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Once again, the Badnik Pack has been updated! What was once Badnik Pack 2 is now Badnik Pack DX. Taking the contents of Badnik Packs 1 and 2 and cramming them together, plus adding in a few more as well.

Without any further delay, let's get to the badniks!

The Genesis Set

Based on official enemies from the Genesis games. This set includes Ballhog, Motobug, Masher, Flasher, Bat Brain, and Gohla

SRB1 Robots

Back once again by popular demand, the SRB1 badniks are ready for your 2D level needs! Don't let that stop you from using them in 3d mode though!
(Disclaimer: Not made for 3d mode)

The Retro Robots
A.K.A. SRB2 The Past's recreations.

These guys are back once again ready to Retro things up. While some are just "retro repaints" others bring with them their old behaviors making them different from their modern day counterparts.

Custom Robots

A small set of customs, this set includes User Minus, Neo Drilla, Pyro Hog (Very dangerous), and 2 Red Spring Springshells.

TGF and Concept Robots

Most of these guys have made their first appearance in SRB2 TGF, while others would have only been seen in concept art (outside of SRB2 the Past). While most robots use all their original sprites, the TGF Gunner had all new rotations created for it allowing for it to be used in 3d mode for all your retro needs.

TGF Bosses

These 3 are here to give your player a bad time. They are designed mainly for 2d mode, but 2 of them can be used in 3d mode with little issue. Only the big green one is going to have some issues in 3d.

Not Pictured
Multiple variants of the eggmobile boss from SRB2 Christmas to SRB2 2.0
Classic Mario Fire ball hazard

Hopefully you can find something you like in this pack, or maybe this pack can help inspire you to create a badnik of your own?

V1 Initial release

V2 Ghosts now fire a projectile
bug with Minus 2.0 that causes it to stop working has been fixed
All Badniks and projectiles are now in separate SOC Lumps for more modular plug and play use.

V2.1 Fixed an issue with the ghosts causing crashes
a note was left in the soc of the ghost for how to turn off firing projectiles

V2.2 Updated Neo Drilla with some code fixed by inferno who volunteered to do it.
Updated the ghosts so their internal names no longer conflict with the base game object MT_GHOST
Changed the name of the zip file because I created a new one.
V2.2 again?
removed the map from the "Resource" file

V2.2.1 Changed the name of the wad file to reflect being the first badness pack
added in retro Jettbullets
Pop up turrets now use the Retro Jettbullets
somehow shrank the file size of the zip

V2.2.2 Added in Retro Jetty-syn Mines
Old Skims now use the Retro Mines

V2.2.2 Again?
added in the mine sprites I forgot.

V1: First Release!

V1.1 Fixed an issue with Snapper normally not seen due to its low health. Issue was found with the use of Cacee

V3: First Release!
Combined the contents of Badnik Packs 1 and 2
added Rockbot, Red Springshell, Alternitive 2.1 style Red Springshell, Masher, Gohla, TGF Bomber, TGF Gunner, SHARP, 2.1 Egg Guard, 2.1 Yellow Springshell, 2.1 Robo-hood, Final Demo Jetty-syn Gunner and Bomber, Unidus, Yellow and Red Buzzes (Check the Extra flag to toggle "Stealth mode"), and 2.1 Snailer
Updated Crawla Commander to have correct behavior, Included 2.0 sprite set to go with it.
Included more Dev textures.
Added an example of use spot for Neo Drilla
Added Photo spot for group pictures
Added in Moden Robots to several robot pens to help show off differences

Version 3.1
Updated the auto turret to be properly crushable by fofs
Fixed a bug with 2.1 Egg Guard that triggered the level ending

Version 4
Added the following: Techno Squeak, Turbo Squeak, Toxomister, Octus, TGF Deton by Midiman,
TGF Skim by Midiman, and Fishbot by Midiman.
Included updated by Midiman for: TGF Minus, Drillakilla, TGF Bluecrawla, TGF Red Crawla, TGF Gunner, and TGF Bomber

Sonniku (original TGF graphics)
Glaber, CobaltBW, Monster Iestyn, Katsy, Tatsuru, and MIDIMan

Batbrain: Sprites by Monster Iestyn, Glaber, and Vee
custom Lua actions Glaber

Ballhog and Pyrohog
Glaber, Techokami(spriterip), Tom Payne (original front sprites), Hivebrain (sprite help)

SRB1 Badniks
Torgo (original base game content) and Glaber (port)

Golden, Ors, and Nightwolf, Plasmachaser action.

Minus 2.0
Sapheros- original boss minus lua, Glaber- modification into 2.0 Minus

Other credits will be found included in the various lua and Soc lumps included with this resource.
First release
Last update
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