Fix console small errors, hopefully last hotfix for today
- Changed Music to Musicslot for now, until 2.2.10 not comes out.

Yeah sorry about that hahah.
1.1 Changelog

Fixed / Changed:
- The Mach Speed will be disabled at the finish line and at the entrance to the Chaos Emerald in the Radical Train.
- Fixed some textures of the tower in Kingdom Valley.
- All levels have NoReLoad now.
- Some spin-bustable floors changed to Shutter.
- Bug with Title Screen, where the default logo was shown in certain resolutions.
- Removed one auto-camera moment in Flame Core.
- Fixed a bug in one hint.
- The path to the emerald in Crisis City is easier (for non-spin chars) now.
- Removed demos from Title Screen.
- Small fix for Mach Speed.
- Force spin on the speed panel works correctly in the Radical Train.
- Many hints do not hide HUD in the game.
- MusicSlot was changed to Music to support future versions of SRB2.

- New skybox texture for Wave Ocean.
- New graphics for Save Select.
- Several new sounds from the original game.
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