Sonic Advance 2: Boostmentum

Sonic Advance 2: Boostmentum 2.0 - Big Rework (Aerial Preservation & More!)

Yes, 2.0 already!
This is a pretty big rework that adjusts many elements of the mod. It will play much better now!

Main Features:
• Added aerial preservation.
Boost/ charge will never end in mid-air now. You can use springs against a vertical wall without losing your boost, tornados, pulleys, even the barrels in Foliage Furnace Act 2 won't break your boost! Pretty much everything you do off the ground will let you keep your boost going, making it possible to complete levels from start to finish with it active (if you're good enough!).
• Greatly increased air control. You'll now have better control and be able to platform easier while boosting in mid-air. Boost won't activate in the air once charged, unless you're moving at a good pace so it won't interrupt any precise platforming. Keep in mind, your speed's gotta be up when you hit the ground if you want to continue boosting. You'll have a short window to get it back up upon landing.
• Added proper 2D support. This was needed since you run at lower speeds in 2D. 2D levels that do not properly use 2D mode can't take advantage of this.
• Added underwater support. You could boost underwater before, but you could rarely gain enough speed to charge it up. Now you can! I added this to counter the painfully slow and unfun underwater physics. That's right, underwater stages can actually be fun now!
• All character abilities should work without disrupting the boost. (modded and vanilla)
Shadow is fully supported now - his homing attack no longer ends or triggers boosts.​
Amy's abilities from Flow Abilities are properly supported in this new version. (check the trailer description for a DL, as the main mod isn't compatible)​
If you find a character who has an ability that could work better with this mod then lemme know. (probably won't add support for OCs, but I'll still take a look)​

Other Tweaks:
• Raised the grace period. This is mainly to give you time to re-gain speed after landing.
• Removed the movement requirement for charge/ boost.
• Aerial wall detection has been removed.
• Momentum boosting now requires you to be grounded
, with the exception of certain abilities. This fixes some issues with braking in mid-air at high speeds. Charge boosting will still work in the air and entering the air with a boost already active will work fine.
• Slightly buffed the movement speed of both modes, due to the mod being easier to control now.
• Slightly raised the speed requirements for boosting, due to how much more forgiving the mod is now.
• Slightly pulled the camera out further, while boosting.
• Getting hurt will properly stop the boost now.
• Modified braking and skidding to be consistent.
Thanks BIGDOG for improving his brake code for this update!
• Some other small tweaks and fixes
in the code to make things run better.
• Added an easy way for other mods to support mine. (Posted in the modders section)

Thanks for playing with my mod! Have fun!
Added extreme mode. This mode is not recommended as it becomes difficult to control the boost and makes it too easy to fly over giant portions of stages. However, its an option for those who just want more speed. Just keep in mind its not the intended experience so I'd recommend trying standard mode first. You'll want some really big stages for this mode!
Edit: Please note, this isn't as fast as it sounds. Its just a big enough difference to make the potential speed much higher (from momentum). However, I'll add some more modes in the future like a truly insane one, for people to mess around with.
Removed all character restrictions.
Red springs will always launch you into boost now.
Added CrossMomentum (XMomentum) support. Boostmentum will disable CrossMomentum's momentum now to work properly, while still taking advantage of its extra features.
Added console commands. (With Sonic Advance 2 sound effects and messages everyone can see)
boostmglobal (on/ off) - default: on​
This enables or disables boosting. Only the server/ admin can use this.​
boostmextreme (on/ off) - default: off​
This enables extreme mode. Only the server/ admin can use this.​
boostm - default: on​
This enables boost mode for just the player. Anyone can use this. This means if you join a server with the mod and don't like it, you can switch it off.​

May add more commands, config saving, and a UI eventually.
Future plans include better momentum calculation, continued air boosting (from things like springs against walls or the tornados), and maybe something to effect dashmode. I may also rework how speed is added at some point and change the feel of things.

We'll see, but your feedback has been heard! Thanks for checking out the mod.