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Welcome to Chaos Cove Zone. Previously seen in the Summer 2022 OLDC, Chaos Coave has siince been updated to address a few criticisms.

The first thing you'll notice, besides a resemblance to Treasure Trove Cove, is the new hint system in place.

These hint orbs are designed to guide you to the closest emerald shard, but unfortunately for you they can go through walls just like they did in Sonic Adventure. At least you'll have an idea where to go.

There are also new locations and changes made to address some of the criticisms from the OLDC release, but music was not changed.




Tikal's Emerald hint orb

Badnik Pack DX

Version 1: OLDC release

Version 2: Added new shorlines
added boat house
added new island
added way to open door

Version 2.1:
Used legacy prefix out of habit and had to correct it
fixed a hole in the ground visible in Opengl
Fixed other Opengl slope texture errors
added a skybox
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it's pretty cool to use something that isn't used that much but it could have more maps based on some places on the island where you play
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Welcome to releases! Pretty fun emerald hunt map that works as a really nice example of your tikal hint mod.
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