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I present to your attention the official port of this level pack.






I have long wanted to make a port of this levelpack, because at the moment, the port that wanders in YouTube (I found the author already, he is in credits, you can check), it is unfinished and there were a lot of bugs. And, to be honest, there are not so many ports of level packs, and this is my first experience in this business.

Features of this port:

  • Fixed many visual bugs.
  • Completed paths for Fang and Amy.
  • Reimagined menu with fully working saves and emblems.
  • Arranged new monitors on maps to make the gameplay more varied.
  • Completely rewritten hints.
  • The script for Mach Speed has been rewritten, and a new script has been added in which all non-spin characters can do water skim by Sonic1983.
  • Optimization (Kind of, tbh)
  • Sound Test (lol)

Known Issues:
Hints don't work in Netplay - We will also try to fix it if we succeed, but for now we advise you to first play this level pack in Singleplayer, if you are familiar with it for the first time.

Some good addons for more good experience:
Modern Monitors by Demnyx Onyxwing - https://mb.srb2.org/showthread.php?t=46622
Since old modern monitors have been removed (cause that's just outdated lol), I decided to include this updated add-on as recommended in order to provide the player with a choice, why not.

Sonic '06 Gem Powers by Alien Crime Lord - https://mb.srb2.org/showthread.php?t=51024
Cool mod for those who want to have some fun after completing the game with all emeralds. All instructions on how to enable Gems are in the thread of this addon.

Footsteps by Gomynola - https://mb.srb2.org/showthread.php?t=49719
I included this addon because it has full support for this level pack, which gives you the full opportunity to enjoy pleasant footsteps sounds.

Installation (Read this first to run this level pack properly):

Since this whole addon weighs ~100 MB, and it is allowed to put files up to a maximum of 64 MB, I divided it into 2 parts.

First part - The whole addon, but no music.
Second part - All music from this addon.

Here's a small guide on how to install these 2 add-ons so that they work together normally:

1) Run SL_2006music.pk3 first.
2) Then run SL_2006(Some version).pk3.
3) Done!


  • Sonic1983 (Improved Mach Speed script and Water Skim for all non-spin characters.)
  • Ketchup (Ultimate Machine for Testing)
  • yfyfyfyfyfy (Helped with Sound Test and Updated Hints)
  • Nibroc Rock (Sonic Man render)
  • STHE123O (Gave me permission for the port of this level pack and also helped a little with testing this port)
  • Lach (Skateboard Lua)
  • BlueBlurForever (Old Mach Speed Lua)
  • CZ64 (Riders sprites)
  • Inazuma (Shadow/Mephlies sprites)
  • jeka450 Mint Tails (Original port from STHE123O YouTube video.)
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Mikhael Blur
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Latest updates

  1. "MusicSlot to Music swap" update

    Update speak for yourself, this update was made for upcoming SRB2 version 2.2.10, to made music...
  2. 1.1.2 hotfix

    Fix console small errors, hopefully last hotfix for today
  3. "Back to Musicslot" hotfix update

    - Changed Music to Musicslot for now, until 2.2.10 not comes out. Yeah sorry about that hahah.

Latest reviews

Really nice attention to detail, and it captures all the good parts of 06. Emeralds are a bit of fun to look for, and the levels work really well for most characters. Do note, however, that these levels are substantially linear for the most part. That's not explicitly a problem, but expect a bit less out of subsequent playthroughs.

Also a heads up, the dark section in flame core is represented here faithfully. Definitely a low point, but it's brief
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Played this with the Adventure Sonic character mod and can confidently say you have blessed me with one of the most consistently enjoyable gaming experiences I have ever had. Not a single second of this I wasn't completely immersed and entertained, everything clearly had so much polish put into it and I had an absolute blast the entire way through.

You've turned Sonic 06 into something phenomenal. Fantastic work.
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Glad this one's back! It's a short but sweet levelpack with some cool gimmicks to switch things up, plenty of space and interesting locales, doesn't overstay it's welcome.

Do wish it didn't end as abruptly after Aquatic Base, but I guess wanting more is a good problem to have.
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It's way better than the game it's based on, but its not nearly as funny, so I can only give it a 4.
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Very good level pack.
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okay, whew. its finally time i make an actual review with the new message board huh. guess imma pick this one. also, funny thing: while trying to make a review, the mb told me i can only review if i have downloaded the files. even though i already had them downloaded.... eh, guess its just new mb weirdness.

anyway, this pack.... is.... good? id say? theres no way to leave half stars, which means i guess to be nice ill give it a good. everything works, and its surprisingly well made, but i do have my problems with it. remember that im not good at games at all, i play for fun first and foremost, so dont take this as gospel, but i still think i should make my voice heard in case anyone else has the same problems i have.

first off, the level design can be really confusing at times. sometimes i straight up go back to the start of a section of a level because i cant tell where to go. the more open areas of levels really suffer from this; too many paths that get me really confused. also some of the placements of the 7 emeralds doors can be kinda scummy, for lack of a better word. one time in the second level (the desert level, you know the one) i straight up though i did something wrong because i didnt notice the actual path of the level and thought i had entered a 7 emeralds door room instead. i think crisis city suffers the most from this; more than once ive had times where i REALLY struggled to figure out where i had to go, and some of the platforming - sorry for being a bit harsh here- really got to my nerves. i dont know if this is a recreation of the level design of 06, since i never played it, or if its a level pack heavily inspired by it, but either way i think the level design would ever need some polishing.

also mephiles' boss is straight up hell. could it be that i pick the worst characters to play as (i play a lot of amy, maimy and gemma)? maybe. but its a really hard boss for me and the one reason why i cant get very far in this level pack. i can do... alright with eggman, though thats still probably my least favorite boss in the game, but mephiles is just really, really hard. i dont like that guy. his smug aura mocks me.

so, i LIKE this level pack, but theres a lot of things that make me not LOVE it. its good. play it if you want to play 06 but dont want to play 06. just know that the level design hates people who get lost very easily.
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-The level pack is quite...packed specially considering the age of the original version
-Speaking of which, I only played through it with Modern Sonic so far but...it feels impressive that the maps actually held so well

-Except for that area in...Flame Core? Where you have to go through a unlit area; not that it was a problem to go through but really inconvenient as the visibility is not terribly good
-I had a SIGMPE after dying 2-3 times with Mephiles out of the nowhere (was playing with OpenGL) and I was playing No Save >:(

I can't think of much else to say other than the textures still feel a bit weird but that's kept from the original version (converted properly) and it just feels...a bit off, but not uncohesive (at most someone could try making a SRB2-inspired texture pack for this but as-is, it ain't bad)

And thank you for porting this pack officially to 2.2; having to keep 2.1 around only to finish this one would have felt like a nightmare.
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I don't like 06, but if it's done in srb2 it looks cute. It would be great if not for the low FPS in some acts.
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