1. ketchupik

    [Reusable] SRB2 Chaos Domain 2.3.2

    Welcome to Chaos Domain port for 2.2! Original Chaos Domain from 2.1: https://mb.srb2.org/threads/srb2-chaos-domain-version-2-3-1-scr_chaosdomain-version2-3-1-wad.24135/ Port feature: Most bugs was fixed All emblems now obtainable Also special thanks for port contributors:
  2. "MIDIMan"

    [Reusable] 2.1 Bosses + Maces and Chains 1.1

    Do you miss the Egg Mobile's homing laser, the Sea Egg's brutal difficulty, or Metal Sonic's poorly telegraphed attacks? If so, you're in luck! Introducing... MIDIMan's 2.1 Boss Ports (+ Maces and Chains)! I originally created these as a means of helping Glaber with SRB2 The Past, but I've...
  3. Julie Hikari

    Kart Z Pack v6

    Features 29 Maps ported directly (or a bit modified) from Kart Z (Along with the few Kart Z Ports that used to be in Nightmare pack). Changelog Maps: Let me know if there's any problems found within the maps that would need fixing. (More Ports may come in the future!)
  4. D00D64

    [Reusable] Everything is Terrible!!! A Map Hell Collection!!! 2021-03-06

    Is SRB2 Kart just not awful enough of an experience? Is it just too rare to go to a darn map from the depths of Map Hell? Well, since it's my birthday, I will give YOU the gift! The gift of torture! Everything is Terrible!!! This mod gives you all the Hell Maps by adding them to the normal level...
  5. Sz_

    [Reusable] Superman Sonic [v1.0.0]

    Back from Demo 4 all the way to Final Demo 1.08, Super Sonic was Superman Sonic, dressing with a cape and having all of his super properties, but he was long gone since then.. ..until now! Superman Sonic has came back to 2.2 with his glory, music and with some sweet new upgrades to show that...
  6. Frostiikin

    [Reusable] Plug-Hand Knuckles [SRB1 Knuckles]

    He's Ba-aaack... Plug-hand returns from srb1! While his friend earless is far more popular, he doesn't mind. Just like in srb1, he's able to swim in water, though he doesn't have an animation for it (Don't call me lazy, call sonikku lazy!). Thanks to his patented "Being a little gremlin™"...
  7. sonc

    [Reusable] Early Sonic

    Yet another legacy character to add to the collection, we can't get enough of those, can we? Anyways, here's a kind of "enhanced" port of Early Sonic, or, the closest we got of SRBII. This wad is not much, just a multi-thok character. Enjoy, i guess. compare the tones i had of the 2.1...
  8. Chuckles troll

    [Reusable] SSNTails (Tails Legacy)

    Hey there do you prefer the old Tails? If yes it your perfect day, you see that old legacy tails that alot of people miss him The old SSNTails is back with his old spindash speed and his style He join the legacy gangs Credits SSNTails for his original sprites Night frame made by...
  9. DerpyBubblez

    [Reusable] Legacy Rosy

    We've got Legacy Sonic and Tails, now it's Rosy's time to shine! Alright, we've got a pretty big update. I have introduced the "Cyclone Drill", based on the one from 2.1. If you press Spin while in the air, you will activate the Cyclone Drill, sending you down at an incredible speed. I've...
  10. Dogey

    [Reusable] SSNTails HD

    RTX on ... but why um this is Legacy Tails in HD why do i need to explain what it is also there is a secret command :)) Supporters / CoAuthors SSNTails
  11. DaJumpJump

    [Reusable] Mecha Sonic (SRB1) [v1.1]

    He... lives... Mecha Sonic from SRB1 has come back in SRB2 to get revenge on Earless! Features Spritework edited off of the original sprites in SRB1! 2 moves using both SOC and Lua! Breaking walls by walking into them! ...that's it, really Supporters / CoAuthors Appleblurt D00D64...
  12. GXP3000

    The "FSonic" Double Combo

    Warning! A character in this contains sound-bytes which includes vulgar words that may be too much for a few people and loud sounds. Introducing... "F"Sonic! Now you might be wondering why the "F" is in quotes? Well, that's due to this not actually being 100% FSonic. In fact, the "F" actually...
  13. GXP3000

    [Reusable] Ugly Knuckles (v4)

    Once every update there exists a port of a character that seems to never die, but now he's back... ...Ugly Knux! Stats His stats are the old stats that he had back in the day where he can jump as high as Sonic, but his speed is slower than most characters. Going through that ERZ1 Sonic...
  14. Wumbo

    [Reusable] SSN Sonic HD

    It had to be done. Supporters / CoAuthors SSNTails wolfs Zippy_Zolton
  15. little guy*

    [Reusable] NoChuckles (K.T.E. from SRB2ME!) 2.0

    Oh no Alright, you already should know what this is. This is Knuckles from SRB2ME (SRB2 Marriage Edition is the full name, SRB2 2.0 is the short name) and he's back and as accurate as I care to go! This poorly done port has been around for over a year, so I may as well finish updating him, even...
  16. Elyos03

    [Reusable] Overhauled Legacy Trio (+ Legacy Sonic) & Knuckles Works on any 2.2.X version, I guarantee

    Uhh... I think there's been a mistake. Remember these guys? They are back and better than ever! With the courtesy of the art of the one and only SSNTails. As for Knuckles, Chrispy did his part. (Though I used a wad with a HiRes playable version of Legacy Sonic and ports of Legacy Tails...
  17. FuriousFox

    Cavernous Meadow Zone - Scrapped 2.2 MP Special Stage

    Back in June 2018, I made a concept for how I thought mulitplayer special stages should work. The idea was for them to work similarly to how they did in v2.0, but have different paths that incentivize using different characters. This way, players would be rewarded for having a diverse team...
  18. FuriousFox

    [Reusable] Eggrock Zone Boss - Scrapped 2.2 Content

    Back in September, I decided to try and make a new ERZ3 boss fight now that Metal Sonic is in BCZ1 and 2. The general idea was that Eggman is inside some kind of column in the middle of the room, and he can fire homing missiles. Every time he's hit, lava in the room moves, forcing you to change...
  19. CobaltBW

    1.09.4 Multiplayer Pack 1.0

    This is a port of the original multiplayer levels included with SRB2 v1.09.4. These have been carried over from LJ Sonic's 1.09.4 Ringslinger pack for 2.1, and the levels have all been updated for full compatibility with 2.2. CTF and Match maps use MAPEx and MAPLx, respectively, so as not to...
  20. fickleheart

    The ACZ2 Museum - old pre-2.2 content

    Arid Canyon 2 went through a long development process before being complete. Back before the entire campaign was upgraded to a new standard, this addon documents what an ACZ2 by 2.1 standards was shaping up to be. There are three distinct versions of the map available: the earliest...