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This addon consists of monitors ranging from the TGF era all the way to the 2.1 era.

IMPORTANT: Some shield monitors use modern replacement shields that closely resemble the behaviors of the shields that players would have been given in their respective era. For example, the Demo blue and green shield monitors give players a Pity (basic) and Bubble (water) shield, respectively.

Please make sure to read the README.txt file included in the PK3 for information on how to set these up properly.

Being the most unique out of all the other monitors, these "relics" can simply be walked into to break them. They will not bounce the player back up when jumped on, however.

The Special Stage power-ups are also included to make this a complete collection. Please note, however, that the time power-up will only give the player a time bonus in Special Stages.


These monitors were used from the Christmas Demo to Demo 4.35. Unlike future monitors, the icons that pop out are part of the sprite. They also give players their power-up immediately in netgames upon breaking them, instead of a second later.


Inspired by the look of the Sonic 2 monitors, these were introduced in SRB2 Tournament 2003 and persisted all the way to 2.0. Every monitor's Thing parameter can be set to make them behave how they did in specific versions of SRB2 (randomized spawning, shields given, etc.):
  • Parameter 0 = 2.0 Era
  • Parameter 1 = 1.09-1.09.4 Era
  • Parameter 2 = 1.08 Era
  • Parameter 3 = 2K3-1.04 Era

Look at the README.txt file included in the PK3 for more information.

It is also important to note that not all of these monitors come from the Final Demo era. Some were introduced in 2.0, but they still use the same style as the old monitors.


These monitors share the "Knuckles' Chaotix-inspired" style of the 2.2 monitors, but with some slight differences. For example, the 2.1 recycler monitor is less saturated than the 2.2 version.

Side note: The mystery monitor has a proper Thing type instead of being multiplayer-only.


  • Intended:
    • The TGF and Demo monitors aren't affected by the multiplayer settings. Many of these settings weren't in versions before "SRB2 Tournament 2003".
  • Unintended:
    • The 1-up player overlays look weird in OpenGL with models on. For the Final Demo monitors, this is due to the usage of sprite-scaling which currently isn't supported by models. For the other monitors, this is because the models included likely used the 2.2 monitors as a reference for their location.

  • Sonic Team Jr. - For the original code and sprites that this addon uses and is based off of
  • SRB2 Discord - For being a valuable resource in figuring out certain aspects of these ports
  • SRB2 Wiki - For being another valuable resource
  • SRB2 GitLab - For being yet another valuable resource (specifically for the 2.1 source code)

Be on the lookout for an update that adds more collectibles from old versions of SRB2!
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