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DISCLAIMER: This by no means is not a perfect mod, so do not expect the skincolors to be 100% accurate. And, just to get this out of the way, this does not change 2.2's palette to previous versions.
Got it? Good.

As time goes on, skincolors are dropped and lost, trapped forever in the previous versions of SRB2. Though they have been archived on websites (well, most of them at least), why not bring them back?
So, I took it upon myself to recreate each and every palette from previous versions of SRB2. (Excluding greens, sorry. They're mostly the same.) This includes versions:
  • Kart (As of 1.3)
  • KartZ (As of 12.04.23)
  • Legacy (As of 2.1.25)
  • Final (As of 1.09.4)

Palette Total: 99


Palette Total
: 38


Palette Total: 24

Final Demo

Palette Total: 14

While some of these colors might look the same, taking a moment to study them will reveal that they are not the exact same thing. It really goes to show how much time has passed since the original 1.0 version of the game, as the colors have grown to be increasingly more vibrant and brilliant. Here's a demonstration of it in-game with BuddyEX. Each Sonic has a Purple skincolor from 2.2, Kart, Legacy and Final.

These skincolors are completely free to use for those developing character mods and whatnot. Considering that there are over 100 palettes for you to choose from, you're sure to find one that would satisfy your needs. I even prepared a bit of a cheat sheet for this, each color lined up with it's corresponding green value. It's best to refer to this since the original sheets for each of the colors will no longer work; The sheets that came before that used older versions of the SRB2 palette.

This took a long while to make, and I'm glad that I finally finished it. These are nowhere near perfect, so if anyone wants to toss their hat into the ring, go for it. I have gone through the trouble of modding older versions of SRB2 just to get the exact colors; Some colors from KartZ and the Final Demo are completely undocumented, which proved to be a hurdle to overcome.
To set a specific skincolor via commands, surround the desired palette around quotations. EX: "Kart White"
Check out the palettes here in action!
Final White:

Kart Royal:

Z Ugly_Green:

I hope you have as much fun using these as I did making them!

  • The Kart Krew - Responsible for making the Kart palettes.
  • The archives on srb2.org - This helped me actually be able to see the v1.09.4 colors for the first time. Albeit crusty, this was charming and I'm glad they archived the history of this game.
  • SuperJustinBros - I originally used his Kart skincolors sheet for making this mod! It was super useful. Not only that, but he did hint to me about the older versions of SRB2 having the original Doom palette...
  • Aluigi - For yelling at me for getting palettes wrong. It helped me to be real accurate.
  • Lightdasher, DirkTheHusky, others - I may or may have not used their mods in a netgame testing this out. Oopsie.
  • Wardogthelasthero - For hosting said netgame! Eventually I'll be able to host my own.
  • Finally, YOU - For checking this post out!

  • Was supposed to be the intended release.
  • Kart palettes are finished!
  • Legacy palettes are finished!
  • Aluigi yelled at me for getting Kart Byzantium wrong. It helped.
  • Get the reference?
  • Ancient palettes were added! Though, they admittedly still need more work.
  • Aw, the version reference is ruined...
  • Renamed "Ancient" palettes to "Final", after the Final Demo updates. The color reference image will soon be updated over the coming days to reflect this.
  • KartZ palettes were added. Woah!
  • Final Demo palettes were changed to be more accurate to v1.09.4, now that I learned how to mod it. ...Sort of.
  • Kart Rose has been tinkered with. Take that, OCD!
Known Issues:
  • In SRB2Persona, the colors are not added on the Player Setup page. Use commands to set your color. Scroll up for an example.
Planned Updates:
  • Add in super colors both from Kart and Legacy SRB2 as a reuseable file. (Sadly, you cannot manually set them in a netgame, you can only give them to custom characters.)
...To end off this post, I just want to say that I'm happy that you all like these so much. The attention this has gotten is way bigger than I'm used to, and I feel... Well, great.
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There are alot of great skins in here, some from Kart and some I wish got carried over to 2.2, and it's nice to have some skins from the older builds, though I've noticed that you're missing two Xmas colors, one from 0.92 and one from 0.96. If you want, I can send them in DMs since I already had these 2 ported awhile ago
Sorry for taking too long to respond to this! You can go ahead and DM me about it on Discord; I'm open to hearing about it. I've been doing other stuff unrelated to SRB2 as of late and I cannot guarantee an update to the pack, but!! I'll consider it.
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Although I never played 2.1 I really liked them and kart Skincolors look near identical to actual SRB2Kart
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