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[Open Assets] Speed Effects v1.1.2

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If you use the air wind, then please credit delf for creating it. Credits to Kirb the Korb for coming up with the idea of a trail customization option.

Do you feel like the sense of speed in a momentum mod isn't quite strong enough? If so, this is the mod for you. What this mod does is add effects like speed dust, speed wind, and a zoomed out camera when you are fast enough to help give a better sense of speed. The effect has two tiers: the first tier occurs at 1.5x your normalspeed while the second tier occurs at 2x your normalspeed (with increased effects). This mod is best used with a momentum mod, but it's perfectly fine to use the mod without one as well.

This mod also comes with commands to customize your experience:
speeddust on/off - turns on/off the speeddust feature
speedwind on/off - turns on/off the speedwind feature
camzoom on/off - turns on/off the camzoom feature
dusttype 1/2 - changes the dust's appearance from gray to white

Note: The momentum mod is not included.

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Latest updates

  1. v1.1.2

    Tweaked the values of the tiers. Tier 1: 54 -> 52 Tier 2: 72 -> 68 Tier 1 should now line up...
  2. v1.1.1

    - Fixed a bug where the player's effects would remain when the player dies.
  3. v1.1

    Hello everyone! I noticed that the release of the mod was quite lackluster so I decided to...

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I'm always a fan of mods that help out with SRB2's moment to moment gamefeel. Results here vary a bit depending on which momentum mod you're using, but that's to be expected.

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