1. KitKatiscool

    srb2kart legacy pack! WIP

    due to the new port rule being published soon me and a guy named Jay_theone and decided we should port srb2riders kart mode characters! and who knows with more updates you may even see characters you never seen before! you can also contact me on discord: catsarecool#1419 so if you wanna help...
  2. endlessonic

    [Open Assets] Legacy Animals 2

    Simple Add-on that adds the legacy flickies back into srb2!!! This add-on is perfect for legacy styled stages if you want to make them flickies that fly out of badniks use this in your level header List of animals:
  3. TunaTailsRealNoFake

    Legacy SRB2 Network: A giant 1.09.4 - 2.0.0 Netgame

    Welp, this is a project I've been making for around 2 Weeks, searching and asking. The project is just... uhhh... How do I explain this...? Fascinatingly giant. Yep, giant. The thing is, it is a Work in Progress trying to make a group centrated on keeping the project alive and up-to-date. No one...
  4. srb2fan341

    Past trio 1.2

    Thanks to ssn tails for letting me use the sprites and lua by wolfs Also thanks to gaming today for the idea
  5. srb2fan341

    Past knux 1.0

    thanks for SSN TAILS for letting me use the base sprites. yoy im done
  6. srb2fan341

    Past Tails 1.2

    thanks to SSN TAILS by letting me edit the sprites to let me make new ones! yay 1 more to go.
  7. srb2fan341

    Past Sonic 1.11

    unmodified sprites by SSN TAILS and lua by wolfs https://mb.srb2.org/threads/multiability-spindash-scripts-holdfly-spideyknux-and-multithok.21906/ I hope you like this! :)
  8. Endermanch69

    Pre 2.2 Spindash/Thok/Roll 1.04

    Pre 2.2 Spindash is Finally here in 2.2! (almost) Everyone has it, even modded characters too! This effects the Roll and Thok too. Enjoy this relic of the past in 2.2! This took me a lot longer than I would like to admit, by the way the version number...
  9. superholo

    What Did People used to make their own maps during Srb2 tournament?

    So on the srb2 2k3 page on srb2 wiki there was a download link with some addons outside the srb2 page but i ever questioned how they made maps for srb2 tournament 2003? i mean what software they used to make the maps
  10. ★XG5★

    [Open Assets] Sonic Adventure 2 Battle 2.2 Port 2.2

    A Classic 2.0 map pack ported over to 2.2 in all its glory! ~~~~ Featuring: -14 Levels going over most of SA2's Hero Story -5 Unlockable Bonus Stages -41 Emblems To Collect -Improved Textures -Fixed Bugs -16 Player Multiplayer Support ~~~~
  11. glaber

    [Open Assets] Sonic Robo Blast 2 the Past Version 2.0 2.0.15 No Split Zip

    SRB2 the Past makes use of Midi music for levels predating Final Demo to present a more authentic experience. If you have no music, please check your music settings to ensure midi playback is on. We also recommend midi playback use through sound fonts as native will use your system's volume...
  12. Micro

    [Open Assets] Banana 2.2 Port V1

    What time is is? In a world where slopes were just an idea, There was one potassium enriched fruit. Banana is now in 2.2! That's right! Banana is in 2.2 with all of his 1 abilities intact! Ability: Double Jump Press Jump after jumping to jump again. This is really useful for getting...
  13. SonicHeroX45

    SonicHeroX45's Development Thread

    This is a rather simple project I'm working on, and my first true endeavor into SRB2 modding! First few things here are the first and second builds. These are the Halloween Demo and the All Saints Day Hotfix. The Halloween Demo was the first proper release, containing 15 Acts, ports of the...
  14. Door

    2.0 Levels Project [currently in haitus until summer rolls around]

    This is a project the simulate SRB2 2.0.7 for personal nostalgia. This is also a solo project. (hopefully not soon) latest builds can be found on the MB. 1668644243 offical demo 1 release https://www.mediafire.com/file/efnk6cvnwqybz3i/DIS_2.0LevelsD1.wad
  15. TheLastKitchenGun

    FusionHA (port) v2.1

    Addon originally made by Golden Shine 2.1 Post using the fusionha command nearby someone that's willing to fuse (if nobody is around to, you'll be ready to fuse) after a few seconds, you'll switch control using the command again defuses you in splitscreen, an emblem will appear to so you can...
  16. OGAmyDroid

    2.1 Levels V1.3.2

    Have you ever wanted to go back in time, yet want to save space for 2.2? Alternatively, do you wanna experience the previous version without having to put up with having to use the keyboard if you primarily use a controller? All without having to rely on a portleg? Well, here's the most high...
  17. TheLastKitchenGun

    [Open Assets] Legacy Chaos 0 v4.6.2

    Link to original 2.1 post: This was posted on behalf of Fox McChoclate, who doesn't have an MB account Chaos 0's Main gimmick is being able to switch between double jump and gliding, getting chaos emeralds will buff Chaos's stats 3 Chaos emeralds: 5: Chaos emeralds You can turn off this...
  18. "MIDIMan"

    [Open Assets] Sonic Robo Blast G 1.0

    Welcome to Sonic Robo Blast G! What? This level pack is a recreation of an old SRB2-inspired fan game created around 2008 in Game Maker. The fan game, dubbed SRBG2, was shown off and reviewed in a video by FoxBlitzz/Blitzzo, where it was criticized for its rather mediocre quality. You...
  19. Supahsta

    [Open Assets] Sonikku? (Earless SRB2 Sonic) v2.2

    Sonikku! (or Earless SRB2 Sonic) After being tired of other Sonic's failing the job, he decided to go and defeat Eggman himself! Now you may wonder, what can he do? ABILITY LIST: Double Jump! Press the jump button midair to do a Double Jump...
  20. "MIDIMan"

    [Open Assets] Retro Monitors 2.2

    DISCLAIMER: These assets currently do not show up properly in regular Zone Builder due to the use of the Ultimate Zone Builder-specific object definitions. Until Zone Builder is updated to fix this, please look at the "README.txt" and "BINARY-README.txt" files included in the PK3 for thing type...