonic Adventure series. This can be disabled by changing the "adventurecontrol" and "adventurecontrol2" (for the second player in splitscreen mode) console commands mentioned below.
  • Auto-Aiming Boss Camera - The camera will automatically face any boss in a stage, unless there are none.
  • A "hit ground" sound effect that plays whenever the player hits the ground (please note that the sound effect has been altered slightly from its Final Demo counterpart to have less of a delay).
  • Non-Solid Monitors - The player can simply walk into a monitor to break it.
  • Falling Animation - Instead of the player simply walking off a ledge, the player will automatically play their falling animation instead.
  • Three "toggleable" console commands:
    • "adventuremode" - This allows the player to toggle Adventure Mode in any level they choose (unless they are already in an Adventure Mode stage).
    • "adventurecontrol" - This allows the player to toggle the forced analog control scheme of Adventure Mode.
    • "adventurecontrol2" - This is essentially the second-player splitscreen equivalent of the above.

  • "Intended" (meaning these were in the original Adventure Mode)
    • The falling animation interrupts the "gasp" animation.
    • Using the homing attack near an inaccessible item/enemy can softlock the player temporarily.
    • Using the light dash in a similar vein can also softlock the player temporarily.
    • The "hit ground" sound effect does not play when standing on an object with the "MF_SOLID" flag. This was apparently intentional, according to 1.09.4's source code.
    • The camera does not readjust its angle for players that are currently climbing.
  • "Unintended"
    • The light dash can have a bit more horizontal momentum than it would have had in Final Demo (specifically, around the loop of rings in SA Example), but I have tried my best to mitigate this as much as possible.
    • The camera can currently get stuck on polyobjects (the camera will reset if the player is far enough away). I may or may not fix this in a future update.

Of course, this addon would not have been possible without the help of certain individuals...

  • Sonic Team Jr. - For the original code that this port was based off of
  • SRB2 Discord - For being a valuable resource in figuring out certain aspects of this port
  • Glaber - For suggesting the inclusion of Amy's hammer jump
  • Rapidgame7 - For making me aware of the searchBlockmap function, as well as the suggestion to use a custom camera in the first place
  • Golden - For letting me use their custom camera code (on the SRB2 Discord server) as a base for mine
  • Flame - For helping me figure out why the light dash was giving the player too much horizontal momentum, writing code that prevented the camera from getting stuck in walls (which I ultimately replaced with a port of 1.09.4's camera; I still appreciate the help!), as well as suggesting an alternative method for searching for bosses
  • D00D64 - For reminding me that Adventure Mode's forced analog mode could be disabled during the Final Demo era; Also for creating Scaleflower Zone, which I used to test a number of scale-related bug fixes
  • antonretrojr - For reporting bugs, one involving the camera freaking out when the camera is reset, and another where the camera no longer exists if the player toggles first person mode repeatedly
  • lumo (on the SRB2 Discord server) - For also reporting a bug involving the camera freaking out
  • SRB2 Wiki - For being another valuable resource
  • SRB2 GitLab - For being yet another valuable resource (specifically, improving the custom camera)
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Welcome to releases! It's a fine port of the old Adventure features, even giving Amy a hammer jump reminiscent of SA1!, But I really hope there's an update to disable the camera changes. I swear there used to be one back in the day (unless I missed if this mod has it?), because man... That's the one element of adventure mode I really didn't want to come back! Still, this mod makes for a good resource, as well as something to mess with!
I actually forgot there was a way to turn off Adventure Mode's camera and control scheme in the Final Demo era, so I'll definitely include that in a future update.
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