Update speak for yourself, this update was made for upcoming SRB2 version 2.2.10, to made music work properly in this version, that's it.
Fix console small errors, hopefully last hotfix for today
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- Changed Music to Musicslot for now, until 2.2.10 not comes out.

Yeah sorry about that hahah.
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1.1 Changelog

Fixed / Changed:
- The Mach Speed will be disabled at the finish line and at the entrance to the Chaos Emerald in the Radical Train.
- Fixed some textures of the tower in Kingdom Valley.
- All levels have NoReLoad now.
- Some spin-bustable floors changed to Shutter.
- Bug with Title Screen, where the default logo was shown in certain resolutions.
- Removed one auto-camera moment in Flame Core.
- Fixed a bug in one hint.
- The path to the emerald in Crisis City is easier (for non-spin chars) now.
- Removed demos from Title Screen.
- Small fix for Mach Speed.
- Force spin on the speed panel works correctly in the Radical Train.
- Many hints do not hide HUD in the game.
- MusicSlot was changed to Music to support future versions of SRB2.

- New skybox texture for Wave Ocean.
- New graphics for Save Select.
- Several new sounds from the original game.