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[Reusable] ffoxD's Lua dumpster idk

So, in the past month I made a bunch of luas because I was bored... Today, however, I recovered most of them, collected them in one folder, polished and fixed them and thought that I could release them in one collection!
So, I present you...-
ffoxD's Lua Dumpster!!

I have made 4 Lua scripts in total, and they are of all varieties, both passive and primary.

ffoxD's Momentum mod
This mod adds momentum to the game. It aims to be as close to Vanilla as possible, without nerfing the thok or buffing rolling. It is the most compact momentum mod ever, having just a few lines of code. Huge thanks to GoldenTails for helping me making the script.


Note: the momentum mod doesnt't work correctly in the current 2.2.9 RC1 pre-release. Momentum is supposed to activate when the player reaches the max/normal speed, but the new accurate speed calulations don't scale properly to that, so you will find yourself walking down steep slopes. If the final 2.2.9 version will behave the same, I will find a fix.

Spin Steer
Tired of losing controls when spinning? This is good for you, then. Closely inspired by the Adventure-era games, you can turn around and change direction when rolling. Discovered how to make it properly when making random pointless luas. I am aware Spin Controls exists, but this one is better in many ways: you don't shoot off at the direction you are holding but rather you smoothily turn around, and the script is generally smaller and less bloated. You can edit the script to modify the sensitivity, it's as easy as modifying a number (I'm planning to make a console command)


Soap Jump
A momentum-based jump thok. If you don't have much speed, you will be awarded speed, if you are going fast, you will lose some speed but you get awarded height. If you go extremely fast, you lose all of your speed, but you reaaaaaach for the starssssss tonighttttt!!!!! To get even higher, use a momentum mod, this ability was made with momentum mods in mind (hoh use it with my momentum mod :threat: ). This is my first ability I ever made...



(the second gif features my momentum mod, you can do it in vanilla by spinning or spindashing)
I'm planning on making it better by making it weaker underwater and making it scale depending on your size, but for now it's not that important.

Ever wished to control your size anytime and anywhere with a push of a button? Become giantly small with this one. There's not much about it anyway. In this re-release, I removed the size limits for extra fun! (disclaimer: the game has hardcoded limits, i cant remove those, and you're constrained to the map size)


(the gifs use the old capped version, in the new version you get even tinily bigger, and yes the gif sizes are a pun)
Thanks to MARIOMARIO13531 for the original idea, sorry if I forgot to credit you before!
I am planning on making it better in a unexplainable way, if that even makes sense.

That's all for now. The mod is re-usable content, meaning you can use these as you wish, as long as you credit me. I might use these for a future mod, this is some sort of recycle bin.
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