Sonic Advance 2: Boostmentum

Sonic Advance 2: Boostmentum 2.0 - Big Rework (Aerial Preservation & More!)

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The first stage designed specifically for Boostmentum has been released!
Check out Nu Angel Island Zone by The BIG DOG!

This mod is based off of the Sonic Advance 2 boost and is also a momentum mod.

Unlike the modern Sonic boost where you just press a button, instead you have to earn your boost! You get it by either charging up from sustained speed, or from huge speed increases (slopes, etc.).
This mod rewards players who can run fast without stopping, so there's a lot of skill involved in keeping your boost active. The better you get at fast-precision platforming, the more you'll get to utilize this mod!

Boosting by itself won't give you crazy speeds. You need to combine it with momentum gain!
Try some custom stages out that have big slopes to take advantage of this.
This mod works best on these custom levels. I've included a list of some I recommend down below.

This mod is intended for characters that do not have their own dash/ boost mode, as it functions differently.
Of course, you can use it with whatever character you want in whatever level!

Lemme know if you enjoy using this!

There's two ways.
1. Keep running and don't stop! Your boost will charge up and activate, just like in Sonic Advance 2.
2. Get huge speed! Roll down a slope, whatever it takes! This activation method is inspired by the old fan game Green Hill Paradise: Act 2.

While boosting, you will not have to meet as high of a speed requirement to maintain it.
There's also a small grace period should you bump into things. You just gotta keep your speed up!

• Subtle speed boost
• High acceleration
• Increased momentum and speed preservation
• Sonic Advance 2-like boost visuals with sound FX (not Modern Sonic boost sounds)
• Damage enemies
• Water running
• Break spikes, monitors, walls, etc.

boostmglobal (on/ off) - default: on
This enables or disables boosting. Only the server/ admin can use this.
boostmextreme (on/ off) - default: off
This enables extreme mode. Only the server/ admin can use this.
This mode is not recommended, but its an option for those who just want more speed.
boostm - default: on
This enables boost mode for just the player. Anyone can use this. This means if you join a server with the mod and don't like it, you can switch it off. Also handy for disabling it when playing certain characters.

Nu Angel Island Zone
• Basically any good custom map plays well with this mod.
OLDC 2021 Part 2 is a decent place to start and here's a list of several that I thought played well:
Azure Paradise
Rustic Templar
Emerald Valley
Frantic Freeze
Mercury Mine
Woodland Way
Neo Palmtree
Foilage Furnace
Robotnik Winter
Emerald Aether
Knothole Coast
Angel Island Tour
Aqua Paradise
Seaside Sunrise
Blue Glacier
Botanic Space
Caustic Crater
Command Facility
Lucid Landscape
Nimbus Lake
Windy Valley (Sonic Adventure Genisys)
Sonic '06 Pack
Quiet South Island
Quiet South Island OG

• Momentum mods other than CrossMomentum (Xmomentum is supported but breaks water running)
• Level mods that use momentum scripts
• Spring Lock
• Halfpipe Utilities
• Modern Sonic
• Characters with their own boosts
• Characters with dash modes may be compatible, but not flow properly

If you wish to use my code in your own work then you'll need to ask me first as well as credit myself and whoever worked on the parts you use. This mod shouldn't be re-posted on this site or on any others in its original state or a modified one without my permission.
Just private message me what's up and I'm sure we can work something out, as I'm happy for my work to help you in your own projects.
Personal use edits are allowed, though. For example, changing the sound effects or speed values - you just can't re-release those on this website or any others and you need to keep Boostmentum in the name. For example, "Boostmentum_v2.0-MySpeedEdit.pk3". You also need to keep the original credits inside the pk3, though you can add your own to list your changes if you want.

Star as the creator
BIGDOG for helping with some of the trickiest parts, testing, providing feedback, and recording clips with me for the trailer. This mod wouldn't be as good without his awesome help!
Delf for his Momentum mod and a little bit of his Boost code, which helped start this project!
AurumMighty for part of his Speed Effects to get the white lines for the Sonic Advance 2 visuals!
If there's anyone who assisted them and also wants credit then just lemme know.

Special thanks to all these guys. They're awesome modders and I recommend checking out their work.

If you wish to add support for Boostmentum by disabling a certain feature when its active, then all you have to do is include:
if player.boostmentum then (your momentum tweaks, or whatever) = false end

• Braking at high speeds may not be consistent. (unsure if this persists in v2.0)
• Boost occasionally re-activates, particularly at high speeds.
• Boost won't activate after completing a level (flags around you) in multiplayer.

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Latest reviews

  • Jackal
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2.0 - Big Rework (Aerial Preservation & More!)
I've always wondered how the Sonic Advance 2 boost mode would work in a 3D game and wow does this mod do it justice! Incredible mod, this is definitely going to be my go to way of playing from now on!
Upvote 0
  • oddest
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2.0 - Big Rework (Aerial Preservation & More!)
man, I have no words. if your looking at this review, stop reading and get the mod
Thank you :)
Upvote 0
this addon is a great way to enjoy large maps, or just wanting to go at break-neck speeds!
Thanks :D
Upvote 0
omg.... I have no words! this is amazing!!!! I ALWAYS dreamed of someone doing this. THIS MEANS SO MUCH TO MEEE! Keep going Makin' these!!!! and WONDERFUL update! its SOOO much easier!
glad you like, thanks :)
Upvote 0
  • Icezer
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2.0 - Big Rework (Aerial Preservation & More!)
As of v2 this is probably my favorite momentum mod for the game. Yes, out of all of them. Captures that Advance 2 feeling super well and is super fun to use with more than several characters.
Hey I'm glad you tried the mod out again and that you're happy with the changes! Thank you for the feedback :D
Upvote 0
Probably the best momentum mod i've played. although i have had a better experience with the boost mode disabled, i think the momentum is good enough to be by itself, it feels just like how momentum should feel!
then just use delf's momentum mod.
Upvote 0
  • tabu
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2.0 - Big Rework (Aerial Preservation & More!)
how boost should have stayed if you ask me. has a really fun side-effect with adventure sonic where it gives you some momentum going into a spindash so you can almost do generations-style drifting with it. it's like the 3d sonic advance 4 of muh dreams.
Agreed. I enjoyed the boost games, but never really cared for the formula. I'll have to try it out with Adventure Sonic. Glad you liked it.
Upvote 0
very good momentum mod. I can tell speed runs are going to be pog. I think Cacee's thrust (when spin is pressed on ground or air) could be a boost gainer.
Thanks :D
Upvote 0
This is amazing and I heard my. Friends are using your mod to make advance 3 in srb2 but this this is amazing
Awesome, thanks!
Upvote 0
  • Namls
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2.0 - Big Rework (Aerial Preservation & More!)
I loved this mod! (and i still do)
The core of sonic games is to go fast, but if you were to hit an enemy, you would lose all of your momentum. Well, this mod fixes that! Not only does this have raw gfx and sfx, but it also makes gameplay more fair and skill based (thats the way i like it!).
Definitely a must have mod (or a must try at the very least), seriously thought, i just cant stop playing srb2 with this, its so fun.
I'll be looking forward to your projects, Star.
Thank you for creating this addon, and to everybody else who helped in the making of it.
Glad you are enjoying it so much! I appreciate the kind words. Hope to do some more stuff in the future!
Upvote 0